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City Council Meeting: Update on Corbin and Mintz’s Sacramento Junket

By   /   January 28, 2014  /   5 Comments

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♦Updated, Wednesday 1-29-14 @ 6:07 a.m. 

Both Mintz and Corbin reported to a full housed on their JUNKET to Sacramento. Both Corbin and Mintz insulted the entire public tonight with their ridiculously puerile report about the hearing with Judge Kenny.

Here is a full transcript of their report:

Corbin:  Legal council did a really good job. [20 seconds]

Mintz: Legal council did a really good job. The judge asked a lot of questions. [20 seconds]

That’s all folks.   A child could have been more articulation. What an insult.

As Steve Spear reported in a CT comment, it was discover that Corbin and Mintz were sent to Sacramento to attend a League of California Cities three day seminar, but they skipped out on the last day, missing — “HOW TO BUILD AND MAINTAIN THE PUBLIC”S TRUST: PRACTICAL ETHICS AND THE LAW. How ironic.

It’s pretty sleazy to skip-out on the most important aspect of the seminar on ethics and the public’s trust. They broke the public trust to watch the courtroom dog and pony show featuring Munoz. Their expenses were paid by taxpayers to attend the seminar — yet they had their own personal agenda. The no-show was unethical. 

That’s the IRONY.

Who is looking out for the taxpayer at city hall? Not any of the these councilmen.

They are likely in a fog concerning the issues Munoz argued in court before Judge Kenny. At least they could have prepared for the report to better inform the public what took place:  What were Munoz’ argument? How long did the hearing last? What was the demeanor and body language of the judge? What questions did Judge Kenny ask? What salient issues were of interest to Judge Kenny? What issues did Munoz hammer on? What laws were cited by Munoz, or Judge Kenny?

Their report was a manifest sham. If they can’t tell the public the issues, they don’t understand the issues. If they do’t understand the issues, they are irresponsible in making decisions on the DoF decision and this litigation.  Their report tonight was pretentiously troubling.

Cactus Thorns  will submit a California Request for Public Records to ascertain the entire cost Laurel and Hardy billed the public.

On another matter, one long time resident suggested that Mintz may have violated the Brown Act. Mintz retorted: I didn’t violate the Brown Act. I never violate the Brown Act. This lady put  Mintz to task. She spoke during public comments and reminded Mintz that when she privately spoke to Mintz, Mintz told her:  “We are going to do something about this you will like,” or, said she, Mintz told her:We are going to do something you may like.”   The lady declined to say what the issue was, but she reminded Mintz that the issue was never on the Agenda, that it was never discussed during a meeting. The lady suggested the matter had been agreed upon by council or staff, or both. Mintz became very defense.

Mintz had a convenient lapse of  memory. He didn’t remember even talking with the senior individual.

On another matter, Michelle Marks gave a non-secular invocation. It was moving and heartfelt. She received an ovation. She responded to the silly religious  zealot who told the council during another meeting that Marine troops will die if a moment of silence in the stead of prayer is adopted.  Michelle was fact oriented and quoted the numbers of fallen Marines from 29 Palms, factual disclosing the  zealot really did not know what he was talking about.  Michelle was very respectful and ask people to remain seated. She was rudely interrupted by someone in the audience who insisted everyone stand; Michelle graciously and respectfully handled the situation like the champ she is, then began to read the names of fallen Marines.

On another matter, a few groups were at the podium seeking money. Those worthy groups are: Reach Out Morongo; 29 Palms Branch Library; Family Services Association; Soldier’s Organization Service (outstanding organization that directly helps returning Marines); and Morongo Basin Unity. The groups are effectually proving outstanding services directly to seniors and other people in need. I won’t argue they should not get the money. It’s not like the hungry artsy cronies that are like tree birds hatchlings with their mouths wide-open, and heads bobbing for the worn. This money is for real needs of real people in need.

On another matterJTNP Superintendent, Mark Butler,  is asking the city to explore a partnership with the park to provide a Student Science Center on 30 to 40 acres of city property near the park. The vote was unanimous  to authorize staff to explore the possibility. No mention of the cost was brought up, and the council members — nary a one — sought questions to that end.

On another matter, Councilwoman Cora Heiser was not at the meeting. It was reported by one council member who had a discussion that morning with Cora. He reported: Vic, Cora’s husband, has some very serious medical issues but he is out of intensive care. Apparently Vic has some feeling on one side of his body. PLEASE TAKE JUST A FEW MOMENTS OF SILENCE and give your benevolent thought to the Heiser family.



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About the author

Branson Hunter

(This story was posted by Cactus Thorn contributor Branson Hunter)

"The ends do not justify the means." If you use illegal mean to accomplish a legal and even desirable result, the good result does not make the bad means you used justifiable.


  1. This is important: If the courts rule in favor of giving the city the greenlight on funds to move forward with PP (Project Phoenix), THERE IS NO RDA.

    That means that there MUST be citizens input and hearing prior to moving forward regarding duplicating another very costly city playhouse for Theatre 29′s exclusive use, or duplicating another community center.

    Under the old defunct RDA statute, the League of California seen to it via massive lobbying efforts — the public had no say-so. City councils could do whatever they wanted without hearings seeking public authority, or public input. And this city council — Klink, Harris, Corbin and Mintz did just that: The public be dammed!: The city had one public gathering in the community center after the fact to ram PP down the pie hole of residents.

    The city must put it to the public this time in a vote. let the public decide if they want public funds spend for a grandiose state of the art 250 seat performing arts theater, or a useless duplication of a community center.

    Note that “We are coming through another budget crisis all over again in California… .”

    • Mark Clemons Mark Clemons says:

      There is no budget crises what we have here is a public employee crises, a solution and it is simple transfer the retirement funding from the taxpayers back to those that will reap the outrages benefits, the government employees. It would alleviate the angst held by the taxpayers that is seeded in high taxes, fees and poor services enabling excessive retirements often topping $200,000.00.

    • Dan OBrien Dan OBrien says:

      I have a better chance of getting winning the lottery than the city has in beating the DOF. Even Munoz is talking appeal…… he is resigned to loosing.

  2. Dan OBrien Dan OBrien says:

    i just got a call from a friend who told me that Ben forgot the biggest story of all.

    Rottenführer Gary “adolph’ Blackman of the 29 palms SS-Verfügungstruppe has retired after years of physical and emotional abuse of our citizens. may the Son of a bitch live long and suffer with boils as big as bleeding Plums infest his nut sack.

    I hope where ever he might go, some busybody turn his ass in for lurking and jerking.

    oh happy day.

    • Mark Clemons Mark Clemons says:

      I wonder what kind of person would want that job, I guess what I am saying with our council and management we will just get more of the same. As long as we have the Nazi P.C. and the sorry five on the council initiating code to be used as tools against those they feel as a treat we will continue down tyranny road.

      Just had a good friend tell me what a great job was done in cleaning up the city, went on to say what a good guy Harris is. When queried, he responded that when his road needs grading Harris gets it done by saying it is a safety issue. To this over taxed citizen that sounds like corrupt cronyism, they are old base buddies after all.

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