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Yucca Valley Low-Income Senior Housing Scandal

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There are many reasons to support the Yucca Valley Recall. Here is one of those reasons:  Yucca Valley National  C.O.R.E. low income senior housing scandal.  

This is the flavor of Kool- Aid that  the Yucca Valley Town Council has been drinking -- Complements of  Yucca Valley Town Manager, Mark Nuaimi.

       kool-Aid Yucca Valley Town Council has been drinking — complements of Yucca Valley Town Manager, Mark Nuaimi.

Yucca Valley, CA – The town manager convinced the town council to contract with NATIONAL C.O.R.E. to build and manage low income senior housing without real genuine bidding. We all know by now he schemingly pull them out of his Fontana carpet bag.

Even though C.O.R.E  is a nonprofit, they will extract huge sums of money in perpetuity from sub-subcontractor and seniors.

It’s a disgrace seniors will live out the remained of theirs important lives within a few feet parallel to SR 62 (noise, traffic, pollution, sirens, slums). That is the worst location possible.

Do any of the four Town Council  members even care while they live comfortable in Sky Harbor?

There are plenty of scandals with National C.O.R.E. and its founder, Jeff Burum.

On 09/15/2011 National C.O.R.E.’s offices were raided by the FBI. Roughly 100 agents fanned out across San Bernardino and Riverside. The FBI targeted National C.O.R.E., and with a warrant carted away personal computers, mobile phones and boxes filled with bank and mobile phone records, among other evidence.

Immediate past National C.O.R.E Chief Executive Officer, Orlando J. Cabrera, former Assistant Director of HUD, had an alleged shady past in Washington DC (and who threatened to personally sue me for exposing him and C.O.R.E) He abruptly left HUD. He also abruptly left C.O.R.E.

C.O.R.E. was busted for contracting for low income senior housing while it had insufficient funds to contract.

C.O.R.E.’s founder Jeff Burun, was and still is indicted for corruption in SB courts in the largest corruption scandal in SB History.

C.O.R.E.’s founder Jeff Burun — founded and owns Rancho Cucamonga Colonies Partners LP with offices in Cucamonga. Their corporate offices were also raided by the FBI.

C.O.R.E. founder, Jeff Burun, gave an all expense paid China vacations to a ranking SB public official who pleaded guilty for accepting bribes.

C.O.R.E.’s founder gave a free jet golf trip to a high-ranking public servant (now CEO of SB County).

C.O.R.E. founder gave a Rolex watch to a Chief of Staff of a SB Supervisor in exchange for favors regarding vote influencing in the amounting $107 million of SB taxpayers money.  This was relating to the infamous Rancho Cucamonga Colonies Partners LP scandal above-mentioned concerning National C.O.R.E.’s founder.

It’s alleged that the town manager is friends with Inland Empire National C.O.R.E . people.

I’ve been informed and believe, and it’s alleged, that C.O.R.E.’s founder continues to be enriched by the NATIONAL C.O.R.E. s profits — including profits derived from the Y.V. low income senior housing.

I AM NOT MAKING THIS STUFF UP.  It’s all documented and there are scores of articles have been published in Cactus Thorns.  The council knew or should have know what it’s town manager was was up to and the baggage of National C.O.R.E. It was all over national and local news.

Now I ask one question: With all the bribing and corruption associated with National C.O.R.E.’s founder — what is Mark Nuaimi getting out out of this?

Yes, Recall is desperately in order. Because, unfortunately, the town council is devoid of freshness and originality. Council members have clearly demonstrated that as a whole they are incapable of basic independent decision-making.  They are not attentive to  taxpayers resources. 

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