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The O’Brien Clan: Clontarf 2014 is upon us!

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Dear fellow O’Briens and fellow Irish,

bb stamp portOur time has finally come for ourselves, our families, our parents and their parents, and in memory of those we love who have left us. It is time to raise a glass for them as we celebrate the life and death of Brian Boru. It is time to be in the presence of each other, to join in the laughter, to listen or play the music, to hear the stories, to witness the performances to pray together and offer toasts and best wishes to each other in Ireland. Clontarf 2014 – the Millennium-has arrived!

We are thankful for instant communication, social media and other modern resources that help us know that the word has truly gone out that the time has finally come after a thousand years for us to return to Ireland and to follow in the footsteps of Brian Boru. We want those who have not joined us in this celebration of the life and death of Brian in Killaloe, Cashel, Amagh, Dublin and the battlefield of Clontarf to have made a difficult choice that they could not return. We will be disappointed in ourselves if there are those who are not there because they were not aware of the occasion and the invitation. Please help us reach these fellow Irish and forward this to your family and friends.

It has been a true honor for me to serve as Chair of the O’Brien Clan Foundation because I have been blessed with a group of O’Briens in the U.S. and Ireland and our dear friend Morgan Llywelyn on the board of directors. None receive any compensation and all the work you have seen on the web site and the preparation for the upcoming celebration has been done “hands on” by this group with no paid staff and at their own expense. Our greatest hope is that you are pleased with our work and that you will join us in Ireland. We want you to share in our anticipation and excitement as we look forward to April and the expanded Foundation goals we will announce then along with representatives of a dedicated non-profit group in Killaloe, Ireland.

And so as chair of the O’Brien Clan Foundation, I am reaching out to you on the eve of this great Irish celebration with this special invitation for us to renew our dedicated friendship as O’Briens and as Irish people.

We all have our tales, our songs , our poems, and our memories that are the sources of great pride that bring both smiles to our faces and tears to our eyes. Bring those now to Ireland so you can share them in dedicated friendship together with us.

A thousand years ago an aging warrior king united all Irish clans to free his country from foreign occupation by achieving a miraculous victory while sacrificing his life at the battle of Clontarf in April of the year 1014. In April 2014 we celebrate this great victory and the life of this great King. We want you to bring your special family to Ireland to personally experience the pride and the glory and the laughter and the tears. This is that once in a life time opportunity for you and your family to witness, understand and appreciate your own uniqueness.

Join us especially during the week of April 21, 2014 when the OBrien Clan will be headquartered at the Clontarf Castle Hotel in Dublin. There is a special banquet planned for Friday evening April 25 that you will not want to miss.  Learn more here.

You will want to be with us and you will also want to take advantage of the special In the Footsteps of Brian Boru tours designed for us to the areas in the West where Brian was born, lived and is buried. All events and booking are being handled by our good friends Steve and Ronan at Irish Tourism so go to them without delay and they will answer any questions you have. There is a link on our web site.

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