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I’m Baaaack! One Week of “The Crud!”

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Flu-Epidemic-If-Youre-Sick-Stay-HomeYucca Valley, Ca.,- First of all, I would like to say that I am not complaining.  Besides, what good would it do.  Second, I will not go into any mucus details of my Battle of the Crud.  Third, I am blessed that I was given the highest dose flu vaccination last November, even though I had to lie about my age to receive it.

A few folks have made comments about their battle with the flu and it appears to me that everyone is experiencing different symptoms.  My most important goal through all of this was not to pass this over to my husband.  So far, knock on wood, I have accomplished that much.

Keeping an eye on Cactus Thorns and news events unfolding in the political arena kept my mind active.  I wasted a whole week of nice weather by staying indoors though. (It’s always a good idea to stay home if you’re sick and not infect others.) Many friends and relatives on the east coast now realize why we desert rats live here in the high desert.  Of course, it looks like we will have to give up our pound of flesh come this summer…enjoy this now! Pay later!

I lost my voice right after the two days of feeling like I had swallowed shards of glass that were stuck in my throat.  Having never done that of course, I could only guess that’s what it would feel like.  This was the one common thread on Facebook from those feeling under the weather.  It only hurt when I talked…or swallowed.

When a person is long in the tooth, like me, everything is sorted out and filed away…It was not the first time I was sick and it will not be the last time either. We all do our best to stay healthy because in the end, that is the secret to living well.

Take care everyone.  There is a terrible strain of flu out there.




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