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Mountain Lion Attacks are on up tick

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user21447-1389656279-media1Editors note: With reports of Lion attacks across the County on the up Swing, with reports in Hesperia and Highland, the anti-hunting crowd is now causing loss of life. How soon will it be before a kindergartener is killed and drug off for food for cougar kitties?

During the early morning hours of November 23,  2013, a large mountain lion was observed entering a residential backyard in the 6700 block of Grove Ave, in the City of Highland.  The mountain lion did attack two small domestic animals and became aggressive towards the home owner as deputies arrived.  Deputies blocked the animal from escaping into the main residential area and the animal fled back into the wash area.  The animal was spotted traveling north back into the mountain area.


On January 10 – 12, 2014, new tracks were located in the backyard of the original residence.  The tracks are consistent with that of a large mountain lion.


Residents who walk in the wash area and have small pets should remain vigilant of their surroundings and report any additional sightings to local law enforcement.  Fish and Game personnel were notified to respond to the area in an effort  to possibly track or capture the animal.


DO NOT ATTEMPT TO TRAP AND CATCH THIS ANIMAL ON YOUR OWN.  Immediately call 911 and give the last known location of the animal.


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