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Citizen Michael Hildebrand – A Class Act

By   /   March 11, 2013  /   21 Comments

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hildebrand campaign manager

Kari Cody Campaign Manager!

Yucca Valley, Ca.,- The elections are over and “Thank You” banners are draped across Bob Leone’s campaign signs across the town.  The breaking news came out on Cactus Thorns on election day and Z107.7 called Leone the winner on Wednesday at 7am. The Hi-Desert Star held back on declaring the winner until their Saturday edition was published, four days after the vote.

Even though Bob Leone had nearly 50% of the vote with four candidates in the field, Candidate Jennifer Collins with 29.9% of the vote was asking about a re-count. There was no hesitation by Candidate Michael Hildebrand to send his congratulations to Bob Leone and suggesting that I be appointed as Planning Commissioner in his place.


I called Michael suggesting to save his campaign signs when voting districts are ushered in to represent his district.  I thanked him for running for office and an opportunity to know him better.

This gentle giant is a very private person and has done many great works in our community without any fanfare, press releases or publicity photo ops. He donated the grading to a sports park and graded two baseball fields at Yucca Valley High School. He volunteered his time and heavy equipment to fix a few dirt roads in Yucca Valley hauling out 130 loads of dirt from the new Walmart Center over 2 days on 2.8 miles of roads in the Shatin Heights neighborhood, all on his own dime.

Michael Hildebrand’s camp ran a very clean campaign supported by the enthusiasm of  Kari Cody of Hi-Desert Air.

Kari posted updates on Michael’s Facebook page with reminders to mail in the ballots offering to pay for postage without requiring the ballot be marked for her candidate. Hildebrand and his supporters are the future of Yucca Valley…….

Here is an interview by the San Bernardino Sentinel:

“Make Use Of My Sanitation Expertise, Hildebrand Tells Yucca Valley Voters”

“Michael Hildebrand said he is vying for the open spot on the Yucca Valley Town Council in part because of an offhanded remark his wife made to him. “She said I could lie “She said I could lie on the couch and complain about what is going on or I could run,” he said. “So, I’m running.”

As a licensed contractor with extensive experience in converting septic systems to sewer systems, Hildebrand said he has the technical knowledge to guide the city with regard to one of the primary challenges it is now faced with. The State of California has mandated that Yucca Valley end its reliance on septic systems and install the first of several stages of a sewer system by 2016. Property owners and residents will be subject to fines if they do not meet that deadline and the town will be enjoined from permitting any further development in the community.

“I have a general contractor’s license, a C42 sanitation license, a C36 plumbing license, a C8 concrete license and a C16 fire protection license. I carry more licenses than most contractors. I just finished a sewer project in Cathedral City. Over the last twenty years I have made sewer conversions in Desert Hot Springs, Palm Springs, Palm Desert, La Quinta and Rancho Mirage. I know exactly how these things are done and what is required. We were at a candidate forum and a question was asked and it was clear the other candidates did not have a clue about this subject. I have an extensive background in this area. If you want to ask questions about buying insurance, you could ask one of the other candidates, but that is not what the issue is here. I am not sure why the other candidates are even running.”

Hildebrand demonstrated his understanding of the issue and its complexity by explaining that there will be significant economies of scale achieved by undertaking the entire project collectively, including constructing the sewer treatment facility and its collections system and pipes on public lands and beneath the public roads as well as connecting the trunk lines to the homes on each parcel. Nevertheless, he said, that will require that prevailing wage – in the neighborhood of $60 per hour – be paid to those constructing the trunk lines. If private contractors are hired by those property owners outside the rubric of a public agency undertaking, he said, workers could be paid a much lower non-union scale rate – around $20 per hours.

“To build this system we need to get money in place to help people do this,” he said. “We need to create a deferred payment program that will utilize taxes or assessment over a long term that go on the residents’ properties. If the average person has to come up with five or ten grand, they will not be able to afford that and many will just walk away from their house. That is not what we need. We need a program that will help the individual person who at present cannot afford this. The majority of our residents are going to need that help.”

