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Caveat: Warm weather drawing rattlesnakes out early

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Forward to news article: They’re out in San Diego County. How about the lower and warmer East End of the Morongo Basin?  I haven’t seen one (yet).

  I’m walking every day with my Anatolian Shepard in Desert Heights for long periods of time  where there are about 15-20 thousand acres of open BLM land with  no power, water, homes, development  or infrastructure whatsoever (so if they’re out I should see them) .  The sidewinders and all the rest of them will be out very soon – if not already.  Heat wave this weekend…  Be careful out there.  [commentary by B. Hunter]  

Warm weather drawing rattlesnakes out early in San Diego County

LATimes | By Tony Perry | March 14, 2014, 10:32 a.m.

SAN DIEGO — Rattlesnakes are slithering into public view throughout the county in greater numbers than in previous years.

Since Jan. 1, the county Department of Animal Services reports 78 emergency calls about rattlesnakes — three times as many as the same period last year.

A mild winter and then several heat spells are drawing the snakes out of their winter dens before their usual spring arrival, according to Dawn Danielson, director of the Department of Animal Services.

Several tips: Keep your dog on a leash when walking in snake territory, don’t get distracted by your cellphone, and clean away woodpiles from your backyard. Also, discourage mice and rats from taking up residence on your property.

If you spot a rattlesnake, watch it “from a safe distance” and call either the Department of Animal Services or the animal control agency in your city, said Dan DeSousa, deputy director of the Department of Animal Services.

And for snake enthusiasts, rest easy: The department’s policy is not to kill a rattler but capture it for relocation to an area where it doesn’t pose a risk to the public.



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