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HDMC Board to Interview Three Candidates for Appointment

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Mike McBride



Marge Doyle





Joe Sullivan/Facebook



Joshua Tree, Ca.,-The Hi-Desert Medical Center Board will meet this Tuesday, March 11, at 4:00 p.m.  At this Special Meeting, the Board will interview three candidates for the open seat vacated by long term member, Paul Hoffman, who has stepped down.  Hoffman’s sudden move followed the HDMC CEO Lionel (Chad) Chadwick’s surprise departure citing “irreconcilable differences” with the Board.

Both departures could not have come at a worse time when the hospital is contemplating placing a tax on the November ballot trying to keep their doors open.  Both Chadwick and Hoffman were considered solid leaders, well like by hospital employees and a stability factor for HDMC.

The board will interview Michael McBride, Marge Doyle and Joseph Sullivan

Of the three being interviewed, McBride was the ONLY one that pulled papers and actually ran for the office of the HDMC Board of Trustees.  McBride is currently the President of the Big Horn Desert View Water District and here is his bio from that website:

Michael McBride Who would have guessed that one of our Board members loves to surf the waves and won best actor for his role as Lenny in “Of Mice and Men” at the Big Bear Summer Theater Festival.  That would be our own Director McBride.

Director McBride was born and raised in Lynwood California.  He was married to Christine for 42 years until widowed.  They adopted two wonderful boys who gave Director McBride four very active grandsons.  Director McBride has had an interesting career.   He was an electrical contractor while serving as President of the Lynwood Chamber of Commerce; was plant manager at a wastewater treatment facility where he achieved Grade 5 Operator Certification; earned his Master’s Degree in Management from Fresno Pacific University; following 12 years of teaching, he is now retired.

Not only is he a member of our Board of Directors serving as President in 2013/13 and has served in the role of Vice President, he also serves on the Board of Directors of the Morongo Basin Humane Society and is an active member of the Hi-Desert Water District Wastewater Advisory Committee. Four-year term ends 2015

Marge Doyle (UPDATED  March 10, 2014-12:38 AM)

Marge Doyle: “I am actually not retired. I still work as a nurse but no longer work for the Hi-Desert Medical Center. I was the Director of Nursing Services there for 7 years until my departure in August of 2012.

I have submitted my name for the board because I know that the HDMHCD is a vital resource to the district and believe that my 30+ years in healthcare and 20+ years of experience on various boards can be helpful at this critical time. I currently live in Joshua Tree. Thank you for covering this important event.” Follow Marge Doyle on Facebook.>LINK

Joseph Sullivan

Retired from the Morongo Unified School District, Sullivan has his hand in local politics serving as the President of the Lincoln Club while supporting the disgraced  ex-Politician/Yucca Valley Town Manager, Mark Nuaimi, on the Hi-Desert Star with name calling and caustic remarks.

Admitting he is outspoken on his Facebook page, Sullivan offers anyone to quietly unfriend him.>LINK

September 29, 2012:

The bigger “crisis” is what to do with the rest of you… LOL!!! If you receive this message and have been wondering how to “jettison” that crazy political junky; arch-conservative; religious fanatic; flag-waiving; lover of apple pie, Irish traditional music, American womanhood, and the “American way” – JOSEPH SULLIVAN… then this is your “golden opportunity”.

You can do as I just did… just quietly “unfriend” me and nobody’s feelings will get hurt and no animals will be injured in the making of your decision…

However – if you stay on board – then you’ll only have yourselves to blame for what I’m likely to post here…

…it’s likely to be a bumpy-ride…  For those of you who will

January 29, 2014…

What’s on my mind? Try this…

Just because you aren’t worried about how far the government is willing to go to spy on your private and public lives doesn’t mean that government isn’t very interested in you… There is NOTHING that they consider out-of-bounds… Paranoia? Maybe so… But I’ll soon be cutting my ties to Facebook as a means of making it harder for the enemies of the American people to gain ready access into my personal business…

…and the sad part is that it’s most likely not going to make much of a difference at all…

But I can make the Bastards work for it…


Joe Sullivan

Perhaps Joe Sullivan is best known for his outspoken antisemitism and gay bashing comments on the Hi-Desert Star in staunch support of the disgraced ex-politician/Town Manager, Mark Nuaimi.  Here is the link to some of the comments that remained on the website, others were removed by the Editor for violating the Terms of Use. Check out his comment- These people have out-marched their supply-lines and the noose is tightening around their deceitful necks…” >LINK

At this critical time for the Hi-Desert Medical Center, I urge the Board Trustees to appoint the most qualified candidate and not make the grave mistake of deciding on a political appointees as did the Yucca Valley Town Council wrongly choosing that option.

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