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I’m Never Going Back! Ugh!

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Walmart_Super_Center1Yucca Valley, Ca.,- Yesterday I went to the new Super Walmart to pick up my medications of 2013 for income tax purposes.  It was only the 3rd time I have been to this new Super store and  it will be my last visit.

My physician prefers to use the Walmart pharmacy for the ease of ordering prescriptions from his laptop during my office visit.  The prices were quite reasonable for me since I did not have any health insurance, however, one medication was bumped from $9 per month to $29 per month without any explanation.  The other pharmacies charge $65 for this same RX  so I decided to stay at Super Walmart.

Don’t get me wrong, there is a place for some big box stores like Costco and Smart & Final but this local Walmart is destined to be one of the poorest performers if things continue the way they are.  The shelves were empty and there were no employees around to help out. The problem, as it was explained at my second visit to this store, was a shortage of available help due to the high attrition for drug use in this area.

In the beginning, this store provided a large number of motorized carts.  As for the 25 brand new motorized carts, several have been stolen out of the parking lot or dismantled to remove the battery.  Turns out there is now a resistor that shuts off the power if one tries to exit with paid merchandise to her vehicle…I was stuck right in the middle of the door unable to move forward or backwards. Ugh!

The old Walmart was the highest sales performer in California by their paint department but that was in the past.  The new Super Walmart had failed to stock the primary base color to mix colors for over several weeks during the summer.  A complete waste of time and money for freshening up a rental during 1 week of vacancy.

Since I picked up my medications at Super Walmart, I decided to save gas and time to purchase 3 items on my short list…bananas, saltine crackers and wet cat food.  I only purchased 2 bananas because their prices were higher and the quality was lower and I did not purchase a box of saltines…their prices were higher. Ugh!

As for the wet cat food, they offer 32 cans of poultry selection in one package, shredded not pate, preferred by my cat because she refuses to eat beef.  All the shelves were empty in the cat food section. Ugh!

The Super Walmart is huge and has high ceilings which made me feel like I was in a large warehouse.  One would think this could be a contributing factor to improved air circulation, at a minimum.  One big problem…besides all the “Duck Dynasty” merchandise stocked in almost every department…was the awful body odor smells of the customers.  Like a heavy layer of fog wafting from the armpit level to the floor, the putrid smells ranged from nervous sweat, teenage hormones, mildewy/damp clothing to plain ol’ BO…body odor! Ugh!

The old Walmart was more convenient when I needed to purchase a hose or nozzle in the month of December from the garden department.  The new Super Walmart did not carry those items during November or December…that space was stocked with children’s toys and bicycles.  I guess corporate is not aware of our 80 degree weather here in the hi-desert. Yep! December 31st was my last visit to this new store even though the shelves are stocked with Valentine’s Day merchandise…Ugh!

One more complaint-The incoming Super Walmart was slated to pay $1 million dollars in impact fees to the Town of Yucca Valley. This is what the ex-town manager, Mark Nuaimi, pitched to offset the town costs of his doomed Senior Housing fiasco.  In a consent agenda item, Nuaimi arranged to waive $588,000 of those fees for Walmart’s added “improvements” of three signals. The reality is these signals were a mandatory requirement before opening their doors for business to comply with the E.I.R., the Environmental Impact Report.  At the Grand Opening, Super Walmart presented a check for $1,000 to the Boys & Girls Club…Geez, how magnanimous of this multimillion corporation.


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