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More details on the Andy Takata resignation…or fired?

By   /   January 27, 2014  /   1 Comment

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fired1Banning, California- Cactus Thorns reported the Banning City Manager, Andy Takata, resigned without posting the reasons until the information we were given could be verified. Takata was the previous past manager for the Town of Yucca Valley. Following his career on the local Banning blog reveals he has been in hot water after several controversial and costly decisions were made during his four years on the job. Many of these blunders were not reported by the local media and the real story was uncovered by the indy Banning Informer Blog.

As the Banning City Council are contemplating a “severance package” to hand Takata as he hits the exit door in February, more controversy has cranked up the heat questioning his credentials and education degrees that he listed on his resume.  (If Takata is resigning from Banning, why would there be any severance monies paid?)

Takata resigned from Yucca Valley saying he wanted to be closer to his ailing mother.  He did not receive any severance package and stepped quickly into the position of Banning City Manager that he had lined up.  As part of the condition of being hired in Yucca Valley, Takata purchased a home and actually lived here for the nearly 5 years of his employment.

The local Banning newspaper reports: “The city council and the city manager have been discussing the future concerning the city, and have come to a mutual understanding whereby City Manager Andy Takata has submitted a resignation letter,” Franklin announced at the opening of the council’s meeting. “Mr. Takata will be available to assist the city in transition activities … the council thanks Mr. Takata for his dedicated service to the City of Banning over the last four years,” and added, “Mr. Takata wishes to thank the council, community, and especially the staff, for their support over the last four years.” Source>LINK

Why should these “terminated” managers receive any payouts like ex-manager Warne of Twentynine Palms with his “pretend retirement” and the unpopular ex-manager Nuaimi of Yucca Valley mis-using public funds for a Las Vegas get-a-way who was sent away with $150,000 tax payer dollars & health insurance?

Is there ONE single reason for the parting of the ways with Takata or just an overload of several costly mis-steps? You decide.

There were three incidents brought to my attention by former residents of Banning who now live here locally.  Off the top of my head, I remember the $1.8 million toxic waste clean-up fiasco, the parcel incident presentation identifying a corner for development to the Council and the entire acreage almost slipped by…and crashing of the secretly purchased Armored Military Combat Vehicle.  I will provide the links at the end of this story.

The most recent controversy involves the local Blog attempts to validate the degrees Takata states on his resume.>LINK

Here is a redacted copy of Takata’s response to the allegations.>AndyTakataLetterToCouncil2014

Toxic Waste Fiasco>LINK  November 8, 2011. Andy Takata asks Council to pay bill in full of $1.8million which represented 1/2 of financial reserves.

Toxic spill clean up YouTube:http://youtu.be/WIsb6KlOjeI

Controversial Re-zoning Parcel Map>LINK

Unlicensed Police Officer Crashes Military Armored Vehicle>LINK

$30 million alleged losses in mismanagement>LINK

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  1. A local who graduated from Fullerton College logged on to the website and confirmed the posting of her degree received, FYI.

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