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The Shootout Over Gun Rights: Part 1

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woman-with-gunShortly after the Sandy Hook school shooting, gun grabbing politicians and their willing accomplices in the media couldn’t wait to dance in the blood of the victims. Sandy Hook was the perfect tragedy to promote a political anti-gun agenda. To those on the left, a tragedy is a terrible thing to waste, and must be exploited to the fullest extent. Any political agenda that exploits a tragedy indicates that it is not popular or sustainable.


The morons in the media believe the Second Amendment and the National Rifle Association are responsible for Sandy Hook. They accuse the NRA of arming criminals and lunatics simply because the NRA is attempting to protect the Second Amendment of our Constitution. What sort of convoluted thinking goes from protecting the Second Amendment, to arming criminals and loony tunes?


The lib’s on the left believe that those who support ownership of semi-automatic weapons, and those who own so called “assault rifles” are accomplices to Sandy Hook. Anyone who makes this stretch is out of touch with reality and incapable of thinking rationally. In a sane world they would be institutionalized. Perhaps they should under go a psychiatric evaluation before being allowed to own a firearm.


The NRA is demonized and vilified as a “merchant of death” because they refuse to blame guns for crimes of violence. Why blame the gun? It’s an inanimate object that can’t think or move on its own. Even Forrest Gump can figure that out. Blaming guns, while failing to address the dire need to overhaul our criminal justice system, track dangerous lunatics, and failure to enforce gun laws on the books, is not taking the loss of the Sandy Hook victims seriously.


For over 80 years the NRA has advocated keeping dangerous criminals locked up, and were highly instrumental in states adopting three-strikes laws. We have thousands of loonies roaming the streets and many of them are known to be dangerous. For 20-years the NRA has advocated a national data base to prevent dangerous lunatics from purchasing firearms, yet the liberals in congress refuse to act. Criminal control and lunatic control is much more effective than gun control, but gun grabbers don’t want solutions. It would ruin their agenda.


The first recorded homicide in history is when Cain killed his brother Abel, presumably by crushing his skull with a rock (Genesis, 4-7). The thousands who died in the twin towers were killed as a result of the hijackers being armed with box cutters. A man kills a family of five by pouring gasoline into the mail slot and igniting it. The worst school massacre in American history took place in 1927, when Andrew Kehoe blew up a classroom with dynamite and killed 38 children. He was disgruntled because he wasn’t hired for city clerk. Killings have taken place ever since mankind discovered how to use a club.


The lib’s cry out for more gun legislation every time there is gun violence, yet we never hear a peep about the 3,000 unborn children killed every day. The child has value only if it’s wanted. If the child is not wanted it is mutilated and thrown in the trash. While this American Holocaust is taking place, and unwanted children are slaughtered by the millions, the brainless hypocrites on the left have the gall to lecture us about gun violence.



Here are some enlightening statistics for the past year, 2012: Accidental Gun Deaths 623. Gun Deaths by Homicide 12,428. Times a firearm was used in self defense and not necessarily had to be fired 2,356,569, and the gun grabbers tell us that a firearm in the home is more likely to accidentally kill a family member.


Death by Traffic Accident 44,206. Death by Falling 20,234. Death by Poison 36,212. Death by Suffocation 13,837. Guns are safer that automobiles, ladders, poisons and plastic bags, and there are over 270,000,000 firearms in the hands of private Americans, and the number is growing every day.



What’s frustrating are the anti-gun zealots who know nothing about firearms, yet are attempting to ban certain makes and models based on appearance. After decades of attempting to destroy the Second Amendment, you would think these brainless imbeciles would know the difference between a clip and a magazine, or a full automatic weapon verses a semi-automatic weapon.


They refer to a “magazine” as a “clip.” A clip is an ammunition holding device, while a magazine is an ammunition feeding device. A clip holds rounds and is used to reload magazines. A magazine is a spring loaded device that is inserted into the gun and feeds rounds into the action so the returning bolt can strip off a round and chamber it. Some rifles, such as the M-1 Garand, and most bolt action rifles have the magazine built into them and are reloaded with clips.


How many times have you heard chuckle headed politicians and media morons claim that anybody can walk into a gun store and walk away with a machine gun? Machine guns, also known as full automatic weapons, or select fire weapons, were restricted from civilian ownership by the National Firearms Act in 1934. Stating that anybody can walk into a gun store and purchase a machine gun is either a deceitful way of promoting their agenda, or they really are that stupid.


Thanks to mealy mouthed piss ants in the media and our congress, there is much public confusion over full automatic weapons and semi-automatic weapons. The so-called semi-automatic “assault rifles” are not assault rifles at all, but military look-a-likes that are not capable of full automatic fire. A true military assault rifle, if you wish to call it that, is capable of select fire. That means it can be fired in the full automatic mode, or in the semi-automatic mode by means of a selector lever.


A full automatic weapon will keep firing and cycling so long as the trigger is held down. If you hold the trigger down on a semi-automatic weapon after firing a shot, it won’t do anything. The semi-automatic weapon will only fire with each release and pull of the trigger.


Gun control is not about public safety. Public safety is a ruse. Gun control is about people control and destroying our constitution and freedoms. It’s about the ruling class political elite who throughout history have feared and despised the common people and want them disarmed so they can be controlled and exploited. It’s about taking power away from the people and giving it to the government.


We should be very fearful of a government that does not trust us with guns. The German government killed 6,000,000 Jews during the Nazi holocaust after registering their weapons and finally disarming them. Joseph Stalin killed 20,000,000 of his own people in Russia. Governments have a long history of committing genocide against their own people.


“This year will go down in history. For the first time a civilized nation has full gun registration. Our streets will be safer, the police more efficient, and the world will follow our lead into the future.” – Adolf Hitler


The Second Amendment was drafted as a safeguard against despotism and genocide. An armed population does not have to trust their lives and freedoms to the benevolence of government. The United States has the largest armed population in the world. The Founding Fathers called it the Militia.


Next: The Second Amendment. What is the Militia – the Founding Fathers answer. What is meant by “well regulated.” The Militia Act of 1792.



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