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Colton’s $4.9 Million Senior Housing of 120 Units vs Nuaimi’s $18 Million for 75 Units in YV?

By   /   March 24, 2013  /   23 Comments

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moneyColton, Ca.,- After sorting out the Senior Housing fiasco created by Mark Nuaimi during his 3.75 years in Colton, construction is underway for the city’s new affordable senior housing complex.  The housing complex is named The Villas with a Mission style design providing 40 two-bedroom units and 80 one-bedroom units, including a 2,500 square foot community building and two lap pools with Jacuzzis. The construction is to be complete in early 2014 at a cost of $4.9 million dollars!

Now compare this to the Yucca Valley Senior housing project with National C.O.R.E. Renaissance, NCRC, of Fontana  given a no-bid contract by Town Manager, Mark Nuaimi, to build 74 one-bedroom units and one 2-bedroom unit at a cost short of $18 million dollars! That’s $227,299.00 per unit, or $140.00 per square foot, for a total construction cost of $17,047,409.00!  (Click here for details LINK)

The funding for the Colton Senior Complex is a loan from the Housing Authority to Orange County-based developer Eagle Real Estate Group. The loan will be paid back at 2% annually according to the San Bernardino news report. Eagle took city officials to their developments in Palm Springs, Cathedral City and toured projects in South Pasadena.

Now compare that with Yucca Valley’s developers, C.O.R.E. Renaissance, who have only managed Senior Housing units in Fontana and have NO MONEY invested in this project. (C.O.R.E. has an option to buy the land appraised at $941,000 for ONE DOLLAR!) The $18 million project is cobbled together with several loans including $1.6 million from the County of San Bernardino HOME residual loan, tax credit equity financing, construction financing  and the Town of Yucca Valley has been committed to $3.2 million dollar loan that will only be paid back at the 30-55 year mark called a residual loan.  At the end of 55 years, the Town of Yucca Valley will be the proud owner of the building even though C.O.R.E. failed to offer one example of another 55-year-old project in this scenario.

Nuaimi did not include the $2.9-$3.2 million dollar General Fund obligation with C.O.R.E. DDA, Development and Disposition Agreement, during the budget workshop.

In a recent comment on Cactus Thorns, Nuaimi said the Senior Housing funds are not the obligation of the Town’s General fund:“First, Nuaimi doesn’t obligate, Town Council actions entered into the DDA with NCRC. Second, it doesn’t show up in the budget because it’s not a General Fund obligation.”-Mark Nuaimi  02/16/2013   12:31pm

There was a remittance clause that Nuaimi slipped past the unsuspecting and trusting newbie councilmen, Abel, Huntington, Rowe and Lombardo. Perhaps this was inserted in anticipation of  the dissolution of RDA low/mod housing funds:


“The State Department of Finance has continually denied the $500,000.00 fronted to C.O.R.E. (NCRC) to seek prop 84 grant funding, which was unsuccessful. The Department of Finance also denied the $38,000 attorney fees spent on this Yucca Valley Senior Housing project. Nuaimi stated he will sue the state of California Department of Finance for these two expenditures.” Source: Yucca Valley Council Hoodwinked to Spend 30% Town Budget for Senior Housing. LINK

Nuaimi remarked: “Senior housing project is a residual receipts loan. If there are not residual receipts from the operation of the affordable housing project, then the investment value continues to accrue interest and the Town has an ownership interest in the project at the end of the 55 year operating covenant. Nobody EVER guaranteed that the residual receipts loan would be repaid. It is an investment made from low/mod funds, redevelopment land, and development impact fees.”

Please read this story posted last January 2013- “Yucca Valley Housing Scheme-Nuaimi Commits Town to $3.2 million dollars.” LINK

Nuaimi is planning to break ground on this project this spring with escrow closing in early April. In doing so, he will bankrupt our town by continuing to over commit funds to include $250,000 funding per year for Brehm park.

Please pray for Yucca Valley.






