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Paul Cook’s Close Encounters

By   /   December 17, 2013  /   Comments Off

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Close_encounterCongressman Paul Cook held a Winter Meet & Greet last evening in the Yucca Valley Community Center which was well attended by both sides of the aisle. Staying politically correct, there were no Christmas decorations or Nativity to set the mood.  The room was decorated with large silver snowflakes, glittered gold and silver balls…not ornaments, and not one red or green tablecloth to be found.

One of his several staff members in attendance was in charge of the background music but I could not hear any due to the loud conversations of the citizens sitting at the tables enjoying the grand assortment of snacks and refreshments. Most of the spread would be considered finger food especially since the brownies and fudge were cut up in small portions which I really appreciated after I tracked down a long toothpick since no forks were provided.

While everyone was seated, Cook had an opportunity to visit, or not, each table to talk about issues while being followed and shadowed by his staff member, Matt Knox, snapping photos.

I was very happy to finally meet RD quite by accident when Dave Peach, quite the gentleman, gave me his chair to sit down at the table. RD is a real stand-up citizen, not belonging to any group or committee, who has stayed on task trying to find answers.  This “Accidental Witness,” has been politely asking the Yucca Valley Town Council to hear his concerns about dangerous roads in his neighborhood and his eye-witness account of an accident of a total stranger he documented with a video camera.  RD thought this might be his chance to personally speak with his Congressman after being given the brush off by Field Rep and YV Council woman, Dawn Rowe.

The serious looking Paul Cook pretty much bobbed & weaved around the room visiting a few tables after he delivered a 15 minute greeting to introduce himself to those in attendance.  No questions were asked or answered during his time at the front of the room, he just wanted everyone to know who he was.  We were all spared of any boasting of his “compromise” of the base expansion bill. He said he must be doing something right if those on the left and the right are both yelling at him…Yep, he said that.

Of interest to me was his statement he discovered the only bi-partisan bills he has been successful had to do with military and veterans.  I give him credit for that admission and realized there would not be any support for Yucca Valley’s sewer fiasco. This was confirmed by my conversation with Cook’s staff member, Matt Knox, when I brought up the subject of sewers before talking about solar fields, which seemed to be his passion.  At least Knox did not ask me to reveal my cell phone to confirm I was not tape recording our conversation as he did with citizen RD.

I did not have a chance to ask ONE question to the Congressman on behalf of Dan O’Brien, as Cook pretty much moved into the opposite side while I was floating around visiting tables for over an hour.  Quite the little distance dance, which amused me, to see the bee and butterfly flitting about the tables keeping the distance.  I told RD that he should not expect Cook to come to this table if I were seated there, so I never sat down.

Cook said this would become an annual event and I expect the attendance may grow each year as his staff mines for email addresses with the necessary zip code requirement. Quite the social event without addressing any real issues, it will probably be that way if anyone has 2 or 3 hours to kill on a Monday.

Perhaps someone could recommend an option to bring one unwrapped gift for a child showing Christmas spirit for those less fortunate…ooops! Did I say Christmas? For the record, Cook appeared to be in good health and looked well last evening similar to this recent photo:

Paul Cook 2013


Here is the link to RD’s take on the event, see his comment of  Tuesday 17, 2013, 10:49 am>LINK



Margo Sturges Author>LINK



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