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David Fick, Who Is?…..In His Own Words.

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Morongo Basin, Ca.,- Introduction by Margo Sturges. I have two letters submitted to the local newspaper addressing filling up the large golf course lake during this severe drought and future costs to the ratepayers to subsidize their water usage.

Both the Soap Box and follow-up Letter to the Editor have been placed in “Watch dog Purgatory” since early February.

Of interest, are the comments by David Fick posted to another golf course letter to the editor confirming the exact same facts that I have spelled out in my pending Soap Box.  (The letter “Golf Courses don’t belong in the desert” has been pulled off their most commented page.)

This is the first time I have seen Mr. David Fick’s Bio posted anywhere and I wanted to keep a copy for future reference with a click of a Cactus Thorns link.  Having secured prior permission from David, I will re-post the information here.

Here is the scoop…in his own words:

“David Fick of Joshua Tree has been a community involved resident since 1985  (7 years downtown Los Angeles before that).

I have a Fine Art Screen Printing studio with my wife Ida (www.idavidgraficks.com) and have been heavily involved in fighting the MegaDumps proposed for the Mojave Desert since 1993 (that involved a lot of groundwater aquifer studies).

I was President of the Desert Environmental Response Team (DERT), a grassroots PAC back in 1996 when we battled the County Supervisors over the Bolo-Rail/Cycle MegaDump. We won that battle by defeating the proponents and the three County Supervisors who supported the MegaDump (they were bribed).

That battle also involved “experts” in groundwater and aquifers that Brad wouldn’t guess existed in my world. One was DERT’s expert witness at the B.O.S. meetings. He and his company had a patented groundwater monitoring system (neutron logging system) that is under (often required) most federally controlled nuclear, toxic waste and other highly dangerous substance facilities. The other expert at the time was a charter VP of Cadiz (he’s no longer with the current reckless Cadiz group), who is one of the foremost geologic-groundwater experts of the Western United States and hired internationally (mostly by arid land concerns).

I’ve been involved with the Eagle Mountain MegaDump battle since 1994 and that involved groundwater issues aplenty. I’ve also introduced Jim Ventura to his future employer 1st District Supervisor Kathy Davis eighteen years ago. For “Brads information”, Jim Ventura of Joshua Tree is the Mojave Water Agency board member for our District 2 who I’ve known for over 25 years. Me and Jim Ventura are also the longest charter members of the Copper Mountain College Measure “C” oversight committee (since 2006).

I’ve known all the JBWD general managers on a first name basis since 1990. I also know and have worked with the current majority of JBWD board members. I’ve helped right the JBWD board thru election efforts as far back as 1993.

I’ve been an board member and officer of the Morongo Basin Conservation Association for ten years. The MBCA has a ten member board that has “expert quality” experience in the concerns we cover and in several cases, “experts”.

I was a board member of the Joshua Tree Municipal Advisory Council for seven years (2006-2012) and a fourteen year board member of Joshua Tree Community Association.

I would also have experts in geology and biology available to me through the Joshua Tree National Park staff. They are really available to everybody, but seeing that I’ve personally known every JTNP Superintendent since Mr. Anderson in 1986 and they all really like me since the Eagle Mountain MegaDump, the welcome door swings wider for me.

Of course, that means the New General Manager of JBWD and former JTNP Superintendent Curt Sauer is twice the friend he used to be.

Like I said: “I have been doing so with the knowledge and information network that few have had in this Morongo Basin” Now, Brad says: ” that you feel threatened by the culture of artistic and eclectic talent forming in this very attractive part of the town of Yucca Valley, where I live, and you do not david? ” Really Brad?

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