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Cook Rep to Smooth Feathers at HVCC meeting

By   /   December 13, 2013  /   1 Comment

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RUFFLED_FEATHERS_1967_1_Homestead Valley Community Council will meet this Monday, December 16th, at 3:00 pm.

Dawn Rowe, Field Representative for Congressman Paul Cook and member of the Yucca Valley Town Council, will fill the members in on the details in hopes to smooth some of the ruffled feathers of the Off-Road Community regarding the so-called compromised deal of the marine base expansion and the Johnson Valley off road areas.

Every one is invited. Please attend this meeting!

For more information visit: Homestead Valley Community Council website>LINK



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About the author

Margo Sturges

Yucca Valley Editor

Note: Margo Sturges has written many articles for Cactus Thorns and is the founder of Citizens4Change.info. Email contact: MargoSturgesYV(at)aol.com "In a time of universal deceit, telling the truth becomes a revolutionary act."- George Orwell

1 Comment

  1. Dan OBrien Dan OBrien says:

    Who in the world can attend a December 16th, at 3:00 pm meeting at the Homestead Valley Community Council that works?

    Look that may be a great thing for the unemployed or the political activist, but it sucks for the working stiff.... Once again screw the off road community, Cook could give a rats ass what we think.... Anyone who thinks Ed Waldheim represents the off road community in anyway other than his small group deserves defeat in the 2014 election....

    At 3:00 PM most people who own expensive off road vehicles are at work paying for them and are not able to run out to Johnson Valley on a flipping Monday to listen to some Shiksa tell us all how wonderful her boss is.


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