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5 Months later…Nuaimi’s Stench Persists

By   /   January 18, 2014  /   5 Comments

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Nuaimi_Bathroom_jpgYucca Valley, Ca.,- On August 20, 2013, the unpopular politician/Town Manager Mark Nuaimi was fired with Council members Abel, Rowe, Huntington and Lombardo voting to reward this disaster with a severance package over $126,666 including medical insurance coverage. Councilman Bob Leone voted NO to paying any severance package.

Nuaimi’s departure was five months ago, however, a foul odor still persists in this rural town of 20,700 citizens with an average income of $35,000. Like an unflushed toilet after a bout of food poisoning, the stench remains as his no-bid contracts for the center median projects along the main business corridor have been extended to May after causing devastating holiday sales during November and December. These medians are viewed as the final nail in the coffin for older established businesses trying to survive the Great Recession because customers and delivery trucks are unable to enter the establishments. The Yucca Valley Chamber of Commerce was nowhere to be found to support the 50 merchants especially since the President, Jennifer Collins, steered the organization into politics while becoming the mouthpiece for the disgraced Nuaimi to promote an unpopular sales tax which the voters defeated.

Bring out the toilet plunger folks because C.O.R.E., the developer of the Yucca Valley Senior Housing scam, is going to squeeze the Town Council this Tuesday for a hefty advance of monies citing they have a cash flow problem.  The three story building, which has been reduced to a pre-fab structure resembling a prison ward, has been inching towards construction with a history of botched missteps, glitches and bad Karma.

The deficit spending stench seems to be continuing as two IOU’s were tucked into the future development impact fees totaling $700,000!  The past Mayor Merl Abel foolishly touted our strong reserves of over $7 million without factoring the paper IOU in the till.

Abel has the unique distinction of signing Nuaimi’s “Gimmee-more-money-for-3-years-contract,” and a few months later, signing termination papers to fire him.  Abel remarked the town is fortunate to be leveraging $3 million dollars into a large Senior Housing project upon hearing that Nuaimi bumped up the town’s obligation from $1.5 million to nearly double the amount of $2.95 million dollars. The town has no money to fund this project and the Department of Finance has denied any  Redevelopment Agency payments to this Senior Housing project.

See my accompanying post on the C.O.R.E. Senior Housing scam looking for advances of money with “Staff” providing empty promises of unsubstantiated funds to repay the “advances.”





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About the author

Margo Sturges

Yucca Valley Editor

Note: Margo Sturges has written many articles for Cactus Thorns and is the founder of Citizens4Change.info. Email contact: MargoSturgesYV(at)aol.com "In a time of universal deceit, telling the truth becomes a revolutionary act."- George Orwell


  1. Ed Montgomery Ed Montgomery says:

    After living in Yucca Valley for 25 years . I’ve seen town Council people coming and go, but this has to be the worst town Council of ever seen! They were told not to hire Mark Nuaimi as town manager, but they did it anyway. This town Council have wasted so much taxpayers money . It’s unbelievable. The sad part about this is the town Council refuses to take any responsibility for their actions.

    The businesses that supported measure U are now finding out the true color of the town Council, by putting those media strips in during the holiday season and practically destroyed 50 businesses or so. This town Council has no conscience whatsoever. They don’t care about anything or anybody and they won’t listen to anybody either, they don’t care about law whatsoever. They just do whatever they want to Whether it’s lawful or not they don’t care.

    So all we can do is get rid of these people and not reelected them, come November 2014. We also need to get rid of the planning Commissioner’s that are destroying our community!

    I will be out there doing my part and I hope will be a lot of other people joining me campaign for good honest people to put on our town Council.

  2. Mr. Montgomery is a great American.

  3. Damn Dawgers Damn Dawgers says:

    “This town Council has no conscience whatsoever. They don’t care about anything or anybody and they won’t listen to anybody either, they don’t care about law whatsoever. ”
    This kind of sounds like you Ed when you were making your comments about the Medicinal Marijuana dispensary?”
    How you liking the legalization of recreational use, it won’t be long CA. will join them!!!
    But I do agree with you about the council!
    Respectfully, Damn Dawgers…

  4. Ed Montgomery Ed Montgomery says:

    Damn Dawgers, just because I happen to agree with the town Council on one subject doesn’t mean I like them. Yes, I’m very strongly against any marijuana facilities in the town limits. You can’t always agree on everything, that’s what makes democracy. Agreeing and disagree. What I’ve seen from this town Council most the time Is there rubberstamp on almost everything.

    I would Like to make this very clear . I don’t like the town Council I will never like town Council and all I can do now is trying put in responsible people in the town Council and the planning commission.

    This town Council and the town Yucca Valley , and the planning Commissioner’s hire contractors without any bids they just hire contractors which if I’m not mistaken is illegal. Overspending millions of dollars wasting taxpayers money and I can go on and on. You can continue to criticize me about the marijuana facility in Yucca Valley and my position on this one issue. But I’m more than just that one subject.
    Okay, so you disagree with me and I disagree with you, so there you have it! Now, let’s move on.

  5. Ed Montgomery Ed Montgomery says:

    Branson Hunter thank you so much for your kind words. I know you are also in favor of the marijuana facilities in Yucca Valley, I’m glad to see just because we don’t agree on everything, we still have our strong feelings and opinions and still can work together to help our communities to move forward and to do better.

    We can’t always have everything we want, we tried our very best to do the recall in Yucca Valley, and we came up short very close but we did make it, we are very disappointed but we did our best, so now we just have to move on. Just like the marijuana facilities in Yucca Valley, you didn’t get what you wanted, so now it’s time for them to move on.

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