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About the author

Margo Sturges

Yucca Valley Editor

Note: Margo Sturges has written many articles for Cactus Thorns and is the founder of Citizens4Change.info. Email contact: MargoSturgesYV(at)aol.com "In a time of universal deceit, telling the truth becomes a revolutionary act."- George Orwell


  1. C.O.R.E. was not a good choice from the start. Too much baggage. Numerous Cactus Thorns stories — and an investigative piece — clearly reported this.

    Let’s not forget the geneses of C.O.R.E — it was pulled out of the the town manager’s “Carpet Bag.” Yep, he saddled up and stuffed it his traveling bag and headed for Yucca Valley.

    Then at the right moment, like a magician pulling a rabbit from a top hat, it just popped out. Surprise!!

  2. LINDAG LINDAG says:

    Sounds just like “The Island of LaQuinta” aka Washington Street Apartments, but our cost for 100 units will be a whoppping $29,000,000!!!…as I said before, we win, our Council is dumber than yours…and more wasteful and more arrogant…well, just more everything that is negative in the political spectrum. Shut down these cities before they bankrupt our country! Multiply this waste that is visible to us by the number of cities in this country, which is probably in the thousands, and it would be an astounding dollar amount going right down the toilet.

  3. Cactus Thorns has a very impressive archive on GOOGLE concerning National C.O.R.E., as follows:

    The Ghost of Ebenezer Scrooge, NATIONAL CORE Senior Housing

    Affordable Senior Housing in Yucca Valley, a Shell Game with National CORE funding?

    Alleged Fire Hazards at NATIONAL CORE Senior Housing
    Affordable senior housing revistited
    Friends in high places. . .
    Yucca Valley no-bids with CORE, Feds raid CORE S offices!
    National Community Renaissance Answers Branson
    Branson s Response to National Community Renaissance (CORE)
    Grand Jury transcript unsealed: This should gnaw at your gut!
    Nuaimi defends the choice of CORE
    Nuaimi s Colton Senior Housing ..His Legacy
    YV Town Council Sinking in Senior Housing Quick Sand Money Pit.
    CORE Calling Contractors-Senior Housing Outreach  
    Nuaimi- Time To Fess Up! Colton Palms Senior Housing 
    Mark Nuaimi Brings His Fontana Crew To Yucca Valley
    A Closer Look At YV Senior Housing Project
    Nuaimi- Time To Fess Up! Colton Palms Senior Housing
    Yucca Valley Senior Housing-DRC Meeting May 4, 9:00 am-Press Release
    RFQ, RFP Crap= No Bid Proposals
    The Nuaimi Charms the Yucca Valley Town Council into Senior Housing Money Pit.
    Nuaimi s Bait And Switch Tactics- YV RDA $3.2 Million Dollars insufficient funds.

  4. Mark Nuaimi Mark Nuaimi says:

    When I read this article I thought — “wow, 120 units constructed for $4.9 million?” Impossible. I was right.

    The $4.9 million cited in this story is the City’s residual receipts loan to the for profit-developer that will generate 101 income restricted units (of the total 120 units). Of those units, 51 one-bedroom units will be restricted to 50% AMI, 29 one-bedroom units restricted to 80% AMI, 21 two-bedroom units restricted to 80% AMI, and the balance of the development is market rate.

    The $4.9 million residual receipts loan includes $2.5 million cash, development impact fees of over $1 million, City pre-development expenses, and I think the value of the land (that isn’t clear from the ten minute review of their staff report)…


    It is unclear the other funding sources for this project but it is ludicrous to compare the amount of one city’s contribution with the TOTAL PROJECT COSTS of the Town’s 75 unit development. I suspect if you actually dig into this project you may find other sources like HOME, County Housing Authority vouchers, and other bonded/private equity partners. Since the rental rates allowed in this project are higher, they can fund more of the construction with traditional lending.

    If you do want to compare apples to apples, realize that ALL the units in Yucca Valley will be under 55% of AMI — 8 will be under 30% AMI, 26 will be under 45% AMI, 26 will be under 50% AMI, and 14 will be under 55% AMI. The units delivered in Yucca Valley will serve much needier seniors as compared to the higher rent project being highlighted by Ms. Sturges.

