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Nuaimi’s Budget Forecast: $700,000.00 – $1 Million Deficit…and another Tax?

By   /   February 16, 2013  /   9 Comments

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Yucca Valley, Ca.-tumblr_m1oheuL29K1r7sks9o1_400 Town Manager Mark Nuaimi recently secured his 3-year contract with an inexperienced Town Council to increase his pay package to $293,000,which was not widely accepted by the public. link

Nuaimi is now rolling out the first peek of the town budget for 2012-2013.

The Yucca Valley Town Council will hold a budget workshop “Study Session” this Tuesday February 19, 2013 at the Community Center at 5pm.  Agenda

The regular Town Council meeting starts at 6pm.  Agenda

Nuaimi’s out of control spending under the leadership of past Mayor Rowe is now coming home to roost on the backs of the citizens.  Having spent over $199,000.00 on Measure U, $50,500.00 to impound two dogs, over budget on the dog park and animal shelter projects, Nuaimi is tossing out a base budget deficit of $388,000.00….PLUS extras, “depending on the year and level of implementation.”   Rowe’s Legacy of Debt

Nuaimi’s $700,000-$1 Million Deficit?

Those other items are $200,000 per year to support Brehm Youth Sports Park, $35,000 for Employee PERS increases, $100,000 Other Employee Benefits, and $300,000 Infrastructure Maintenance for a grand total of “$700,000-$1 million budget gap depending on year and level of implementation.” Baseline Budget Staff Report link

There is NO mention of the $3.1 million dollars that Nuaimi has obligated our town for the Senior Housing project awarded to his buddies from C.O.R.E. of Fontana.

A review of his proposals to close the gap of the deficit indicates Nuaimi plans to continues to gut the heart out of this community. Dividing friends and neighbors on the failed Measure U, he is once again proposing another tax while he burns through our tax dollars with his risk taking management style.  The Dismantling of Yucca Valley.

Ending Veteran’s Day Parades, grabbing the CDBG charity funding to hire a pro-active Code Enforcement Officer, making the Planning Commissioners a political appointment, closing Town Hall  on Fridays and the lunch hour was just the beginning.

Nuaimi is now proposing to pull the plug on the Concerts in the Park to save an estimated $22,000, while still paying $600 monthly car allowances each for Shane Stueckle and Jim Schooler both living in Yucca Valley.  The Finance Department car allowance was increased from $4,500 to $9,000 per year who lives in Morongo Valley.

Two large glaring department increases are the Engineering Department which used to be outsourced as needed. Starting out at $124,550 and increasing to $258,845 when Nuaimi hired his friend as the in-house Engineer. Nuaimi originally proposed no financial impact to the budget when he requested this change to in-house.  Add supplies and a vehicle to the Engineering Department bumps up the budget to $304,495, a 30% increase!

The second department to balloon is the Finance Department which started at $330,369 and will increase to $512,360 including the 100% increase in car allowance to $9,000 per year.

Item #2  is Nuaimi’s 30 year 3/4%  Tax proposal to address the road backlog and to control any tax funding going to the HDWD trying to “mandate” road repairs in Phase One. His proposal is not set up to lower the assessments on the parcels.  A suggestion to bond Measure I funds which run out in 2040 is tossed in with promises of RDA funds to be spent and hinting of new legislation requiring 55% voter approval vs, 2/3rds vote. Proposal for Road Funding: link

Item #3, Nuaimi swipes the CDBG, Community Block Grant Funds of $108,802, to pay for his pro-active Code Enforcement Officer, again. These funds were being saved by a PREVIOUS Town Council for a Splash Pad at the Community Center for Mothers and their toddlers. This action will be taken at the regular Town Council meeting at 6pm. These funds used to go to our charities that kept our most vulnerable citizens from falling in the cracks.  CDBG Funding Alternative  link

Item #4, Discontinue Aquatics program and Summer Concerts in the Park. link

Don’t expect to hear too much discussion from the inexperienced Town Council members at these meetings as the Town Manager has previously discussed these issues with them privately going over the agenda. That is Nuaimi’s management style….”Serial Meetings behind Closed Doors.” link


Please pray for Yucca Valley.


