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Complaints to SB County Grand Jury

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The San Bernardino Grand Jury filed their 2012-2013 Final report to Presiding Judge Marsha G. Slough on June 28, 2013.  It is a 200 page report, but of interest is the mention on their cover letter indicating they followed up on some agencies and paid a visit to our town manager, Mark Nuaimi.

E.H. Burgnon, Foreman, wrote:

“Follow-up visits to several agencies were conducted for the purpose of verifying previous recommendations from previous Grand Juries had been followed and implemented. These visits are found in the Response Accountability of this report. (See page 10)

I would especially like to note the assistance given to the Grand Jury by the city managers of Needles, Yucca Valley and Rancho Cucumonga. Additionally, the Finance Directors of the cities of Apple Valley, Yucaipa, Ontario and Upland were instrumental in carrying out the work of the Grand Jury.” SOURCE>LINK

Yep! That’s right…they came calling to the manager of Yucca Valley! Hmmm? I was informed the complaint filed with the Attorney General had been turned over to the Grand Jury and was pleased to find this tidbit in their report.  They did not acknowledge any receipt of our claim and do not provide any updates.  I was also pleased to see there are three complaints being carried over to the next Grand Jury. I hope our complaint is one of those three mentioned.

Here is the link to the Grand Jury website>LINK

The Grand Jury receives citizen complaints throughout the year. Every complaint is reviewed and a determination is made
regarding the jurisdiction of the Grand Jury and each particular complaint.
If jurisdiction is confirmed and the complaint warrants investigation, it is assigned to an appropriate committee. At times, an
ad hoc committee is formed to investigate specific complaints. The complaint would then be investigated and the outcome
reported to the Grand Jury.
The process to submit a complaint is to obtain a Confidential Citizen Complaint Form from either the Grand Jury website
or by calling the Grand Jury office. Once completed and signed, the form is returned to the office. Although the Grand Jury
normally does not investigate unsigned complaints, depending on the issue, it may conduct an investigation from an
anonymous source.
The 2012-2013 Grand Jury received 30 new complaints and seven were referred from the 2011-2012 Grand Jury.
Of those 37 complaints, 25 were assigned and investigated, with six of those investigations included in this Final Report.
Nine complaints were not within the jurisdiction of the Grand Jury and the additional three are being referred to the
2013-2014 Grand Jury.
To file a Citizen’s Complaint with the Grand Jury, see this>LINK


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