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JTNP Black Rock closing because of a bungling town council?

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Yucca Valley – The vastly unpopular majority on the Town Council of Yucca Valley have apparently succeeded in pissing-off JTNP officials.   





The Sun Runner has “started clattering quite a bit the last few days” with a rumors that Joshua Tree National Park’s Black Rock Nature Center and campground may close due to a lack of road maintenance and repairs by the Town of Yucca Valley.

The road leading into Black Rock is nearly impassable for campers, RVs, fifth wheels and horse trailers.  It is riddled with deep and dangerous pot holes, the pavement is missing in spots, and chucks of asphalt exposed. It’s an obstacle course up there. As such, visitors to the area may chose to bypass Yucca Valley altogether.  

Should this happen, the town council will once again stiff-arm local merchants with the closure of Black Rock and its ancillary facilities be shut down. 

Congressman Cook voted for a nationwide closure of National Parks and he got a black-eye for it. It may cause him the election this year in his bid for reelection. Should JTNP Black Rock be locked down due to impassable or dangerous roads, this shall surely have an negative impact on the hope of any council member getting reelected.    

The Sun Runner reveals that “some restrictions are already being made on bus transportation to the center. If Black Rock closes, Yucca Valley loses its connection to the national park.” The Sun Runner Editor asks, “What do you think? Should the Town of Yucca Valley repair the roads leading to Black Rock?”

To recap the most recent of council blunders:

– An inept council of stiff-minded individuals tried to bully-through a 30-year sales tax increase for the ‘general fund’ for unnamed projects during the most economic challenging times since the Great Depression.

– They ruined the holiday shopping for 50 small merchants in Old Town by initiating controversy median divider construction along SR 62 (again no bid contracts) and diverted truck Traffic to residential side streets to make their deliveries, thereby cutting off access to businesses without proper notice or hearings in violation California law and the Due Process Clause of the U.S. Constitution. 

– They gifted a golden parachute to a fired and disgraced town manager absent any legal requirement.

– They stiff-armed veterans, seniors, Americans with disabilities and many other residents by aggressively and mean-spiritedly closing the only medicinal dispensary in in the Basin, CAMS Dispensary. They gave absolutely no valid or sensible reason for the closure. Law enforcement officials said they’ve never had any calls re CAMS; they don’t drive by there; and that CAMS has never been a problem. The closure has resulted in the loss of business for local merchants since CAMS patients from surrounding areas to the West, East and North will spend their money elsewhere. 

– They build an new animal shelter with no room for expansion, and the capacity to hold animals is no larger that the animal shelter that was replaced.

-- And given all the new and shinny plethora of unnecessary stop lights around this town (with more to come) causing traffic gridlock, navigating Yucca Valley is becoming an unpleasant experience. 

It important to the local economy, especially small merchants, to maintain the road into Black Rock. The town’s destination as a tourist spot may suffer another hit by the council should they not maintain the road.

Note  that there are wonderful roads up in Sky Harbor where the council owns property and lives, but nearby Black Rock Campgrounds roads are nearly impassable. The stringent old fogies on the council are clearly out-of-touch with the times where their reality becomes an illusion. 

The 2014 elections are around the corner. Change the makeup on the town council and the town changes. The council has arguably done more harm than they have done good.

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