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iePolitics: Another Black Eye for San Bernardino County or a Ruse to Increase Ratings?

By   /   February 20, 2014  /   Comments Off

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I have not hidden the fact that although I did not like how Assemblyman Anthony Adams voted, I am also completely against the recall effort.

I would be against any recall effort of any Assemblymember except in the case of the most egregious criminal activity.  Simply stated, with a term of only two years, recall of an Assemblymember is a waste of taxpayer money.   Sure it sends message, but it’s very expensive way to get a point across and there is no guarantee of success, as the case in point exemplifies. At the same time, I will admit that I am enjoying the controversy around the failed recall attempt.  I was listening to recall organizer Mike Schroeder last night on the John and Ken show.  Among the possible explanations for the very high rate of invalid signatures is problems with the San Bernardino County Registrar of Voters office.  Well, duh! Those who have been reading the blog for a while know that I wrote a lengthy letter to Secretary of State Debra Bowen around May 2008 describing what I believe is corruption in the Registrar of Voters office.  There is too much wrong in that office for it all to be coincidence.  I know I was told almost two months ago that the recall would fail and that came from someone working on the fifth floor. Kari Verjil is a Mark Uffer appointee and he had her back.  And she had the back of a chosen few elected officials.  Stories and emails surfaced during the 2008 primary showing that Verjil reported directly to certain Board of Supervisors members who were up for election.  And she did all she could do to dissuade their possible opponents. Like prosecutorial misconduct, malfeasance in a registrar’s office is one of the worst crimes that can be committed against a community.

This is the sort of thing that is allowed in Third World countries.

Even the semblance of it should not be acceptable in any county in America, even the oft-corrupt County of San Bernardino. Now Mark Uffer is gone, and whether there are any irregularities with this particular issue, there are issues with the Registrar of Voters office.  This Board of Supervisors needs to take this seriously and not protect her.  If the recall organizers can show any legitimate evidence of misconduct, and this is not simply a ploy for ratings for the media-driven recall, a full investigation must be conducted.  Anything less will tell the world that corruption remains live and well in the county of San Bernardino.

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