    Also interesting to note, the action by the Colton City Council last week was to have their City contribute ALL the funding through a loan to their housing authority. It appears that their efforts with DOF were rejected to identify this development as an enforceable obligation.

    So I guess the moral of this post is this — if it seems to good to be true, it probably is!

    • Dan OBrien Dan OBrien says:

      AMI? Association Montessori Internationale? American Megatrends Inc.? American Meat Institute?


      • Steve Spear Steve Spear says:

        Here you go Dan – I am sure this will help:

        The area median income (AMI) is a statistic generated by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) for purposes of determining the eligibility of applicants for certain federal housing programs. HUD determines AMI on an annual basis for each metropolitan area and non-metropolitan county, making adjustments for household size and other factors. Different housing programs use different percentages of AMI – such as 30 percent of AMI or 80 percent of AMI – as maximum income limits for admission. Many state and localities have adopted HUD’s income limits for their own programs, or use a variation on the HUD limits – for example, 120 percent of AMI.

        • Dan OBrien Dan OBrien says:

          Then he should have said so, as you did above….. I don’t think that is too much to ask of a guy…. Make it lucid for the rest of us….

          Acronyms are governments way of making dumb politician’s look smard. All I know is they use OPM to buy OPP.. and FUBAR stuff up.

    • I believe the public is begining to see through your modus operandi of calling residents who speak out “liars”, attacking their integrety, and in Fontana during open session you refered to those whom attend meetings as “Urban idiots” and “Chamber monkeys”.

      All of which demeans the that city and this town, it undermines your public position and it makes you look like a thug.

      I really believe you are a good guy, charming, intelligent, good family man and all that, but you need a PR consultant to help you deal with criticism and angst against the public.

  5. Mark Nuaimi Mark Nuaimi says:

    I don’t think it’s too much to ask that this site not continue to broadcast nonsense fabrications like this one. Had I not spent time addressing this intentional misinformation from Ms. Sturges, the fine readers of this blog (and others infected with the misinformation) would have been railing against the Town Council for the horrific development agreement they entered into. Now armed with the anti-serum, they are able to counter this venom.

    But I’ll be very clear to spell out acronyms from now on since this is an educational resource.

    @Steve — thanks for chiming in with the acronym detail. I figured that anyone reading a story about affordable housing would know what AMI was. They would also know what RHNA, TCAC, Low/Mod, HUD, AHP, HOME, and other terms mean as well. My bad!

    • Dan OBrien Dan OBrien says:

      Like I said Acronyms are a great way of making the over paid and less intelligent government hacks seem like they have it all together…. LOL MF

  6. Mark Nuaimi Mark Nuaimi says:

    Thanks for addressing the fact that this “story” was fabricated simply to put the Town in a bad light and continue the tidal wave of misinformation flowing from the likes of Surges and BenBran.

  7. 1.Yucca Valley Senior Housing did not qualify for HUD funding. HUD = US Department of Housing & Development

    2.Yucca Valley kicked out $500,000.00 to C.O.R.E to seek HUD Grant funding-HUD202 Denied, program discontinued. (CORE=Housing developer aka National Community Renaissance of California,or NCRC)

    3.DOF, (Department of Finance), denied said payment of $500,000.00 to C.O.R.E. for Yucca Valley Senior Housing. The DOF did not approve ROPS, (Recognized Obligation Payment Schedule),as there was no contract in place AND the RDA, ( Redevelopment Agency),was NOT a party to the agreement(s)…the ENA, (Exclusive Negotiation Agreement) or the DDA, (Development and Disposition Agreement). DOF demanded the return of the above $500,000 AND $38,000 paid in attorney fees on this Yucca Valley Senior Housing fiasco within 5 DAYS…ASAP!

