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Chair Tim Humphreville Reflects Poorly on Planning Commission

By   /   March 13, 2014  /   5 Comments

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humphreville Cropped2012Yucca Valley, Ca.,- Tuesday evening, I attended the 3 hour meeting of the Yucca Valley Planning Commission meeting.  I could count five persons sitting in the audience, two represented the local media and one was from the Marine Base Division G-5.

After 2 1/2 hours, I was the only citizen sitting in the audience straining to hear what the commissioners were discussing.  For some reason, their tables were set far back against the back wall and the chairs for attendees were placed in the middle of the room a distance from the dais. Making matters worse, Chair Tim Humphreville mumbles when he speaks.  Vice Chair Bridenstein has a very pleasant but soft voice.  Also, during their discussions, they would turn their heads to speak to each other instead of speaking into the microphone.

I only had 3 minutes to speak on the 3 agenda items, so I had to be careful where to place my comments.  The discussion of the new Panda Express and drive through Taco Bell did not concern me because I knew it was a done deal coming before this Planning Commission.  The drive-through area is “convoluted” at best, as described by the local radio report…putting it nicely.

Agenda item #2 was the Development Code update of Article Three.  I decided to speak first on a specific topic which I will explain in detail on another post relating to the COO, Certificate of Occupation awarded to AM/PM Sonic Burger.

This agenda item took over 2 hours to review with everyone taking turns to say…”I thought we discussed this already,” or “What did we discuss earlier on this?” and Staff promising to look up the past discussions.  I found this troublesome the commissioners remembered a specific conclusion on a matter which was not reflected in this presentation.  The greatest asset to this dais is Commissioner Steve Whitten bringing his previous planning experience followed by Commissioner Vickie Bridenstein who continually helped Humphreville find his place on the agenda.

The only contribution to the conversation by Chair Humphreville was pertaining to his own personal concerns. His family business is Creative Construction building spec homes on in-fill lots by scraping the lots clean. He was against any minimal requirement of landscaping.  Also, Humphreville was against placing any Wildlife Corridor maps in the General Plan update to describe potential areas requiring possible mitigation. He owns several parcels in the wildlife corridor on the east side of Yucca Valley and in Joshua Tree.  He did not recuse himself from the discussions OR the vote.  Here is his 2010 Declaration of Economic Interests>LINK

The next item, 2 1/2 hours later, was agenda #3 to discuss Home Occupancy Permits.  I decided to speak first before hearing any discussions as Staff suggested it was very late.  Looking around the room, I was the only citizen remaining at this late hour to speak my 3 minutes.  I suggested this item be discussed in a future study session to include the citizens of our town at a more reasonable hour to receive community input.  I mentioned the case law of “Quiet Enjoyment” that was brought up at the last meeting on HOP’s and the controversial selling of guns out of a neighborhood residence or apartment  unit.  I suggested adding Tattoo Parlors, Massage Parlors, Tanning Booths and Hair Salons to the list of businesses prohibited by the current HOP.  Beep! My 3 minutes were up!

I stood at the lectern while the commissioners were discussing this item and the consensus was to have a work shop and conduct some outreach to the public for input. Then on to the next item.

There was a pause as Humphreville was flipping through his notebook trying to find his place.

I started to say…”I apologize…” when Chair Humphreville yelled out, ” Your 3 minutes are up!”

Completely ignoring his rudeness, I continued.

“I was cut off.  I was going to say I apologize for standing here at the lectern while you all were discussing this matter. It is very difficult to hear your discussions from the audience because you turn your heads to speak to each other instead of speaking into the microphone.”

I then looked right at the beet-red-face Humphreville and said, ” Thank you for your patience.”

And then they wonder why no one shows up for these meetings?

Chair Humphreville’s rudeness was a poor reflection on the entire commission and he should step down.  As I have said before, he is unfit to be the Chair as he accidentally rotated into that position.  He definitely is not a leader. He might have learned about respect if he had gone into the military but I doubt he would survive one week of boot camp.

I can hardly wait until another coyote crosses his path to teach him some humility.

Humphreville is definitely not a leader he is a wimp.





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About the author

Margo Sturges

Yucca Valley Editor

Note: Margo Sturges has written many articles for Cactus Thorns and is the founder of Citizens4Change.info. Email contact: MargoSturgesYV(at)aol.com "In a time of universal deceit, telling the truth becomes a revolutionary act."- George Orwell


  1. It appears he has conflicts of interest that may issues for the FPPC.

  2. Tim Humphreville Tim Humphreville says:

    As is typical, another lie from the old hag, that has nothing better to do then blog lies. Margo I have 10,000 dollars to bet you, verses you never blog again, show prof of my ownership of property in the corridors! You have posted every 700 form of mine, as I am sure you will again! put up or shut that lying hole of yours. I love watching you squirm when you get called out for the lies at the meetings! Speaking of meetings, hope you don’t ever expect to get a second of extra time to speak, while I am running the meetings! You will get the same respect you give, That would be NONE! By the way, please keep posting all this horseshit about me on your blogs, as it will be my best fundraising, each time you do, people call me asking to give me money, You are my best fundraiser!

  3. Tim Humphreville Tim Humphreville says:

    To anyone reading this, please ask Margo why she wont take this bet. She has posted at least three times, that very same lie. Margo does nothing for our community, she spends all her time trying to tear it apart! Every post has some lie, about someone who actually does something for our community. She is a very miserable person, who failed at life, and now wants to spread her misery!

  4. Timmy still has a crush on me! I’m not impressed with limp wimps of your kind…sorry.

    Three Stooges have a crush on Margo Aug. 10, 2011

    Link> http://www.vote29.com/newmyblog/archives/24873

    Luckino Leftovers=Timmy Humphreville

    Link> http://www.vote29.com/newmyblog/archives/24780

    Yep…Still a Yellow-Bellied Punk!

    Link> http://www.vote29.com/newmyblog/archives/59527

    Have a nice day and thanks for your comments.

  5. Anotherpowergrab Anotherpowergrab says:

    Amazing. Everyone in Yucca Valley should be ashamed that anyone on the Planning Commission would speak the way that is portrayed in his post.

    Regardless of whether you agree or disagree with Ms. Sturges, it is not only an embarrassment, but very unbecoming to speak the way he does.

    SHAME !

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