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Who runs this town, Randy Councell or the City Council?

By   /   February 11, 2014  /   1 Comment

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ethicsI was surprised to receive anonymously these documents that I am about to share with you.

Like I have been telling you for years, there is an INN Crowd and then the rest of us. Here is a story in a series of PDF Files.

1. Minute excerpt of the City Council meeting on 12/10/13 (see attached; agenda item #10)


The Development of a New Park with a Dog Park Component.

RECOMMENDATION: The City Council to discuss the development and location of a new park that would include a dog park component.


Animal Control Supervisor Boyd presented a staff report to the City Council.


The City Council narrowed the list provided by staff of dog park sites down to the City Hall location and Knott’s Sky Park. The City Council directed staff to bring back the narrowed down list of the two dog park sites with more information on each site and decided to hold off on the development of a new park, looking at the development of a dog park only.


2. PDF of Councell email attached.


3. Recreation element of General Plan attached.

               Excerpt from page RE-22: “Based on the goals and policies of this General Plan, the City and surrounding areas have an excess amount of parkland for present use (Table RE-4).”

Map on page RE-25 does not show a proposed park anywhere in the area of Chocolate Park


4. Park Purchase is the staff report

Did the real estate company cold call the city or were they prompted? If prompted, who was doing the prompting?

Purchased for $150,000 in June 2002.

Current assessed value is $168, 704.

And city staff thinks it’s a “once in a lifetime opportunity” for $354,000?

Park Purchase – Copy

GeneralPlan2012-Recreation – Copy

Councell Email – Copy

ccm20131210 – Copy

Councell is drumming up his troops to sway the meeting. Using City Email Council shows a complete lack of ethics.

From: Randy Councell [mailto:rcouncell@29palms.org]

Sent: Monday, February 10, 2014 8:44 AM To: Aaron Kyle (aaronkyle29@gmail.com); anita_clink@yahoo.com; Brandy Baker (bbaker@deserttrail.com); Dana Cooper (dana@danaselectric.com); Jack Briggs; Jeff Hafler; Jerri Hagman; jerry@wisservice.com; Jerry Foster (jerrycoy29@gmail.com); john masterson; ‘Judy Pattison’; Kathryn Crank (CRANKK@usmc-mccs.org); ‘Lee Baillie’; Lesley Thornburg; Mario Villescas; Matt Green (mgreen@vandykecorp.com); Plummer, Meredith; Mike Minatrea (mminatrea@29palmswater.org); ‘P.J. Welch’; ‘Pat Welch’; Sandy Smith (ssmith@cmccd.edu); vala stults; Tony Naraval; Anita Baker (abaker@sbcsd.org); Brenda Buckles; ‘Dawn Benton’; Dee Richhart; Fred Bryant; Jane Smith; LC29Rodney@aol.com; Jerry Foster (jerrycoy29@gmail.com); Jim Radnich (crestconstruction@gmail.com); Coghill, Karen; Kathleen “Sissy” Bourikas; kevin.v.cosgriff@usmc.mil; Liz Meyer; Mel Berlin; Mike Marks (cinmrk@aol.com)

Subject: Huell Howser Property

Hi Everyone, Let me start off first with letting everyone know that I normally don’t send off messages asking for help. However, in this case I feel it’s pretty important. Tomorrow night at the City Council meeting, the Council will hearing from staff about the purchase of the approximately 80 acres once owed by the late Huell Howser for a future park site. The property is on the east side of Sunrise across from Huell’s house. Its north boundary is Sunnyslope with El Paseo cutting through the middle, and Encilia on the west. Attached is a property map. In its Parks and Recreation Master Plan the Chocolate Drop area was identified as a need for a future park site. The plan identified the need of approximately 40 acres for a Community Park similar to Luckie Park. It has also been identified in the plan for the need of additional open space, ballfields, soccer fields, basket ball courts and the like. Staff believes that the purchase of this property is a once in a lifetime opportunity. In the Chocolate Drop area, there is not any other property that is this size, and readily available, and allows the City to grow and expand its parks and recreation programs for the next 20 years. This past soccer season, the City went from 350 youths to 475 participants. All of our programs are growing and we are running out of facilities. The property also offers a couple of other opportunities. The first being the capabilities of reducing the flooding along El Paseo drive by creating several catch basins. The corner of Encilia and El Paseo is a flooding issue that would be reduced by adding the basins along both sides of El Paseo. The second opportunity would be to create a dog park that meets the City’s needs. Currently the City is looking at Knott’s Sky Park and Veterans Park as potential dog park sites. Each of them has their good and bad about them, but purchasing the property and putting the dog park in the new park would be the best location for the public, and visitors. The last opportunity is the naming of the park, California Gold Park after the late Huell Howser. Huell did not want a park or anything else named after him, but his family said that a California Gold Park would be great. Anyway, now that you have heard my plea for help, if you could let your council member know how you feel, one way or another, or show up to the meeting, it would be greatly appreciated. Like I stated earlier, this is a once and a lifetime opportunity and if the council does not hear from you the public, it will not happen. If you have any questions, or would like more information, please give me a call at 760-910-3875. Thanks for your help, and I hope to see you at the meeting, and please feel free to pass along the above information. Randy Councell

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  • jim radnich twentynine palms

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1 Comment

  1. Steve Spear Steve Spear says:

    Seems like more than a few leaked the Councell email. I too got contacted. I immediately contacted the city manager Joe Guzzetta.

    As the people told me it appeared to them to be a sophisticated attempt at “strong arming” the council.

    It may back fire however. I am being told that there will be resistance from some of the individuals that were not in the email loop.

    Parks mean lights at night and this park would be on a upslope commonly known as a hill, That will not sit well with several individuals in this city.

    We shall see.

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