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Who will spill the beans?

By   /   January 30, 2014  /   Comments Off

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Origin of the Term “Stool Pidgeon”

The phrase “stool pigeon” comes from the fact that “marks” or victims of con men are called pigeons. In the old days – when operating rigged games such as Monte or Banco (which was so prevalent that the police started to have special squads to deal with them – squads that soon were known as “bunco” squads” because the Irish brogue of many cops confused reporters) – the con man would employ someone who would work for him and who the con man would allow to win. This person sitting on a stool would then help draw others into the game to be fleeced by the con man. When the pair were caught – the cops would press the “stool” “pigeon” to confess and promise a reduced sentence in exchange. Because the guy running the game made most of the money but the stool pigeon would get the same punishment – they often took the deal and provided evidence against the con man running the game. Soon – people forgot the origin of “stool pigeon” and just started to use it to mean anyone who would inform on their friends or associates.

While people might notice the obvious Exodus of the rodents from the flotation device called the city of Twentynine Palms, few I believe, have thought of the ramifications of  this legal battle with the State if it  goes bad.

Co-conspirators are trying to get distance and time from the ultimate bad news, and  possible DOJ investigations into the Ponzi Scheme, that has filled the coffers of Rutan and Tucker and more pointedly a city attorney that has profited handsomely from the scam.

At some point there is going to be a one of these guys that is going to be pressured into spilling the beans. Someone to turn states evidence.Someone to save his own skin.

Lets look at the cast of characters:

  • John Cole, ex-mayor, chairman of Oversight Board.
  • Richard Warne, former City Manager
  • Matthew McCleary, Former RSG executive, community development director
  • Councilman Harris
  • Councilman Corbin
  • Councilman Mintz
  • Councilman Klink
  • A. Patrick Munoz: Contract city attorney, Bond attorney, Oversight Board Attorney, RDA and Successor Agency Attorney

The above are the primary actors in this fiasco but there are others including many on city staff, past and present and many community leaders who have just as much involvement in this scam.

While Munoz is the Messiah of  the little group of misfits, They are all willing and deeply involved disciples.


I wonder who will be the Judas? Who will be the stool pigeon? Who will rat the others out to save their own hide?

I know many of you are asking, “when with the judge decide this thing?”

All good things come in time. Give it a wait. Relax have a beverage of your choice set back and watch the show.




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