The other major challenge facing Yucca Valley, Hildebrand said, “is our budget. Our numbers are off. I don’t feel giving the town manager a raise and a three-year contract was the right thing to do. Redevelopment money is what the city has lived on for all these years. There is no more redevelopment money. The city council has to be more frugal with our money, like you and me with the way the economy has gone. Today you have to think about how you are going to spend your money, whereas before you might not have.”

Hildebrand said, “I know there has to be more tax money raised, but I don’t think we need more tax money as much as we need more taxpayers. One issue facing the city is we had land for a new park donated. Now we are looking at how to develop that park and maintain that park. I think we should probably farm out the maintenance so it can be done more cost effectively instead of doing it in-house.”

The formula for curing Yucca Valley’s ills, Hildebrand said, is “growth,” explaining, “We need to make this a friendly town where developers are willing to develop. We have made it hard on builders here. I happen to be a developer. There are towns I will not go to because of the harassment or over-requirements. Somebody has to give. We are not going to get restaurants to come here. The best we can get are just the big chains because those are the only ones that can afford to meet the town’s requirements. Everyone says they are for the small business person but no one is trying to help the small businesses in this town. Small businesses are what Yucca Valley is made of and they are what will make the city thrive. The chamber of commerce tells everyone how many hits they have on their website. No one really cares about how their website. What we need is more guidance on having people buying locally. We need to stick together as a town rather than create more problems for people, which is pretty much what the town government does.”

Hildebrand said the town “needs to make more programs available for seniors and our youth.”
He deserves the consideration of voters, Hildebrand said, because “Most people who know me know you are not going to persuade me to do something that isn’t right. I’ve always thought of others before I think of myself. In government, they only think of themselves. For every action there is a reaction. Government should be for the people and not for the gain of the politicians. If I am elected, I promise I will take time out to help people with whatever their concerns are.”

Hildebrand is a member of the Yucca Valley Planning Commission. He has lived in Yucca Valley since 1999. He graduated from Sierra High School in San Diego. His post high school education consisted of attendance at a trade school. He is married with three children.” (Posted by permission of SB Sentinel :link)


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About the author

Margo Sturges

Yucca Valley Editor

Note: Margo Sturges has written many articles for Cactus Thorns and is the founder of Citizens4Change.info. Email contact: MargoSturgesYV(at)aol.com "In a time of universal deceit, telling the truth becomes a revolutionary act."- George Orwell


  1. Thank you SB Sentinel for sending me the pdf file. http://www.SBSentinel.com

  2. Tim Humphreville Tim Humphreville says:

    Well another day another lie, Margo would you please tell us where you got the information that Jennifer was asking for a recount? I know Jennifer very well and I call Horse shit again! Can you ever tell the truth?

    • Michael Hildebrand is a class act.

      Timothy Dean Humphreville is not.

      The Collins camp was in shock of losing and planning to save her signs for her re-election campaign in November 2014.

      The celebration of Collins planned “big win” was supposed to take place at Apple Bees restaurant in the bar area.

      Collins accepted congratulations on election evening at the Yucca Valley Town Council meeting before the polls were closed.

      I don’t need to tell you where this information came from Timothy Dean.

      Again, Michael Hildebrand and his campaign camp are a “Class Act.” That is the focus of this story.

      • Tim, Margo is a hard hitting community reporter. She is not about give up her sources. While you continue to defile your appointed public office, you also defile rotating Mayor Pro Tem Lombardo’s good reputation (who appointed and enables you).

        You’re loose with calling someone a liar — much like your disgraced town manager does).

        You are a loose cannon very much out of the same cookie cutter of Isaac Hagerman, and you need to be jerked from the planning commission before you do more harm to Lombardo’s reputation and the office you hold.

        Nothing personal, just stating facts.

        • Tim Humphreville Tim Humphreville says:

          Ben you have a very broad definition of “reporter” Margo flat out lied and she knows it. I know Jennifer very well, And I am telling you she did not ask anyone about a recount. “Your reporter” said that to harm her character. Nothing about holding public office, keeps me from calling a lie a lie. I am so tired of you, Margo and the rest of your hate filled group working to divide this town. I will continue to call every lie I see any of you spread till you all decide to move on.

