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Marine’s Concealed Carry Permit Helps Him Save Woman’s Life

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Charlie Blackmore Jr., a 32-year-old former Marine from Wisconsin was on his way home from work around 4 a.m. on Tuesday when he noticed a man violently kicking what appeared to be a large object on the sidewalk.

When Blackmore pulled over to the side of the road to see what was happening, he realized the man was kicking a young woman on the ground in the face and stomach.

The former Marine jumped out of his vehicle and told the man to stop.

Blackmore said the aggressor started walking in his direction. Blackmore, who recently acquired a concealed carry permit, pulled out his Springfield XDM 9mm.

“I said ‘stop’ and he starts coming towards me and that`s when I drew on him. He started getting closer and I said ‘get down on the ground,’” Blackmore told Fox 6 Milwaukee. “I’ve already made it up in mind that if he came at me I was going to have to take him down and I told him that. I warned him multiple times not to come towards me because he was a big guy and I wasn’t playing around.”

Keeping the man at gunpoint, Blackmore called the police. Responding officers wrestled the man to the ground and took him into custody.

Friday, 15 Mar 2013 09:22 AM

By Michael Mullins | Full story @ newsmax


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