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Response to Rescue Guy re Brazilian Fire Analogy

By   /   January 30, 2013  /   12 Comments

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Brazilian fire: One father said, “Those responsible are the people we elected to protect us. City Hall,” he specified. “they failed to prevent this from happening.” Another father said, “One minute my daughter is dancing, having some fun with friends — the next minute they are dead...”

I concede I was too graphic in my portrayal of school students. I retract the statement and it will not happen again. To those whom may have been offended, including Rescue Guy, my apology.

This things can happen very quickly with a delayed response to fires and an under-funding one-horse-town engine. The city is not immune to fire tragedies — in particular 29 Palms… After June 30, 2013 it’s my best opinion that local decision-makers officials will be grossly negligent. It’s a fact!

Make believes giant artsy goats, artsy iron signs on wheels, Ol boys networking funding shakedowns, $18,000 signs pointing to the 29 Palms Inn anyone, $40, 000 ChalkFest one year an one?

The Brazilian newspaper O Globo said in an editorial on an array of factors, involving “administrative ineptitude, corruption, omission of public authorities and conformity of the common citizen,” contributes to a loss of life in Brazil that is at once alarming and banal.

The real cause of the tragedy was not a unifying singular cause. Blame is staking up against authorities. This tragedies could have been prevented, or at least alleviated to a large degree had authorities done their job.

I’ll leave it to Rescue Guy to Google fire tragedies due to slow response time or administrative ineptitude. It seems to me Rescue Guy is angry at the messenger while he is in denial with false or unrealistic beliefs that what can happen will not happen. This defies the nature of all things.

The City come June 30, 2013 the city cannot protect it people or property with an inadequate and underfunded one-engine fire department. Over  time there will be consequences. That is how life works.  If you don’t implement your best efforts to prevent accidents, the universal doctrine of karma comes into play.

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About the author

Branson Hunter

(This story was posted by Cactus Thorn contributor Branson Hunter)

"The ends do not justify the means." If you use illegal mean to accomplish a legal and even desirable result, the good result does not make the bad means you used justifiable.


  1. Dan OBrien Dan OBrien says:

    Wouldn’t this have been a better comment?

  2. reyes73 reyes73 says:

    By reading some of your articles, I get the sense that you are very concerned with what may happens to the fire department. I also applaud you for this article, it is the best one thus far. However I was one of those that were offended by your previous articles comparing 29 Palms with what happen in Brazil, which is very tragic and my heart goes out to the families. I went down to the fire station on Lear which is closer to my home and spoke to the firefighters. I ask them what is the likelihood of what happen in Brazil happening here? They mention a similar indecent occurred in Rhode Island some years ago but since then changes have been made to the fire code and building code to prevent what happen in Brazil happen here. In fact it takes tragedy to make changes, this occurred after the fire at the night club in Rhode island. The firefighters also stated that with the training, equipment and personnel they are able to handle the emergencies that come before them. If any one of these are taken out of the equation, it can hamper the rest of the department. I hope our city officials will see the light and not wait for a tragedy of any magnitude to strike 29 palms. I agree with you that our city council and water district need to work together, I live in the west end of the city and I feel I have been abandoned.

  3. RescueGuy RescueGuy says:

    Branson, you are a kneejerk reactionary with your head firmly wedged in the anus of speculation.

    You are merely attempting to in a sensational manner stir the pot. A review of your posts shows you to be mostly a buffoon with a flapping keyboard. Simmer down and lets see some facts, not global tragedy speculations and how the Bowladium could be the next mass murder site in 29. Fantasy is just that.

    • City Hall Person (AKA Rescue Guy) Can you discuss facts about a gutted fire department, give some intelligent input on why an inadequate fire department shall not impact businesses, structures or residents, or simply refute the scenario?

      I need for you to write this comment: “When a three person fire department is deployed elsewhere, there will not be a fire at schools, churches, Staters, the nightclub on Adobe, or the new casino.” Can you do that City Hall Person? If not your hot air is worthless.

      “Mass murder” What law book are you reading? Gross negligence is not mass murder.

    • City Hall Guy (aka Rescue Guy), can you guarantee there will never be a two alarm fire at the Bowladium?

      • RescueGuy RescueGuy says:

        The only thing I can guarantee Branson is that everyday you will post something absolutely moronic. Come back when you have something intelligent to add to the conversation instead of obviously stupid unanswerable self serving questions.

  4. RescueGuy RescueGuy says:

    Branson, you are beneath comment, but I shall anyway…

    Let’s say we have a full fire department that is fully funded. Then there is a fire out on Adobe, one in the Hanson Tract, your house, and one in Indian Cove along with a multi-department techhnical rescue in the Nat. Park. Guess what? Everyone is dead except for perhaps two locations. It’s not Brazil, but according to you it could happen. Regardless of your incessant whining, those fires will never be put out, and the sooner dopes like you see the reality of it all, the better off 29 Palms will be. You should come by City Hall some time so we can talk.

    • Chancey Chambers Chancey Chambers says:


      What are your criteria for an acceptable level of fire service in the 29 Palms community?

    • City Hall Guy’s (Rescue Guy) scenario presents a convincing nexus for the city to fund the fire department at its present level. Guy’s hypothetical has the fire department fighting two simultaneous fires, and another fire call comes in.

      This unequivocally drives home the need to avoid putting the fire department under the guillotine.

      As to City Hall Guy’s third fire, it’s universal knowledge that fire fighters go where they can do the greatest good.

      The city meets February 12 (again) to discuss fire issues.

  5. RescueGuy RescueGuy says:

    That is an unanswerable question Chancey. There are too many variables as to are we trying to save property or lives. What is considered a “save” and at any given time, there could be no level that would be acceptable given a large number of simultaneous events.

    As of right now, at current levels are we losing lives? If not, at what point would cut backs increase loss of life? How about property? At current staffing and saturation levels what percentage of calls to incidents are actually saving property? I would say virtually zero. So with no fire department at all, this number would be the same. If the people are able to get out of the structure, then there is also no loss of life. Would this scenario change if there was no fire department at all? Probably not. How many humans have actually been extracted from a burning building by a fireman in 29 Palms in the last 3 years? I don’t know what that number is, but you can bet it is small to none.

    People that get out of fires before the firemen arrive live, those that don’t most likely die. A larger or better equipped department is not going to change that unless there was a firehouse every 500 yards. Most structure fires are a done deal within 5 minutes and result in a total loss of property. No amount of realistic suppression availability is going to stop that from happening, especially in the homes around here that by and large have no sprinkler systems or personal apparatus to combat a fire of any size.

    • Cora Heiser Cora Heiser says:

      You do not sound like a “rescue guy” to me. Where at City Hall could I meet you? I have spent some time talking to other cities that are wishing that they didn’t contract with County due to increasing cost and decreasing services. Public safety and funding are two central issues that need more discussion.

    • Steve Spear Steve Spear says:

      Very good reply. I really can’t disagree with much that you say, except for one salient point.

      A city in California is not allowed to exist unless the city can provide police and fire protection.

      So, 29 Palms must have fire protection services and that is not a debatable issue. As to who provides that service is indeed a very hot topic and will and shall cause many a debate which in my opinion is good.

      What so far has not been good is the city staff’s approach to debate. No public hearing that allowed a citizen to interact with the council at all.

      We get our 3 minutes and the council does not engage and then we hear what the few have to say as counseled by the city staff.

      In any event you make solid points and I am glad to read your point of view. It is refreshing and enlightening.


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