    Story “DOF Issues Final Determination”:http://www.vote29.com/newmyblog/archives/45019

    Link to DOF FINAL DENIAL letter dated January 2, 2013:


    4.San Bernardino Home Funds, originally touted as a GRANT by Nuaimi to reduce Yucca Valley’s contribution, are in fact a LOAN that did NOT reduce Yucca Valley’s contribution. This SB County Home Fund is Residual Loan in the amount of $1,622,830 At 3% interest for 66 months.

    5.Yucca Valley pledged a residual receipts loan of $1,540,000 for Construction at 0.5% for 660 months.

    6.Nuaimi placed Yucca Valley on the hook for ANOTHER residual loan of $2,95,000 at 0.5% for 660 months under the category of Permanent Financing.

    7.What is a residual loan? Payment on loan(s) AFTER salaries,utilities,maintenance, taxes/insurance, accounting, legal, advertising,painting, grounds, water,sewer, extermination, trash collection, panting, elevator,3-month operating reserve set aside,and a flat $30,000 set aside for replacement etc. are paid.

    8.Residual Payment projections for 55 year loan? A 15 Year Pro-Forma projects: First year to Yucca Valley=$3,443, reduced to $2,230 in year 10,further reduced to $179 per year by the 15th year..and so forth reaching ZERO dollar payments! (See page 44 of 44 link on #9.)

    9.Total Project cost per Yucca Valley ONE-bedroom unit= $227,299.00 see page 9 of 44 Document 2/10/2010 Application to TCAC, (Tax Credit Allocation Committee)


    10.Still spinning the Nuaimi BS in March 2012, he states the application to TCAC required a DDA between NCRC and the Town of Yucca Valley, demonstrating the financial commitment of the Town to lend ANOTHER $1,575,000 at 1/2% interest for 55 years. Nuaimi pointed out the RDA originally committed $3.2 million dollars for the HUD202 and a good chance for $18.8 million in tax credits.

    Town Council minutes:http://www.yucca-valley.org/pdf/mam/Town_Council/Minutes/2012/2012_03_20_towncouncil_minutes.pdf

    11.Two Proposals for Yucca Valley property:

    #A-Option to purchase by CORE (developer) aka NCRC for $1 dollar was executed May 2011 and expires 12 months after HUD202 denial or by December 31, 2013, Tuesday, 5:00 PM Tuesday.

    #B-TCAC application cites Contract/Option date 3/20/2012 signed by Mayor Dawn Rowe for purchase price of $940,000 expiring on 9/15/2013. Two different options?

    12. Did I mention the DOF, (Department of Finance), denied this Senior Housing project?

    “HSC 34163(b) Prohibits a RDA into entering into a contract after June 27, 2011. The contracts for these projects are signed September 15, 2011 and March 20, 2012, respectively. Furthermore, the former RDA was not a party to the National CORE Project. This is Finance’s final determination of the LMIHF balances available to the taxing entities.” LMIHF Final Determination letter dated Jan 2, 2013 (LMIHF=Low and Moderate Income Housing Fund)

    This letter was NEVER posted on the Town Website and I DOUBT it was mentioned in January during Nuaimi’s negotiating for his pay raise and 3 year contract bringing his total package to $293,000.00

    Adding MORE insult to this Nuaimi Senior Housing fiasco, he has plans to sue the DOF, (Department of Finance), the State of California vs Yucca Valley over the denied payments of item #10 @$500,000 and item #13 @$38,000 connected to CORE/NCRC Senior Housing.

    See last page of submitted ROPS, (Recognized Payment Obligation Schedule), page 6 of 6 “pending potential litigation and/or settlement


    Nuaimi- You really don’t know what the hell you’re doing. The minutes don’t lie, the Treasurer website does not lie, the 15 year Pro-forma did not lie, and do you realize all documents submitted to the DOF are UNDER PENALTY OF PERJURY, even if “the Manager refuses to sign required documents?”

    In closing:

    This Senior Housing deal does NOT pencil out and you are in the “Wishful Thinking” meltdown mode. Please gather your thoughts, face the reality and pull the plug on this project. Attacking me or calling me a liar as your defense will NOT change the facts that are presented, again.

