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Looking back, the role of a watchful citizenry

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The Los Angeles Times Editorial Board – Watchdogs Play an Important Role with Local Government

Rizzo and Spaccia will pay for their crimes. Reforms are in place. But that doesn’t mean it couldn’t happen again. Will these reforms prevent the next Bell? Maybe not. A corrupt official intent on stealing public funds can often find a way to do it. But the laws passed in recent years will help by allowing more eyes on public money. Still, the most valuable lesson to be learned is that democracy requires citizens to be involved and to ask questions. There will always be venality and theft, but gadflies, whistle-blowers and a watchful citizenry are still the best backstop on corruption.”

Bell fell prey to these thieves because government stopped answering to the public, and because an apathetic public failed to question the government. As Rizzo and Spaccia go off to prison, it’s important to ask: Have we learned the lessons of Bell? And have we made the changes necessary to prevent another such scandal?

The LA times has a great editorial on the role of a watchful citizenry. Read the full piece here, or below: 

The lesson of Bell: A watchful citizenry is still crucial <<Link to LATimes,  Dec.  11. 2013




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