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I’m Done With Blackberry…Ugh!

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There are many stories and nicknames for Blackberry and their faithful users of these “dinosaurs.” I was very happy with these devices having now used up my fourth one in 12 years, or so.

In the past, the techs were able to retrieve my data and transfer same to each new Blackberry upgrade when the old one crashed. That made me happy.

Alas, but no more.  Their own software just recently crashed my device erasing all my data…ALL my data!  Photos, phone numbers, documents, pictures, video, audio and ALL my data! That made me very unhappy and feeling crushed that a part of my life was erased!

My Blackberry was a real workhorse that I used for business but somehow it is difficult for me to forgive that company for losing my data.  Perhaps it is because I relied on my address book and calendar to spare my mind from having to remember everything.  It was my own personal “Dear Diary” written in code with photographs taken back in 2010 that were carried forward year after year.

When I Googled the error code that flashed across the screen, I was relieved there was an easy fix to get it up and running….but no where did anyone comment the data was scrubbed.  The young clerks at the local AT&T office were quick to encourage me to junk the dinosaur and upgrade to any smartphone but they didn’t understand my relationship with my Blackberry. Kids, I thought, do they not have any sense of loyalty?

On the very same day my Blackberry crashed, I received two bills saying  I exceeded the data usage on my Verizon 4G Jetpack and ATT said I exceeded the limits on texting…a total of $95.00 that I do not have.  I’m really fed up with all these electronic media glitches and I think I am coming down with a cold.  Hope it isn’t the flu.

I removed my SIM card and stuck it into a cheap $25 Go-phone device so I can at least receive telephone calls.  There are no numbers stored on my SIM card either…Ugh!

I believe I was courteous when I spoke directly with Blackberry…not too sure.  I do remember saying something like “It’s no wonder your stock is going downhill.”  Poor lad, he just kept saying he was sorry that they lost my data.

Yep, I’m done with Blackberry!





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