    Chasing this doomed housing deal indicates either your degree of desperation or the level of your stupidity….maybe both. You gotta know when to fold them fella. Don’t put our town into BK, ya hear?

    Please Pray for Yucca Valley.

  8. Mark Nuaimi Mark Nuaimi says:

    Well, we’re making progress here. I see that Ms. Sturges has stopped her ridiculous claim that the Colton project is only costing $4.9 million for 120 units.

    Unfortunately, Ms. Sturges continues to demosntrate she is unfamiliar with the particulars of the Town’s project. Specifically,

    1) There is only ONE residual receipts loan for this project, in the amount of $2.9 million. Ms. Sturges has once again taken information and distorted it to make it appear that the Town is contributing more than we actually are to this project. I believe she is looking at the Sources & Uses Tables from the staff reports or agreements with the developer. There is a “Construction” and “Permanent Loan” component to the tables and it shows us contributing approx. $1.6 million (I don’t have the docs in front of me so this is by memory) during Construction and it then shows $2.9 million in the Permanent Lending category. Uh, Ms. Sturges, the $2.9 million INCLUDES the funds used in costruction;

    2) Next we have the $500,000 that Ms. Sturges says the Town “kicked out” to CORE to “seek HUD Grant Funding”. Uh, Ms. Sturges, those dollars were actually awarded to bring the project to full entitlement for the HUD application, HOME application, and TCAC application. While we were not successful in securing the HUD funding, we were VERY SUCCESSFUL in securing HOME and Tax Credits in a highly competitive process. And, oh, by the way, those $500,000 are ALSO included in the Residual Receipts loan that the Town has committed to;

    3) Next, Ms. Sturges claims the Department of Finance (DOF) has “denied this Senior Housing project.” Uh, Ms. Sturges, the DOF approved the Housing Assets Transfer list that included this property for the senior housing project and they approved the Supplemental ERAF funding towards this project. What they have argued against is the original $500,000 being an enforceable obligation of the former RDA. We continue to disagree with that finding and legal challenge still remains an option for the Town;

    4) Uh, Ms. Sturges, you point out that there are two options for selling the land. One for $1 and the other for $940k. The $1 offer was done for the HUD application and the $940k was done for TCAC. Regardless, the land is ALSO included in the amount of the residual receipts loan — while the Town is “selling” the land for $940k, it is carrying the note. This was done to increase our tiebreaker points in the competition;

    5) Finally, as to your statement that the “Senior Housing deal does NOT pencil out…” I believe that’s news to the County — who awarded HOME funds to the project. That’s news to the state Tax Credit Allocation Committee (TCAC) who awarded tax credits to the project. That’s news to the construction lender and the permanent lender who are meeting weekly to close escrow within the month. And that’s news to the Town Council — who were made aware of all these issues throughout the DDA discussions last March and July.

    So, thank you for your “reporting” and your continued assault against this community, this project, and my performance. You’re nothing if not predictable.

    • Good deal,town manager, this is more of a dialogue rather than insulting Ms. Sturges.

      Btw, Town Manager, you haven’t responded to my questions:

      1. The CIA has a 44 billion budget. Why should the town council pay you more than the Director of the CIA?

      2. The Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff annual Base Salary is $220,734.36. He commands USA active military personnel of approximately 1,390,000. USA reserve military approximately 1,460,000. Why should the town council pay you more money than said Chairman?

      3. California has 2.4 million government employees. Why should the town council pay you more money than the guy who runs the worlds 9th largest economy?

  9. Nuaimi-the facts came from the SUN newspaper. Take your beef to Josh Dulaney or the Publisher of the San Bernardino Sun.

    Here is the link…Read it & Weep:


    You’re losing it, Fella. Please do not bankrupt our Town….pray for Yucca Valley.

  10. The City of Colton held a groundbreaking ceremony of their new Senior Housing at the same location where the previous complex was demolished, next to City Hall. Finally unraveling the problems caused by their past Assistant City Manager, Mark Nuaimi,who tried to change the location because he wanted it built on a heavily traveled commercial piece of property that the city owned. (Sound familiar?)

