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Elizabeth Karman of Landers Living a Lie…

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Karman signSan Bernardino County, Ca.,- (Opinion)-There have been four meetings of the newly formed San Bernardino County Municipal Council, also known as the Big Mac, comprised of appointed members that actually live and are registered to vote in their SB county regions of: Wonder Valley, Landers, Downtown Joshua Tree, East Joshua Tree, Flamingo Heights, Pioneertown/Rimrock, Morongo Valley and Copper Mountain Mesa.

Unfortunately, there is NO ONE residing or registered in Yucca Mesa, SB voting precinct 254,  appointed to this municipal council.

Background: At the private first meeting on October 21, 2013, Third District County Supervisor James Ramos swore in the Morongo Basin Municipal Advisory Council at the Bob Burke Joshua Tree Government Center.

The Big Mac council appointees are: Max Rossi of Wonder Valley, Mike Lipsitz of Landers, David Peach for downtown Joshua Tree, Mark Lundquist for east Joshua Tree, Elizabeth Karman of Yucca Mesa, Larry Parrott of Flamingo Heights, Jack Dugan of Pioneertown and Rimrock, and Gayl Swarat of Morongo Valley. Mary Helen Tuttle of Copper Mountain Mesa was sworn in at the January 13th meeting. (BOLD added for emphasis)

All of the above representatives live in the area they have been appointed to represent, except Elizabeth Karman of Landers, Ca. 92285.  She does not live, nor is registered, in Yucca Mesa and is not in the Hi-Desert Water District…in other words, she has no dog in this hunt or skin in the game.

Her wishful thinking does  not change the reality that her 77.5 acre parcel #0629191050000> Karman_E_Parcel_Landers, mobile home is situated in Landers California 92285, not Yucca Mesa.

During the application process for appointment, many citizens in Yucca Mesa contacted the 3rd District Field Representative, Donna Munoz, voicing their objection to Karman, a resident of Landers, representing Yucca Mesa but their calls were not returned and their concerns fell on deaf ears. I also left a very detailed message in my phone call to Munoz on October 17th at 2:41pm without a courtesy of a return phone call.

After Karman was sworn in, she informed several residents of Yucca Mesa that she would “not lift one finger to help them out unless they each apologize” to her for shunning her years back after the defeat of the proposed Yucca Mesa annexation move by the Town Of Yucca Valley.

Elizabeth Karman residing in Landers of the Homestead Valley, was the co-founder of the Stop Yucca Mesa Annex movement whose active members have since dwindled to just a handful. Karman still refuses to remove the names of several residents who live in Yucca Mesa requesting to be taken off her website who no longer want to be associated with her. During Karman’s testimony at the Yucca Valley Town Council meetings against annexation, she did NOT claim she lived in Yucca Mesa.  She gave testimony recorded in the minutes a resident of  “Homestead Valley,”which includes Landers, Flamingo Heights, Johnson Valley and Yucca Mesa. HVCC>LINK

A review of the San Bernardino Registrar of Voter’s website indicate Elizabeth Karman’s physical residence address of 57120 Luna Vista Lane, Landers, Ca, 92285, is in Precinct UNIO253 (whereas Yucca Mesa is in Precinct UNIO254).

Karman’s residence in Landers, according to the San Bernardino County Registrar of Voters, is in the following districts: Assembly42, Board of Ed-area E, Board of Equalization- 4, Congressional 08,Copper Mtn College, Co of SB, County area service 70 zone TV5, HD Memorial Hosp,Mojave Desert RCD, Mojave Water Agency, MWA Div2, Morongo Unified, SB Co FPD, Senate 16, Supervisorial 3, Unincorporated. See SB ROV election district look-up website>LINK

Also, Elizabeth Karman does not live within the legal boundary of Yucca Mesa as per the map of the Hi-Desert Water District.  Her mobile home is located north of Luna Vista Lane which is outside the boundary for Yucca Mesa, per the official government SB Registrar of Voter’s website.

Why would this individual continue to perpetuate this lie of living in Yucca Mesa when all the official precinct maps, zip codes, parcel information and water district maps indicate otherwise?  Does she have any property holdings in Yucca Mesa? I am waiting for a copy of her form 700, Statement of Economic Interests, where she declares her source of income (and spouse), gifts received and all financial interests, which I will post online in another update.

Bottom line: Yucca Mesa has no real representation for their interests and concerns.  Karman refuses to attend meetings and has even gone out of her way to stop open forums held at the Yucca Mesa community center in 2012. Story>LINK

During the recent meetings of the Big Mac, Karman sat on her thumbs when Yucca Mesa’s concerns were being discussed …yep, she is not lifting one finger, or thumb, to assist them regarding road maintenance issues, etc.

There is an easy and quick solution to this….appoint someone who actually resides in Yucca Mesa,  can vote on Mesa matters in political elections, attends local meetings and is in touch with the residents.

In my next post, I will cover Elizabeth Karman’s actions during the past three meetings without regard for Yucca Mesa.  I will post Karman’s email exchanges with the fired Town Manager Mark Nuaimi and Jennifer Collins in her failed attempt to support Yucca Valley’s General Fund tax, Measure U, documents obtained through Freedom of Information Requests.


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