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Is Pink coming to City Hall?

By   /   February 12, 2013  /   2 Comments

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Twentynine Palms, CA – Pinkey is coming to city hall alright, but not the Pink shown in the feature picture. The real ‘Pink,’ the talented and gutsy Pink who’s at top of the music industry isn’t booked to perform in our town.

Ladies and gentlemen, I introduce Pinkey McPherson. Pinkey will perform at City Hall in 29 Palms on February 20 as a motivation and upper management leadership training coach who does leadership skills seminars.

pinky 1Pinkey will perform her act before an audience to discuss updating Housing Element of the General Plan.

What’s the purpose of Pinkey explaining to community the housing element and motivating people? Residents get it, state law requires a housing element in the General Plan.

Pinkey McPherson asks, “Is your organization producing at the levels you would like.”The answer is probably not. The hiring of Pinkey is a good example. It’s unnecessary spending. Yeah, it spread the money around but is spreading the money around a priority for a community?

Hiring Pinkie is more money down the rabbit hole. Though Pinkey is talented and entertaining. Her skill are in education, coaching and mentoring for growth in the areas of emotional intelligence and leadership skills. That’s is what her homepage highlights. Wow! I’m impressed. But…

The City has a highly skilled and well paid city manager. One who is is qualified and experienced.

Why can’t city manager do the job? All he needs is the right “can do” spirit.

This isn’t Grover’s Corners but many people out there think of 29 as ‘our town’. When playwright Thornton Wild
wrote Our Town, he though theater was disillusioned and evasive.

Whether or not City manager’s Power Point presentations were  masterpieces or disillusioned and evasive, he has the ability to get the job done rather than delegate his responsibilities to Pinkey to do his work for him.

The city council is ultimately responsible. But, hey, have been kicked around for so long by staff and city manager, they are knuckleheads.

The City would not fall apart if the city manager would have done his job rather than Pinkey. His exceptional ability to produce Power Point presentations — with the help of city staff — would have been a step  toward updating the Housing Element of the General Plan.

Did I hear, “What is the Point?”

It’s all about being fiscal responsible during hard times.

The point is towns and cities need to get their spending in check. It’s not like a free ride anymore. The old RDA money is gone.

If you hired someone to do a job and he hired someone else to his job, what would you do? You would want to cut costs.

Taxpayers’ gold matters.




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Branson Hunter

(This story was posted by Cactus Thorn contributor Branson Hunter)

"The ends do not justify the means." If you use illegal mean to accomplish a legal and even desirable result, the good result does not make the bad means you used justifiable.


  1. LINDAG LINDAG says:

    WE just had this argument in La Quinta, where our City farms out everything to be done by outside consultants. I truly wonder why we have anybody on staff at all…let’s farm out the entire operation. Lock the doors and save ourself a lot of pension benefits. Frankie of RSG, our hired hand now, got the La Quinta CM job because he convinced the Council he has all kinds of skills and talents to do the job, in spite of the fact that he has never worked as a a City Manager before, and we had other well qualified applicants for the job…but what he has proven is that he is an expert at hiring outsider/consultants to do all his work for him. WE ARE ALLOWING THIS FOLKS, BY NOT BEING ACTIVISTS IN OUR OWN LOCAL GOVERNMENTS! STAND UP AND MAKE A NOISE AT CITY HALL WHERE IT WILL DO SOME GOOD, NOT JUST ON THESE BLOGS! (…and, if you don’t have the balls to stand up yourself, don’t denigrate those who do…applaud them for their courage!)

  2. If it’s not Pinkey’s PMC’s firm, then it is another PMC firm consulting firm under the same name. Same issue, different players.

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