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Accent the Negative-HDWD Uses Sewer Propaganda

By   /   February 21, 2014  /   3 Comments

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www.ElectClaudeShort.com- If you look in the February 8th issue of the Hi-Desert Star, page A2, you will notice that Hi-Desert Water District is once again using propaganda to intimidate and bully the ratepayers. They are using misleading information to cause us to fall for their ‘Get-the-money-quick’ schemes.

They have printed an article in the local paper that warns of “unqualified individuals” that may try to sell you an alternative to the sewer system. While that is good advice it does not mean that ANYONE offering the alternatives is trying to sucker you. They don’t acknowledge that there are also people out there that are doing the research that HDWD SHOULD have done in the first place. There ARE alternatives that are less expensive than the behemoth sewer system that HDWD is trying to force on the ratepayers.

The HDWD article has bold, underlined sentences that draw your attention to further Warnings: “A property owner who chooses to purchase an alternative system may not be exempt from connecting to the centralized sewer system.” Then they fail to tell us why we would be required to hook up to the monster if our systems meet the Regional Water Quality Board’s requirements. They use big, scary terms like “RIGORUOUS , MULTI-STEP APPLICATION PROCESS,” and “the property owner will be RESPONSIBLE…” And don’t forget “REPORT OF WASTE DISCHARGE.” I could go on with the Hollywood doom and gloom and hype that they are using, but I think you have the idea!

Anyone who doesn’t do the homework, or skims over the text would be frightened of those warnings. That is what they are meant to do; frighten the rate-payers! Scare them into falling for the falsehoods and “white lies” that will cost you untold thousands of dollars over the next 30 years. It doesn’t mean that you do not have well-reason (and researched) choices. It does not mean that you HAVE to hook up to the expensive, antiquated, and inefficient sewer system. You still have a right and a choice to find a system that will meet the requirements of the ban and STILL be less expensive to operate than the monstrosity that HDWD is trying to get YOU to buy for them. All of this done with the benevolent spin on “Saving OUR water!”

HDWD has used this tactic consistently in order to lull the rate-payers into accepting what they think is ‘BEST’ for OUR Town.

They finish the article by saying that they have “Thoroughly researched” alternatives. Yet HDWD has never mentioned the successful town of Paradise, California that boasts about being the “Largest, Un-Sewered Town in California.” They haven’t mentioned that Paradise has continued to grow without having to support extravagant water company salaries which would have been made more extravagant if they had allowed the local water district to bring in a sewer.

They also never mentioned the town of Malibu where a beautiful, state of the art, NON-DISCHARGE, recycling system was built. That system results in 57% water saving for the town. Hmmm, could the Town of Yucca Valley use some of that?

HDWD doesn’t EVER mention the costs to the people of other communities that have allowed a sewer system to be brought in. Ask someone from Lake Havasu what they think about their new sewer system. I have. They aren’t happy about the costs or restrictions. Aside from the assessments, the rate-payers started out paying about $35 per month for sewer service. In a short time, it has risen to $50.

Hi-Desert Water District is trying to convince the property owners of this town to give away their rights to choose. They are using standard propaganda techniques to intimidate and bully the property owners in order to get a High Priced, Expensive-to-operate system that is outdated and environmentally unfriendly. If they can’t use intimidation, they will use “white lies” to convince you. They feel: “If you can’t dazzle them with your brilliance, baffle them with your bullsh…!”

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About the author

Claude Short

Candidate for HDWD Board of Directors.


  1. Mark Clemons Mark Clemons says:

    Thanks Claude Short for getting this message out, what is going on in Yucca should be investigated for RICO violations, it is just criminal the false info being perpetuated by the profiteers/ greedy bastards.

    Anything I can do to help educate the citizens about this boondoggle please let me know, I am willing along with a couple others I know to donate. Just lets us know if there is a plan, maybe a mailer TV spots, thanks again.

  2. Dan OBrien Dan OBrien says:

    I agree excellent article. Well written and informative. I have learn from reading it.

    Thank you for contributing this.

  3. Claude Short Claude Short says:

    Thank you Dan and Mark! I’m just trying to get the word out. I will be running for HDWD Board of Directors again this year. If you really want to help me make a difference, go to: Claudescave.com and click on the tab :Elect Claude Short. You’ll find a donation button for my war-chest!

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