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Another Lawsuit for Yucca Valley…

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magnifying_glassYucca Valley, Ca.,- The Town of Yucca Valley may be headed towards another lawsuit handled by Town Attorney, Lona Laymon.  This time it is regarding the installation of medians in defiance of 50 local businesses for not addressing their concerns of delivery semi-trucks and customer accessibility.  The potential lawsuit questions the routes of delivery semi-trucks through narrow residential neighborhoods, hastily proposed by Shane Stueckle, Deputy Town Manager. Other issues of negligence by town staff to rush this project through include failure of due diligence to properly notify property owners and conducting other required studies. Attorney letter >lettertoyuccacouncil112713

This is the second ONE-bid Caltrans construction project fast-tracked by the fired ex-town manager Mark Nuaimi prior to getting the boot on August 20th. Other no-bid awards went out to the animal shelter and the senior housing fiasco. Animal shelter>LINK

Voting yes to move the project forward were Council members Dawn Rowe, George Huntington and Mayor pro tem Robert Lombardo who turned a deaf ear to the concerns of local business the medians will be the final nail in the coffin for their survival of this Great Recession. (Voting No: Councilmen Merl Abel and Bob Leone.)

Another reason why there should be district representation because these three council members live in the Sky Harbor neighborhood and are not in touch with the ordinary citizens or local business owners.  Two are directly connected at the hip to Congressman Paul Cook through employment, endorsements or campaign contributions.  Rowe is Cook’s Field Rep and past field rep when he was assemblyman, Lombardo and Cook contributed to each others political campaign war chests. Lombardo submitted a letter of endorsement by Cook when he was seeking an appointment to fill a vacant seat on the Yucca Valley Town Council, which he received by way of a circus fiasco at the council meeting.

Where is the town attorney to represent the citizens? Yucca Valley Town attorney, Lona Laymon, a partner with the Law offices of Aleshire & Wynder in Irvine but residing in Redlands, has endured three years of ex-manager Mark Nuaimi’s questionable strong arm litigious tactics including:

1. An escalation of his code enforcement retaliation to rack up $55,000 in legal fees over impounding two pets that were allowed to breed. LINK

2. Laymon was absent during one of the two highly controversial appointments of members to vacant seats on the town council dais that even the Hi-Desert Star criticized was a circus act. LINK

3. Laymon proposed offering a severance package to the fired town manager costing our town over $126,666…to avoid possible litigation by Nuaimi. LINK

4. Laymon lost a recent court ruling for failure to comply with a public records request asking for the number of citizens withdrawing their signatures from the recall petition.  LINK

5. Filing Eminent Domain actions against residents when they did not respond to one letter from town. LINK

Lona Nicole Laymon graduated from Redlands High School in 1993, Graduated from University of Irvine, California with double majors in Social Science/English in 1998, and in 2001 graduated from USC Law School.  Her profile is available at this >LINK, but there is no mention she is a litigation attorney who obtained her license to practice law in 2001. Laymon stepped in to replace Town Attorney Doug Haubert from the same law firm who was originally hired by the town council. Haubert was elected to the position of Long Beach City prosecutor in April 2010. Haubert will seek re-election in 2014.>LINK

I would like to recommend a Concerned Citizens Committee meet to evaluate the legal expenses incurred by the Town of Yucca Valley over these past years.  The ex-Town Manager sought, and received, authorization to dip into the reserves to cover unusual and extraordinary legal expenses that exceeded the budget. Councilmen Abel, Huntington, Lombardo and Rowe authorized payment out of reserves for legal expenses and funds for early retirement incentives.

Is the Town of Yucca Valley receiving proper legal advice on behalf of the citizens?




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