Margo Sturges Author link




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About the author

Margo Sturges

Yucca Valley Editor

Note: Margo Sturges has written many articles for Cactus Thorns and is the founder of Citizens4Change.info. Email contact: MargoSturgesYV(at)aol.com "In a time of universal deceit, telling the truth becomes a revolutionary act."- George Orwell


  1. Budget workshop #1 Tuesday @ 5pm. Budget adoption June 4, 2013.

  2. I’ve got to say this is one very outstanding and well researched article.

    When the managers of YV and 29 came to town it was a “Lets Party”spending fest. And party it was with an aftermath of big debt — and ongoing big debt obligations on the shoulders of residents and taxpayers.

    Both town and city need to some old fashion accountability and they need reign in spending — and reign in their managers.

  3. LINDAG LINDAG says:

    Personally, I hope that all these cities spend themselves into oblivion. DISINCOPORATE OR BK, makes no difference to me. City governments are just another expensive layer of costs for the taxpayers. The residents need to keep on top of the activities of the cities and become active when it looks like they are going to add taxes just to keep their bloated salaries afloat. Stay informed and active. Thanks, Margo…I know it is time consuming and often unrewarding to be an activist, and to do the research on your own, but your work is appreciated by me and many others I am sure….even though we may not agree on the “dissolution of cities [and towns]” issue.

  4. Mark Nuaimi Mark Nuaimi says:

    Where to begin?? First, since Ms. Sturges failed to attend the Goal Setting workshop, she is unaware that this information was already discussed at great length with the Town Council and public. Here is the link to the 156 page presentation from the 6-hour discussion:


    One of the exercises that day was to begin with a “baseline” budget and through consensus on key decisions facing the community, arrive at an estimated budget. Everyone in attendance were given clickers. We began with a baseline budget deficit of approximately $300k … once consensus was factored into the equation, the deficit ballooned to $750,000. Here is the link to those results:


    One of the comments offered on January 12th I will repeat here:

    “We weren’t kidding when we proposed Measure U… while some in the community were going around Town claiming we didn’t need the resources / that the Town had a surplus budget, I was going around the community sharing the challenges we faced.”

    The other string of nonsense in this post is just that “NONSENSE”.

    1) We have repeatedly provided Ms. Sturges with the summary of expenses associated with the Measure U election costs — $113,000 vs the oft misreported $199,000;

    2) The animal shelter design/construction project and Essig Park construction HAVE NO AFFECT on this FY 13/14 budget deficit;

    3) Ms. Sturges continues to target non-issues like car allowances when we have explained time and again that auto allowances are a way to increase total compensation without increasing the long-term liability to the Town in retirement benefits;

    4) Departmental cost increases are the result of re-organization and centralization of purchasing, IT, and grant management within Admin rather than having them spread throughout the departments;

    This shotgun approach to discredit the Town does nothing to actually balance the budget. It’s one thing to raise issues. It’s completely different to raise issues and offer solutions at the same time.

    Now to the OUTRIGHT LIES contained in Ms. Sturges commentary:

    “Item #2 is Nuaimi’s 30 year 3/4% Tax proposal to address the road backlog and to control any tax funding going to the HDWD trying to “mandate” road repairs in Phase One. His proposal is not set up to lower the assessments on the parcels.” — the 30 year, 3/4% concept is being discussed by the citizen committee of supporters and opponents to Measure U. I guess Ms. Sturges isn’t in the loop in those discussions. 1/4% goes to roads, 1/2% goes to sewer. Included in the sewer project would be the road improvements in Phase 1 — estimated at $5 million. The balance of the $80+ million that would go to sewer WOULD LOWER ASSESSMENTS!

    “when Nuaimi hired his friend as the in-house Engineer.” -While our Town Project Engineer is a wonderful person and I’d be honored to have friends like him, the first time he and I met was at his interview. So, Ms. Sturges, easy question: “Why would you fabricate something like that?” “Why do you seek to impugn the reputation of our Project Engineer by implying that he was brought on for any other reason other than qualifications?” I’d suggest you tread very lightly there — aside from the Town Manager, Town staff are not public officials.

    “There is NO mention of the $3.1 million dollars that Nuaimi has obligated our town for the Senior Housing project awarded to his buddies from C.O.R.E. of Fontana.” First, Nuaimi doesn’t obligate, Town Council actions entered into the DDA with NCRC. Second, it doesn’t show up in the budget because it’s not a General Fund obligation. Third, once again you’ve chosen to expand my circle of friends to include folks who I’d only met at the interview panel when they were competing for the project. Once again, why do you intentionally fabricate information to impugn the reputation of a non-profit, affordable housing development entity??

