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Local Lincoln Club President Launches Barbs at Election Meeting

By   /   February 5, 2014  /   Comments Off

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SpotlightThe Morongo Basin Lincoln Club met last Friday evening to introduce and endorse Republican candidates running for the offices of State Assembly, Sheriff/Coroner and County Assessor.  Unfortunately, the president sidetracked this meeting, intended to showcase the candidates, by launching a few barbs during his opening remarks. As previously reported, Congressman Paul Cook, was a no show.

The Lincoln Club president, Joseph Sullivan, gave an overview of the club’s mission statement explaining they were a registered PAC, Political Action Committee, to support candidates and issues that matched their Republican ideals.  He pointed out sometimes the club supports an issue but chooses to remain silent on endorsement without mentioning which ones.  Hmmm, off the top of my head, I can think of the disastrous, blank check Yucca Valley Measure U, 1% General Fund Tax for 30 years that was defeated by the voters. The big donors to the YesMeasureU PAC were Republicans, including Congressman Paul Cook’s Field Representative, Dawn Rowe, who donated $1,000 to promote the tax. When asked off the record, Cook did not support Measure U, and the local Morongo Basin Democratic Club passed a Resolution against the tax.  460DOC Link

The Lincoln Club President did focus on one issue, the Yucca Valley Recall, repeating the past rhetoric of his many letters to the editor and Lincoln Club Face Book comments depicting the Recall as a “power grab” without acknowledging the democratic process of a citizen’s rights to redress their government.  Sullivan also appeared on the local Up-Close radio show to debate against the Recall fairing poorly. Huntington was sitting in the lobby at the station watching and hearing that disaster unfold. Radio Debate. Mayes Campaign.

It appeared this part of the “Lincoln Club Election Meeting” was not cleared with recall target, Yucca Valley Councilman George Huntington, who was sitting in the audience turning red in the face and squirming in his seat. Huntington appeared to have been taken off guard and was clearly uncomfortable. Dredging up the Recall at this meeting backfired resulting in a long period of dead silence before someone in the back began to clap breaking the stillness that permeated the room.

This faux pas of tossing bitter barbs at the meeting, perhaps meant for me, was a bad decision that backfired with many out-of-town guests completely unaware of any Recall efforts…well, not anymore!


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