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Are you ashamed your town council yet?

By   /   December 23, 2013  /   6 Comments

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Yucca Valley, CA – Morongo Basin resident, David Peach, wrote in the Hi-Desert Star this morning,Certain members of the town council are likewise free to be widely regarded as hypocrites and idiots.”

David’s view is the charitable view. The not so uncharitable view is that certain members of the  town council are free to be call sinister, devious and unprincipled segregationist that give Christians and Christianity a black-eye. 

I was contacted this morning by a source whom request his or her name not be used. This individual updated me on the story that  was posted yesterday in Cactus Thorns under the heading Yucca Valley Joshua Springs Calvary Chapel.

This individual alleges that the Yucca Valley Town Council is very upset and very vocal about the Calvary Chapel handing out blankets and sleeping bags to people whom do not have a home.

He or she further states that the town council is giving the Calvary Chapel a really bad time for their humanitarian and Christian efforts helping to make some homeless human beings in Yucca Valley a little more comfortable during these harsh winter holiday nights.

The culpable sinister council members want the Calvary Chapel to immediately cease and desist from helping veterans, women, the mentally ill and seniors.

These mean-spirited charlatan council members are so paranoid that they fear the homeless from down below are heading to Yucca Valley to get free blankets and sleeping bags. The  source stated that the “town council” is really afraid that homeless will “flock” to Yucca Valley.

Why is it that lately certain council members have resorted to hyperbole, exaggerations and dishonest misrepresentations that is tainting their very credibility.

There is a little voice whispering in my ear that those council members that are involved in this scandal are actually carrying out work of the Prince of Darkness.  The source that contacted me this morning declined to name the council members involved in this shocking town scandal.

Is Councilwoman Dawn Rowe the sinister, segregationist ring master of this black-hearted campaign? Is she the Yucca Valley Christmas Grinch?

Who are the other shameless council Grim Reapers?

Come election time 2014 there need to be a change.




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About the author

Branson Hunter

Senior Corespondent At Large

"The ends do not justify the means." If you use illegal mean to accomplish a legal and even desirable result, the good result does not make the bad means you used justifiable.


  1. Scots Slant Scots Slant says:


    Do you have any idea how ridiculous this article sounds?

    Let me guess: You contacted how many council members to substantiate you or your so-called "Sources" claims?

    Just what I thought: Zero.

    To sum up this article: "Idiotic."

  2. Scott, thanks for your OPINION (regarding your neighbors) which adds zero to defend the offending council members. If you have something relevant to add, let's hear it. If you want to deny the alleged facts? Lets hear it. Tell it to the over 30,700 viewers thus far that have viewed the stories.

    This story is NOT based on opinion, it's based on the first hand testimony of two people. It's based upon an insider with the Calvary Chapel. From this evidence, the "town council" is sticking it to the less fortunate. Just like they did to 50 merchants and the public that live in the affected area of Old Town that got stiff-armed and kicked to the curb by the council. Tell it the the folks that simply wanted the council to revisit the discussion of legal medication that is being denied vets, seniors and others with medical problems in the Basin.

    Any of the town council members have an opportunity to deny the story or add clarification. Some of the council members seem to want to dwell in their own collective little petty sanitized bubble.

    I defend your right to say I sound ridiculous, but it's not at all about me. It's about the Calvary Chapel's good will efforts, mean-spirited elitist council members and, most importantly, about homeless that some council members allegedly do not want homeless Americans in Yucca Valley to have blankets or sleeping bags to keep warm.

    Have a good holiday.

  3. Scots Slant Scots Slant says:


    It is not incumbent upon myself to defend my "Opinion."

    You are the one who believes this crap about the council and therefore it is incumbent upon yourself to provide pertinent information - information which includes statements from the council members themselves.

    Thus far you have provided nothing but statements from unnamed sources (read questionable) and therefore, without a statement of any kind from the alleged "Ring master" whom you personally accuse of a "Sinister campaign," or from other council members whom you label "Mean-spirited," you've got nothing but a bogus opinion based on a bunch of B.S. as usual.

    That is all.

  4. Scot, you have just contributed zero again. The only opinion you proffer is that you believe I sound ridiculous. You don' t have to defend that.

    Check with your offending council member friend(s) and let me know which one will talk to me. I will gladly follow-up on that and publish 'their side.' You have my telephone number and email.

    Btw, get serious. I'm not about to identify any source to this story. That will never happen.

  5. Scots Slant Scots Slant says:

    "Let me know which one will talk to me" (Council member).

    And there's the problem Branson: You can't or won't contact the council members on your own.

    Are you afraid they'll give you information which will contradict your so-called sources information and thus render you useless?

    I guess it's easier for you and others to drag nasty allegations to their lowest depths without verification from all parties involved; especially those parties who stand to be hurt the most.

    That's getting familiar on this site....

  6. Scot, are you aware you are being disingenuous and inaccurate. I have done the right thing:

    I wrote: "This individual alleges..."
    I wrote: He or she stated..."

    In the companion story I wrote:
    "If true..."
    "In my opinion..."

    Council members in the Morongo Basin do not want to talk to bloggers that, unlike the local newspapers, are not there as an organ for local government or as a KBG political propaganda machine for local government.

    If any of the council will talk to me, kindly let me know. You talk about verification... The stories have been verified by two independent sources. If you have any info that both stories are inaccurate as told by sources, lets get put that info out for Cactus Readers. You, council members or any one else can post information here to add to or challenge these sources.


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