    The Colton Housing Authority was activated March 15, 2011 to bring low income housing to the city. This project will provided 120 units of affordable senior housing rental units.The San Bernardino Sun reports this is a $4.9 million dollar project.

    Nuaimi’s Colton Housing Legacy:


    No More Lies:


    • LINDAG LINDAG says:

      Whew, Margo, I hope the readers appreciate how much work this requires to keep yourself this well-informed. Mark gets paid big bucks to know this stuff. You are to be commended for your hard work and dedication to keeping people on their toes! And for handling the barbs thrown your way. Kudos to you. Your butt must be numb and your eyes-crossed.

      • Floyd Brown Floyd Brown says:

        Margie called me a liar in another post, you people scare me, margie accusing me of being someone else when she is the one who contacted me saying that she knows me and i said i am not that person but I remember her. so she thinks i am a forgery, she said i am younger than i say and that my age does not add up (i think she is referring to my father) and she attacked my spelling. you people scare people away that want to comment on here. I see a lot of disgust and hate on this internet page and rightly so in some cases but your attacking the same people over and over will not solve anything. our culture allows this and one small bandaid will not stop the bleeding. the city manager is right because pay is so high as a standard and 100,000 would be a gamble at best, if someone detremental was hired the damage could not be undone. i never see water district, hospital, school executives attacked on here, i suspect a few personal agendas. as wc fields once said -no doubt exists that all women are crazy it’s only a question of degree- this might be true for this webpage too.

        • Floyd-No hidden agendas on CT. Just reporting the news you will not read in the newspaper or hear on the radio. Sunshine is the best disinfectant and the City of Bell is going through that cleansing process in the court room. Citizens were not involved in their local government…well, you know…ring-ring!

          Just so you know, I do not use the word liar, nor did I call you one. Additionally, I do NOT use the word “forgery” as forgery in the first degree is a felony. I did not call you a forgery either.

          By cracky, you may need some brain vitamins to help repair your neuro transmitters….let me refresh yer memory, or lack thereof.

          You wrote:
          1.called me a liar in another post-NOT TRUE
          2.you people scare me-MAN UP!
          3.accusing me of being someone else-BOO-HOO
          4.she is the one who contacted me saying that she knows me-NOT TRUE-NEVER CONTACTED YOU
          5.and i said i am not that person but I remember her.-REALLY?
          6.so she thinks i am a forgery,-I DON’T USE THAT WORD. HUMPERDINK DOES.
          7.she said i am younger than i say-UPDATE YER PHOTO?
          8.my age does not add up (i think she is referring to my father)112YRS YOUNG?
          9.she attacked my spelling- HOOKED ON PHONICS WORKED FOR SOME
          10.you people scare people away that want to comment on here-BOO!
          11.I see a lot of disgust and hate on this internet page-STOP READING CT.
          12.and rightly so in some cases-OKAY,SO YOU DO LIKE CT?
          13.your attacking the same people over and over will not solve anything-RING-RING! MATTERS WERE SOLVED IN BELL,RIGHT?
          14.our culture allows this-”CULTURE” TOO BROAD TO COMMENT..(language, religion, cuisine, social habits, music and ..?)
          15.one small bandaid will not stop the bleeding-PACK A NOSTRIL WITH ONE SMALL BAND AID-BLEEDING STOPPED!
          16.the city manager is right because pay is so high as a standard-GET A ROOM
          17.100,000 would be a gamble at best-LET’S GIVE IT A TRY
          18.if someone detremental was hired -WE HAVE A DETRIMENTAL(correct spelling, FYI) @ $293,000 PER YEAR.
          19.the damage could not be undone -COLTON STILL RECOVERING- 3YEARS!
          20.i never see water district, hospital, school executives attacked on here-NO “ATTACKS.” AGENCIES HAVE BEEN OPEN AND ABOVE BOARD SENDING PRESS RELEASES TO CT
          20.i suspect a few personal agendas.-THAT’S WHAT THEY SAID IN BELL! WOW!
          21.as wc fields once said -no doubt exists that all women are crazy it’s only a question of degree- RECKON ‘DEM DAMES ARE CRAZY LIKE A FOX?
          22.this might be true for this webpage too- TRY TO LIMIT YOUR EXPOSURE TO THE TRUTH TO 1 HOUR A DAY MAXIMUM IS MY RX IF YER SO SCARED- BOO!

