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A 3-Step Plan for Rapidly Improving the Business Climate in 29 Palms

By   /   January 30, 2013  /   8 Comments

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ChuckCaplinger-250Tomorrow’s edition of The Desert Trail has hit the web and there is a decent article on the Tortoise Rock Casino:  

However, contained in the article is a quote that should make every 29 Palms business owner, especially chamber members, shutter. The quote is:


“Me, personally, not representing the chamber, I hate to see it coming here,” Twentynine Palms Chamber of Commerce President Chuck Caplinger said.


That’s right, boys and girls, the 29 Palms Chamber of Commerce President just stated that he “hates” to see a new business coming to the City of 29 Palms. It does not matter that he prefaced his statement with “Me, personally, not representing the chamber”. He is the Chamber President and he was quoted as the Chamber President.


From the Chamber website homepage:  http://www.29chamber.org/index.html


“The Twentynine Palms Chamber of Commerce is dedicated to meeting the needs of it’s members and the community by fostering economic opportunity and developing a favorable business climate while enhancing our quality of life.”


And from another page on the Chamber website:http://www.29chamber.org/chamberinformation/aboutus.html


“The Chamber is made up of local and area business owners and citizens who work to improve the local business climate and further develop the economic base in our community.”


This should be the last straw for the good citizens of 29 Palms putting up with the likes of Chuck Caplinger. He is the poster boy for everything that is currently wrong with, and the economic downfall, of the business climate in 29 Palms. The great Southwest Design debacle was his brainchild. About a year or so ago, he actually proposed imposing impact fees on new development for…. Public Art.


Hmmm… I wonder who the leading candidate would be to be hired, and paid, to create that public art.


And now we have Caplinger hating to see a new business come to this community. Well, here is my 3-Step Plan for Rapidly Improving the Business Climate in 29 Palms:


1. Chuck Caplinger immediately resigns as President of the Chamber and as a Chamber member

2. Chuck Caplinger ceases all his business activities in 29 Palms

3. Chuck Caplinger picks up his carpet bag and returns to Hollywood to crawl back under whatever rock he crawled out from under.



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  1. Ouch! It took guts for Chuck Caplinger to express his personal opinion. Many people in that position would mask their opinion. Chuck gets points in my book.

  2. LINDAG LINDAG says:

    Isn’t that like a Catholic abortion doctor who hates to see a Mosque being built in his town?

  3. Dan OBrien Dan OBrien says:

    I bet he’d change his tune if he got the exclusive on the art.

  4. Good for Chuck. He has earned my respect because it’s obvious he’s not one of those ‘go-along to get-along wannabes.

    • Dan OBrien Dan OBrien says:

      Have you lost your mind?

      The single worst example of why a organization meant to promote business should never be taken over by non-business interests. For Calinger its always…..ME ME ME.

      Caplinger who single-handedly destroyed last years Pioneer Days because he diverted his and others focus during the planning and execution of the event, has been a disaster to the business community. He needs to quietly serve out his tenure as President of the Chamber or resign… In any case his personal opinions should not be qualified with, “Me, personally, not representing the chamber.” He should not have commented at all, as he took upon the job of representing business for the year….. not himself.

      Now as for you Branson…. What is it you have a problem with about the Casino? Is it the 100 or so jobs it will bring, or is it the increased commerce in the downtown corridor?

    • Govt Ethics Govt Ethics says:

      “Good for Chuck. He has earned my respect…” ??? Branson, you really are delusional.
      You rant, rave, and scream via your keyboard at city hall for failing to help fund the fire department. The number one cause of city hall failing to step up is the cancerous special interests that have infected our city government. Caplinger and his Public Arts platform is the bad gene that spawned the worst cancer to invade city hall. He is not interested in what is best for this community. His only interest is lining his own pockets and like a true carpetbagger he saw taxpayer dollars as ripe for the picking.
      Remember, every tax dollar spent on Public Arts to enrich the likes of Caplinger could be better spent on basic and essential public services like funding the fire depoartment. If you’re going to demand city hall assist the fire department, don’t defend and applaud Caplinger in the same breath.

      • Relax your sphincter Govt Ethics intolerant is an irregularity in the brain.

        Respecting Chuck Caplinger for being unafraid to view his opinion doesn’t quite make the case for a rant. Caplinger art platform is irrelevant to the issue.

  5. For the record, of course a casino it would be good for the 29 economy. I do not oppose it. But city hall needs to have more than three firefighters to protect the investment and casino visitors.

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