          • Tim is unable to stay focused-Michael Hildebrand is a Class Act. If he posts enough accusations, he is hoping DanO will shut down the comments on this story because he sounds like a broken record.

            Collins camp spoke about a recount…what’s the big deal? Was it said because someone was “appalled” at the low turn out or because everyone was in shock n’ awe of her low votes received? No lies here Timothy Dean…you are trying to derail this story.

            Michael Hildebrand is a class act. Try to stay on point.

      • Tim Humphreville Tim Humphreville says:

        Margo, Answer the question, Who was she asking for a recount? That was written as a knock on her character. You know damn well it was a lie. I will be calling you on every one I read from now on. You are right, Mike is a class act, So is Jennifer, You however are part of the reason we can not get good people to run for elections in this town. Your outright lies about anyone that works for the betterment of this community, Keep so many away from the political arena. They do not want to be demonized by you and your group of hate filled people.

  3. Government Code Government Code says:

    What? Another go at planning commissioner? That didn’t Go so well last time!
    I think maybe not.
    Thank you though Margot…I finally got some political fire back!

    • @Government Code!-Glad yer fire is back Blondie! Yee-ha! My time as Yucca Valley Planning Commissioner went just fine! Thank you very much, hehehe.

      We worked through the plant ordinance and the compassionate marijuana issue, remember?

      By previous arrangement, my replacement Professor Emeritus Greg Graham, was waiting in the wings to move into my seat to work on the Development Code update. Only NOW is the Development Code update finally materializing! Whew! How about that last agenda? 400 pages maybe? I am finishing up the last 30 pages of single spaced double-sided comments…very moving to read, agree?

      Let me state for the record, Professor Emeritus Greg Graham served as the Yucca Valley Planning Commissioner with dignity and dedication. A true gentleman and role model as a Town Official.

      The commissioner appointment rules were changed on March 1, 2011. Graham was surprised to discover he was removed when reading an agenda. We have to thank town manager Mark Nuaimi for those changes to accommodate Isaac Hagerman’s request for “his own staff” when he was elected. Hagerman quit July 2012.

      Thanks for taking the time to make comments on your favorite blog, kids and all….very busy life for you but you’re younger!

      Stay optimistic about the future and continue to be a positive role model.

      How special that you type Margot, oooh-la-la! My name is spelled Margo Sturges…not the french spelling of Margot, sil vous plait. When I lived in France during the 1980′s-1990′s, I used the spelling of Margeaux because it is a common french name, a form of Margaux or nickname of Marguerite. All spellings pronounced the same…Mar-Go. D’accord? Comment t’appelles-tu?

      Here are the links Development Code Planning Commission meeting FYI.

      Agenda: http://www.yucca-valley.org/pdf/planning/PC_Packet_02-26-13.pdf (48pgs)

      Development Code Guiding Principles:http://www.yucca-valley.org/pdf/planning/Guiding_Principles.pdf (7 pages)

      Article 4:http://www.yucca-valley.org/pdf/planning/Art_4_Permit_Procedures_2-8-13_TYV_HI_Clean.pdf (77 pages)

      Article 5:http://www.yucca-valley.org/pdf/planning/Art_5_Administration_2-8-13_TYV_HI_clean.pdf (41 pages)

      Article 6:http://www.yucca-valley.org/pdf/planning/Art_6_Subdivisions_2-8-13_TYV_HI_clean.pdf (66 pages)

      The survey questions and answers are not online.

      Again, thank you very much for your comments.


      • Tim Humphreville Tim Humphreville says:

        Margo ,Nothing on your lie about Jennifer? please tell us all where you came up with this information…. Ok we know its another lie, How about just apologizing to her. don’t make it right, but would be a start for you. Then when you go to church next Sunday you can feel better about yourself.

      • Government Code Government Code says:

        You truly must have me confused with someone else? I’m not even close to blonde! Never have even for that matter! Not sure what my family has to do wih anything either..kids or not? And ya, I might be younger but old enough to be a grandparent.
        Thanks for the name education…the French are really bizarre people aren’t they?!

