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Please wipe your feet before stepping on the soap box

By   /   January 30, 2013  /   2 Comments

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df20021001A good many people read the blog and  it grows weekly. Unless you are dyslexic there is a special election in Yucca Valley. Folks in Yucca Valley are all atwitter over it. A majority of our readers could give a rodents rectum about it. This is an advisory on stacking stories to bury a competing viewpoint.

What you think constitutes a fevered advocacy on your part,  appears to me as free advertising on mine. I am all for a candidate or their representatives posting  a story a day, but not several stories in one day, stating the same talking points over and over and flipping over without saying anything new just to bury a post that you don’t agree with. If I wanted that kind of repetitive stuff on the site I would make a deal with the Oxy Klean guy.

It is better to come up with one well written article stating your candidates record and platform every couple of days, than several poorly thought out posts written as reactions to critiques that would have been better comments. It makes you small and your candidate look bad.

fist fightLet me repeat myself here…… What you think constitutes a fevered advocacy on your part,  appears to me as free advertising on mine. Lets keep to the following:

  • A new article should have new FACTS or a new PERSPECTIVE
  • Keep to 1 post per day at most for your candidate.
  • Follow ups to your daily post  should be in the comment section.
  • Do not try to bury your competitors posts with twaddle and fluff…. That is my job

OK, keep your guard up, defend yourself at all times, shake hands and come out fighting.

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  1. Terry Elam Terry Elam says:

    So if one ever did decide to advertise up your way, what would one pay?

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