    Aside from all these, thanks for advertising the workshop and council meeting. I hope we have more folks getting involved.

    • Nauimi’s knee-jerk reaction firing off this missive gives more insight to his state of desperation…”Wishful Thinking.”

      It was generous on my part to wait before responding in order to give Mr. Nuaimi some relief and a sense of “gloat” after his shot-gun attempt of “gotcha!” A Thank You Note is not required,consider it part of my public service to this community.

      It is a sad thing to watch someone lose his touch after reaching the highlight of his career as Mayor of Fontana back in 2006. I was told Mr. Nuaimi said his “dream job” would be the City Manager of Fontana…but what if they do not hire him?

      I do not lie and I have no reason to lie. Mr. Nuaimi’s name calling is a reflection of the short fuse that seems to have reappeared again after an anger management session was suggested to him at a past meeting.

      1.Mr. Nuaimi boasts: “Ms. Sturges failed to attend the Goal Setting workshop, she is unaware that this information was already discussed at great length with the Town Council and public. Here is the link to the 156 page presentation from the 6-hour discussion.”

      Helloooooo! There is a new invention called DVD! The meeting was a joke because Mr. Nuaimi did ALL the talking! BS that the information was discussed at great length with the Town Council and the Public! There was NO “6 hour discussion”…the meeting lasted for 6 hours including breaks, lunch and a chance to place colored sticky circles on a work sheet. What a bunch of crock…I am embarrassed for Mr. Nuaimi.

      Yes, I did have the flu and did not attend this meeting. The first one that I missed after attending the previous five.

      The “public” consisted of 50% Staff members and Town employees! I can give you the names except for two people I did not recognize in the audience. There were SEVERAL pans of those in attendance. Remember it’s called a D-V-D.

      2. I believe Mr. Nuaimi is going down the same path again trying to promote a 30year 3/4% tax…it’s Deja “U” all over again…making the same mistakes. If Mr. Nuaimi is threatening to pull “HIS Council’s support” on any matter it will not sit well with the voters. Especially after Mr. Nuaimi locked up a 3 year lucrative contract of $293,000 package increasing his “golden parachute/poison pill” to terminate employment.

      3. Mr. Nuaimi’s response is full of spin and smoke n’ mirrors that I have no time to address at this time. Rest assured there were no remarks made by me regarding the Town Engineer in trying to twist up my words. I have always had nice conversations with him, he is a very nice man. It is Mr. Nuaimi that LIED when asked point blank by Councilman George Huntington if there was any fiscal impact to bringing in an in-house engineer as opposed to out-sourcing as previous. Now the Town has a bloated Engineer budget…just saying.

      4. As far as the reputation of C.O.R.E., who manage several complexes in Fontana where Mr. Nuaimi lives and was the elected Mayor for a few years, it is an issue that should be taken up with the FBI when they raided their offices. The DDA, ENA with the NCRC spells out that the Town Council may use OTHER LEGAL funds to fulfill the contract on the Senior Housing project…yes, that could mean General Fund dollars, remember that wording you slipped in Mr. Nuaimi? I do.

      5. Again, I do not lie. I have no reason to lie. As for the Measure U costs that were blown by our Town Manager, he conveniently counts the start date when the Town Council voted to put the item on the ballot, excluding attorney costs Staff costs and his 400-500 hours of overtime he claims was worth $40,000-$50,000 dollars.

      It’s like saying…I am going to build a house but not include the costs of the architect, purchase of the land, Broker commissions, building permits and fees because the framing is the start time for calculating actual costs.

      • If a new measure if not earmarked exclusively for sewer project, it’s pretty much a given the voters are not going to be pleased with the Daughter of Frankenstein.

  5. RescueGuy RescueGuy says:

    Mark, if Margo’s lips are moving, she is lying. We all know this.

  6. Cora Heiser Cora Heiser says:

    I don’t really know YV politics, but I gotta respect you for coming on here and debating the issues.

  7. LINDAG LINDAG says:

    Cora, I agree and I have mentioned this fact before that there are very few City/Town Managers who will participate in this format. The problem I always have with government communicators is the SPIN, SPIN, SPIN. It is still wasteful spending, no matter how you spin it…i.e. it does not affect this years budget, as though that means the money is not being spent?

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