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Bob Conaway announces bid for Cook’s seat

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Press Release- 8th Congressional District Candidate: Bob Conaway

Bob Conaway for Congress 2014

As a long time activist for the democratic party, Bob was asked by numerous local leaders to run for Congress in an effort to make it into the Prop 14 created (top two primary) runoff election in November and win the seat. . “Cook has been a disappointment for working families, seniors and vets, but with that said, he might not be one of the top two in November due to many conservatives being unhappy with him as well.” . “Cook’s obstructive votes have done little to seek and build the consensus needed to find government waste and roll that money into real domestic economic stimulus, job development programs & policies, job retraining & placement and needed transitional assistance. We need to work at healing our country’s wounds. Cook and his backers aren’t hurting because they have the rest of us to pay for their comfortable salaries & benefits. The people in this district need to remind Cook and his backers that we elect people to find solutions that help all of us and not just Cook & his special interest masters.” . Bob’s previous announcement of his intention to run for District Attorney has been tabled due to not only the request of local leaders that he add to the voices for rational & productive leadership, but due to Bob’s realization that the systemic problems in the San Bernardino County District Attorney’s Office may well require federal intervention to address, which regrettably may or may not come (and which Bob can with the rest of San Bernardino county only hope and pray for).



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