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Lincoln Club Election 2014 Endorsements

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Chad Mayes for Assembly



Copper Mountain College, Joshua Tree, Cal.- The Morongo Basin Lincoln Club held a “Meet and Greet” dinner to introduce the Republican candidates running for office in 2014. After opening remarks by the President of the Lincoln Club, the candidates took turn at the lectern to address those in attendance.  Yucca Valley’s favorite son, Chad Mayes, running for Assembly was the first to speak. Mayes acknowledged everyone in the room knew him and what he stood for.  He went on to endorse the next speaker, Bob Dutton, who is running for County Assessor.

Dutton thanked everyone in attendance and spoke of his dedicated wife that has been his backup and support throughout the years.  He promised he would streamline the County Assessor’s office and gave a few examples of the bureaucratic red tape involved over a simple business license. He felt his experience in real estate would be an asset he would bring to the position and asked for everyone’s vote.

Retired Captain Donnie Miller had the honor to introduce the next speaker, Sheriff John McMahon, who also introduced his wife to those in attendance.  McMahon spoke about their teamwork raising their family and spoke fondly of his two daughters who have since grown up and moved away out of the house. His tactic was to let the mom and daughters hash it out among themselves, only stepping in if the girls were acting disrespectful to their mother.  He said the girls are all now best friends and he was very proud of his family.  McMahon gave the credit to his wife for holding down the household while he was out there chasing the bad guys. I appreciated that he gave us a glimpse into his private life to show that he is a caring person.

McMahon is a straight talker.  Having been appointed to this position, he is now required to run for office since this is an elected position and he felt awkward having to “campaign” for this seat.  McMahon was very pleased to report on the new programs working with those released to reduce the recidivism.  He felt certain criminals need to acquire a few skills to turn their life around. Sad, but true, he said many of them do not know what it’s like to set an alarm and wake up at a certain time each morning.

All in all, it was a pleasant experience for everyone and I really enjoyed myself!

Here are the campaign websites:

Chad Mayes for California Assembly

Bob Dutton for County Assessor

John McMahon for Sheriff






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