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City’s Sweetheart deal for the rich folks on Sunrise

By   /   February 10, 2014  /   2 Comments

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The City of Twentynine Palms is about to spend $350,000 for 70 Acres of vacant land across the street from the late Huell Howser’s House…. cause Staff says its a good idea.

Not that it has a tax valuation of less than $150,000 and some one plans to make a killing or that it is right next door to Liz Meyers house and we all know how she hates the riff raff.

Go to any meeting of any city, county or district and chances are you are going to see the same people, or at least the same type of people attending. They are small in number but because they are in the face of the local establishment and have gained considerable favor over the average fellow, that is occasionally thrust into having to deal with these councils and boards.

Often these small groups feed one another’s neuroses or Obsessive–compulsive disorder (OCD), whether it be a the color of a neighbors house or the pot holes in their street. More than likely they are just there as the permanent Nimby’s…..You know,  Not in my Not In My Back Yard group. 

Often these folks, you know the ones, the ones that just irritate the shit out of you, end up with an appointed position on these boards, commissions and councils. They get these positions not because they are  competent but more chances than you might think, they have golden knee pads and 40 lbs of Vacuum.

While we have a reduced fire department, and no park at all on the West end of Town…. The Rich folks want to rip off the poor folks one more time. This time by giving a windfall to local realtors and the estate of Huell Howser.

Second dumbest idea of the year so far. But hey the Inn Crowd is all a twitter for it.


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  1. This city council has no memory of what happened in the community of Mammoth Lake. The locals were snookered by staff and outsiders, now they are broke after squandered taxpayer’s resources with with nothing whatsoever to show for it.

    Sound familiar? The whole skit was accomplished by using the key word: “TOURISM” Just like 29 Palms. say the magic word (“Tourism”) and money flows from the city council into the hands of crooks, spooks and just plain ignorant people who have no businesses whatsoever with their hands in taxpayers resources, or the local crooks with another hand out.

    When the council smells money, they will spend it with a vengeance and a middle finger right back at you.

    WE have a corrupted city staff, legal counsel and city council, just ask the California Attorney General –who filed incriminating legal documents with the Sacramento County Court.

  2. DanO says that Staff’s recommendation to buy land owned by the Estate of Huell Howser’s at double the market value is the “Second dumbest idea of the year so far”.

    What is the first dumbest idea in the last 12 months? My guess would be a proposed Arch over SR 62 leading into the city as pitched by Council member Jay Corbin.

    Lots of contenders for first price. What’s yours?

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