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Yucca Valley Senior $18 Million Housing Fiasco: Lego Land with Cracks

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YV LegoLand4Yucca Valley, Ca.,- The “Nuaimi Curse,”aka, the C.O.R.E. Renaissance Senior Housing Project is one remnant left over from the ex-unpopular Town Manager/Politician Mark Nuaimi.  This doomed project bounces between Bad and Worse as it hobbles towards completion in one of the greatest examples of “Bait n’ Switch.”

Part II of my “Nuaimi Stench” story has been sitting on the back burner waiting for the Senior Housing project to unfold to be included as part of his legacy.  The Sky Harbor Five Yucca Valley Town Council (Rowe, Huntington,Hagerman, Abel and Lombardo) were led down the path to approve this $18 million Senior Housing project that started out as an investment not-to-exceed $1.5 million dollars for a beautifully designed building…then turned into a $2.9 million dollar rip-off for a prefab building constructed of press board prefab pods that look like shipping containers.

While being stored on the Town’s premises, one of the pre-fab units fell 3 1/2 feet off the ground and COLLAPSED & CRACKED!

The local radio station recently reported: The new senior housing project in Yucca Valley had a minor setback Sunday. According to County Fire Captain Mark Murphy, the pre-fab units were being stored on wood cribbing, about 3 and a half feet off the ground, near the basketball courts behind the Yucca Valley Community Center.

Murphy said the wood cribbing, which is like stacked “Lincoln Logs” was leaning, and one of the apartment units fractured and collapsed about 3:15 p.m. due to the poor support structure of the cribbing.

Murphy said because several of the other units were leaning and were in danger of falling, the contractor had to bring a crane back to the site and restack the cribbing and the pre-fab units. Z107.7 Source>LINK

This is the same project that the Town of Yucca Valley will have returned back to them in 55 years? The “residual receipt loan” to this project by the Town is an absolute joke…after all expenses are paid, the Town will receive a token payment whereby, the payments will be nil but ownership by the Town will accrue.  Yeah..right!

The ad-hoc Senior Housing committee of Recall-Target-Councilman George Huntington and Councilman Dawn Rowe recently toured the prefab manufacturer and were “very impressed.”  Glad to see Rowe decided not to run for reelection this November…she leaves behind her legacy of debt which includes this housing fiasco.  Huntington, as a contractor and past Planning Commissioner, should be ashamed that he touted this scam.

Councilman Bob Leone voted against this project and voted against borrowing more money from the General Fund>LINK

Here are some photos of the Yucca Valley Lego Land under construction…Ooops, I mean stacking.

YV LegoLand1YV LegoLand2

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