          Jes’ havin’ fun with ya Floyd Jr. Are you a fan of Pink Floyd? Celebrating their 40th Anniversary…now, that’s scary.

          Thanks Jr. for the comments…and remember to take the CT Truth in small doses until you can build up to a higher daily dose, ya hear? By cracky, you’ll be able to say yer no longer “scared” by Cactus Thorns.

        • What you see here Floyd in the exercise of free speech and people who provide facts when they are critical of a sloppy local government. I challenge you to research, go to meetings, investigate — and post a story.

          It’s easy to sit back on the side lines and bash women. Your statement about women is disgusting and unacceptable.

    • Mark Nuaimi Mark Nuaimi says:

      Thanks for the trip down memory lane … here was my response from 2011 when you raised this nonsense about my role in Colton’s Senior Housing…

      From July 2011 …
      “Prior to my employment with the City of Colton, they constructed a 101 affordable senior housing project that was challenged with construction defects. In December 2005 (again before I was employed) they adopted the Housing Replacement Plan that identified the site at Mt. Vernon and Colton Avenue as the new location for senior housing. Many residents within the complex were already leaving the defect laden building long before I started there. In January 2006, the City and the non-profit entered into the settlement agreement offering relocation assistance to the 51 remaining residents … again, before I was hired there. I was not responsible for Colton Palms, the settlement agreement, the Housing Replacement Plan, or the demolition contract.

      I was involved in trying to identify a development partner and the City was in discussions with Related Companies to build replacement housing on the Mt. Vernon site. CSG Partners was brought in to assist in the negotiations of a DDA that ended up not being entered into … don’t have the details since I wasn’t leading that effort.

      So I guess the point to this entire story is Mark Nuaimi was employed by a City that ended up demolishing a defect laden building that housed seniors. All those seniors were relocated or moved on their own… The City has yet to rebuild those units. Yep, that’s my legacy!”

      And once again you cite another newspaper’s errant reporting and use that as an excuse to slam the Town, this project, and my performance. All it would have taken is 10 minutes of your time to FACT CHECK this to see that the City entered into a Development Agreement and the City’s financial share was $4.9 million.

      • I’ll be sure to pass your critique along to Josh Dulaney, “..another newspaper’s errant reporting” as he is following the “Fontana Fiasco” with the school district recall. You have his contact info right? Reporter for the San Bernardino Sun…

        Your irresponsible over spending is hurting our town. You don’t live here. Please go back to your home in Fontana…they need you there.

        Holding up our Town as your shield against criticism of a doomed Senior Housing project and your inability to adjust your patterns of spending behavior, exhibited in Colton and Fontana, will harm our little town of 20,700 population with an average income of $32,000.

        Looking for that “whim” but will settle for a prayer.

        Please go home to Fontana and take your Sim card with you.

  11. Thanks Linda. The readers do appreciate this blog and my reports. There has not been ONE word about the Yucca Valley Redevelopment Agency wind-down in the newspaper or radio.

    Fortunately the Department of Finance (DOF) Staff are VERY helpful when I call them by phone. Any Public Information Requests (PIR) are filled promptly and I learned from DanO to refresh the PIR to the DOF every so often.

    The Town of Yucca Valley does NOT post all the DOF correspondence on their website, especially the January 2013 letter of DENIAL. Here we are approaching the month of April…nope..nada…zip.

    I love my little town and want to help by exposing the rip-offs of the citizens. Sunshine is the best disinfectant. When the Grand Jury comes in to examine this town, my work is done and I can retire. Ring-Ring-Bell?

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