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State of City Address-Klink fell on his sword

By   /   December 17, 2013  /   Comments Off

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klinkTwentynine Palms – Public safety is the top priority facing the city. It’s the top priority facing any responsible town or city. Compounding the urgency for public safety in 29 Palms is a befuddled city council  whom are anesthetized to the serious and urgent lack of public safety and fire services.

Mayor Joel Klink delivered his “State of the City Address” at the last council meeting. Detached from reality, Klink proudly delivered his Address. Public safety was not mentioned even though the city has a relatively gutted TPFD, one-half of its firefighters given walking papers, the west side Lear Station locked down and a necessary fire engine taken out of service.

Klink has a short memory. During his address, he fell on his sword in terms of public safety. Klink did not mention public safety one time in his Address. He overlooked the fact that the city has an indisputable inadequate fire department and is incapable if providing public safety to a city of 25,048 – without the compassionate help of USMC Base Fire and County Fire .

Conversely, The Hemet Citizens for Responsible Government, has initiated a recall against three council members for voting to dismantle the city’s 108-year-old fire department and they have also accused their council members of failing to solve a number of critical public safety issues affecting the city.

The citizens for Responsible Government of Hemet in their Recall papers write, “It is time for these three council members to go so we can have a council that will work on building up the city…”

A dysfunctional 29 Palms City Council continues to cross-their-fingers that another O’Leary cow won’t kick the lantern over and create fire emergencies and the need for a quick response to fire emergencies.

The city council ought to give a plaque to USMC Base Fire and County Fire  for allowing the burden of public safety in 29 Palms to be placed in their respective laps. County and Base Fire are the only lifelines for Twentynine families, businesses, investors, churches, schools and a casino to be opened in early 2014.

Merry Christmas to County and Base Fire for tolerating a dysfunctional city council and for protecting the city and the surrounding sphere of influence. Without them, there is no plan B to protect the city, property, investments, residents churches or schools.

Merry Christmas to the TPFD for doing an outstanding and  impossible job without  the help of Twentynine Palms.

Klink’s Address without regard to public safety is a perfect storm for unintended consequences.  Soon it will be  time to elect public servants that understand public safety is a top priority and not an option.


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