  4. Government Code Government Code says:

    No one else sees a connection to “softball coach Cody” and these so- called good dress you mention? Does hildebrand have a stake in the multi million dollar brehm sports complex as well? And then add ms Cody as his political manager…political payback? I ran into someone on the little league committee–they sure coulda use some help leveling those fields this weekend when they were hand shoveling!
    Look i didn’t vote..so I consider myself neutral but bob leone doesn’t seem to strike me as the “blog” type..being associated with Margo seems to me she very well could have duped everyone and written all those pieces herself. I have a credibility issue with you margo, after listening to months of your beauty shop gossip…then bob appoints margo to the planning commission. Political payback? Just sayin it seems if mr leone read half her posts of hate and discontent he would have thought twice before asking her to represent our city. Maybe they were like let’s have fun…Margo..wanna be on the planning commission? That will fix them!
    Quite frankly margo, you and Humphreyville are like a fighting soap star couple who end up passionately together by season end..you sure theres no physical attraction between you 2?

    The fire I thought ignigting was quickly snuffed out by your comment of town council changing rules to better themselves. One would think if you disagreed with hagerman for making that change you would rise above his error and decline the appointment..but hen you are just cashing in on someone else’s misfortune. Is that really who you are and want to be known as?

    By the way as a piece offering I love woodworking, how about I come to city hall and sand your (rocking)chair maybe a few less splinters down there will help ease your discontent when you are gathering your weekly town gossip.

    • What’s up with the “senior bashing”?

      • Government Code Government Code says:

        What’s up with the stero-typing?

        • Basin seniors fought in Korea, they died in WWII and the raised children who have and are now suffering measurably from one to seven deployments in Iraq and Afganistan. They are mothers, fathers and grandparents who gave everything to those before.

          Kindly stop the senior bashing you freaking bastard.

          No one gives a damn if you hate Margo. Write your own stories, use facts and interviews and go to meetings like Margo. Otherwise who wants to pay attention to your nonsense.

          • Government Code Government Code says:

            What part mentioned any senior? Deriving your own conclusions perhaps?
            Btw what’s your threat? You going to beat up my avatar?

  5. GovCode hijacked?Identity theft? Typos, spelling errors, running rambling sentences? Apparently having reading comprehension disorders to suggest I am the next planning commissioner? Not! Go back and read the story or have someone read it to you out loud and V-E-R-Y S-L-O-W.

    The Government Code that has posted here before did not have any of those issues so I guess you are someone else using this identity with a grade school education based on your comment above posted at 3/12/2013 @ 11:29pm. When you use your real identity, you might earn some credit for your comments. Until then, I vote to cast you off the island.

    Your swipes at the Hildebrand camp are repulsive as you hide behind an identity and Government Code avatar. They ran a clean race.

    Your candidate, Jennifer Collins lost…she campaigned prior to Sept 2012 as a self declared candidate and boasted of her endorsements instead of the issues to earn 29.96% of the vote.

    Michael Hildebrand is a class act and so is Kari Cody who supported him along with several businesses in Yucca Valley. His election results came in at 20.20% which is a great showing as he entered this race as his own man. No outside money donations and no list of endorsements. I applaud them because their hearts were in the right place.

    Your “piece” offering should be spelled “peace” and we are a Town, not city hall…I have no splinters anywhere that should concern you but you can bring your caustic tongue to shine my boots…..Thanks!


    • Government Code Government Code says:

      I’m sorry..you vote to have me cast off the island.. Delusional I see! Like you have any kind of authority over me or my life? Come on its Dan’s blog not yours Margot.
      And FYI my mouth wouldn’t go anywhere near you or your boots..
      Now be gone before someone drops a house on you too!

  6. LINDAG LINDAG says:

    I just LMAO on this blog..I swear, what fun…I feel like I am listening to a bunch of white rappers…play that beat music. I am thinking about moving to the high desert cause nobody out here in the p.c. lower desert has the intellect to go on the attack like youse guys douse….lol.

  7. Silent Majority Silent Majority says:

    A ballot recount was discussed among friends of Jennifer. That is the truth.

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