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Skyborne Cancels Peter Chryssikos Alarm Contract

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Skyborne HOA cancels contract of the unlicensed contractor. Under indictment by the DA, Chyssikos hires big name attorney John Patrick Dolan.

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Indicted and Unlicensed Contractor with Political Ties Given 30 Days Notice

Peter Chryssikos

Peter Chryssikos

DESERT HOT SPRINGS, CA – An unlicensed alarm contractor under indictment by the Riverside County District Attorney’s office has been notified by a local homeowner’s association that it is canceling its contract.

According to a person claiming inside information from the Skyborne Homeowners Association, a notice of 30 days cancellation was issued to Chryss Protective Services.

Chryss Protective Services owner Pete Chryssikos [AKA Pete Chryss] is next set to appear again at the Larsen Justice Center on November 17, 2013 facing charges by the District Attorney for four counts of violating the State of California Business and Professions Code.

The charges were brought by the State Bureau of Investigative and Security Services and the Contractors License Board with prosecution by the District Attorney. BISS regulates licensing and alarm monitoring, sales, service and installation of home and business alarms. The CLB regulates residential and commercial contractors.

Chryssikos is unable to obtain a license from both BISS and CLB due to a prior felony conviction.

According to both state agencies, beginning in 2011 they sent notices to Chyrssikos requesting he cease and desist his unlicensed business. However, according to official documents, Chryssikos ignored those requests and continued his business activities. Peter Chryssikos also admitted under oath in his deposition that he knowingly operated without proper state licensing.

This recent revelation releases new information that Chryssikos contracted with the Skyborne HOA and has a business relationship with Jim Kozak, owner of Skyborne Ventures.

Recent Courtroom Action

Peter Chryss with Karl Baker

Peter Chryssikos (left) with Karl Baker in the Indio courthouse.

The upcoming November 13 court appearance is just one in several court dates for Peter Chryssikos in the District Attorney’s action against him. A spokesperson from the District Attorney’s office reported no settlement had been reached at the October 8th pre-trial hearing leaving this case expected to go to jury trial in January with a specific court date to be set at the November 17 hearing.

Peter Chyssikos did not appear at the October 8th hearing. Further delay enables Chryssikos to continuing generating income from what the State and the District Attorney consider prohibited business operations.

Peter Chryssikos is Special

Noted criminal defense attorney John Patrick Dolan has been retained to represent Peter Chryssikos. Dolan comes at a high price as he carries considerable stature as a criminal defense attorney and appears as a legal analyst on national news broadcasts.

Peter Chryissikos appears to have not chosen the option to adjudicate the case as an administrative matter whereby a violator would plea bargain for probation, pay a small fine and make a promise not to break laws. Instead, Chryssikos is gearing up for a full-blown jury trial with Dolan as his mouthpiece.

The business activities of Peter Chryssikos involves political entanglements.

Peter Chryssikos is the roommate of former Desert Hot Springs council member Karl Baker, plus they are apparent business partners. That relationship caught Baker soliciting and securing business with at least two cities, including Desert Hot Springs. At the time, Baker was a sitting city councilman. Baker also recommended Chryssikos to the Coachella Valley Mosquito and Vector Control District for which Baker serves as a trustee.

The exposure of a variety of political conflict of interests caused Desert Hot Springs to cancel its alarm contract with Peter Chyrssikos, garnering considerable exposure by the local DHS newspaper and talk radio, most notably Lee Rayburn of KNEZ 94.3.

KNEZs found itself in a million dollar lawsuit brought by Peter Chyssikos with his claiming his reputation, friendships and ability to conduct business were harmed by the radio station broadcasting his story. That suit is still pending.

The Same Law Firm for All

In that suit, Peter Chyrssikos retained the law firm of Slovak, Baron, Empey, Murphy & Pinkney. Chryssikos used the same law firm to bring another action against the Desert Star Weekly, a local weekly newspaper that had reported Chryssikos doing business without a license.

In the Desert Star Weekly case, Peter Chryssikos challenged the ability of the newspaper to publish legal ads. Unable to pay for a defense attorney, Desert Star Weekly was forced to forfeit the case. The newspaper lost its ability to carry legal ads, a significant source of revenue, necessitating sale of the business to a new owner. The newspaper’s new owner then deleted all online back stories about Chryssikos and Baker – or any reference to the matter – and adopted a policy of not reporting community issues with what happens in city hall.

Slovak, Baron, Empey, Murphy & Pinkney also represent former Desert Hot Springs City Manager Rick Daniels with his personal legal matters. Daniels was responsible for the city’s contract with Chyrssikos. Daniels has since taken a position as city manager in Needles, CA but won’t be far from his personal law firm.

Slovak, Baron, Empey, Murphy & Pinkney serve as city attorney for the city of Needles.

Needling Political Connections

Desert Hot Springs City Manager Rick Daniels and Peter Chryss

Desert Hot Springs City Manager Rick Daniels (left) on the job and enjoying a laugh with Pete Chryssikos.

On July 23 this year Rick Daniels resigned his job in Desert Hot Springs and went to work, with a pay raise, as city manager for Needles, California.

It was not just Chryssikos who had an axe to grind with the Desert Star Weekly for the paper reporting his being an unlicensed contractor. Daniels was upset because the newspaper had been relentless about uncovering costly mistakes at city hall. Both were helped politically by taking the Desert Star Weekly out of the picture.

Peter Chryssikos installed or monitored an alarm system in the home of council member Jan Pye and in the business of council member Scott Matas. A home theater system in the home of city manager Rick Daniels was installed by Chryssikos. The largess of Daniels benefited Chryssikos by awarding him city contracts worth nearly $40,000. Baker also opened the door for Chryssikos to gain contracts with the city of Indio.

Rick Daniels was suffering under a constant watch for mistakes he made, not the least of which was losing $250,000 for a failed music festival in the city. The Desert Star Weekly refused to look the other way. Chryssikos and his political connections silenced that voice.

The Jim Kozak Connection

Karl Baker and Jim Kozak

Karl Baker and Jim Kozak

By networking with city officials Peter Chryssikos used his relationships to obtain business from politically connected individuals.

One of those relationships Chryssikos gained with his political connections was Jim Kozak, the owner of Skyborne Ventures, the millionaire developer who purchased the Skyborne residential development’s vacant properties.

The political campaigns of Mayor Yvonne Parks and council members Scott Matas and Jan Pye are rich thanks to financial contributions by Jim Kozak.

Jim Kozak gave Peter Chryssikos the contract for the Skyborne HOA. The rest of the homeowners apparently have now had enough of that situation by notifying Kozak and Chryssikos that the contract was over.

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