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Another Reason to Vote for Bob Leone….Diversity

By   /   January 29, 2013  /   9 Comments

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Diversity definedYucca Valley, Ca.-The issue of  “Voting-at-Large vs. Voting Districts” will be examined in this post especially with the Town Council election around the corner. One commenter to this blog wrote….”Experience, knowledge and education is not enough. If this is his campaign platform, it’s not enough….”  

The other two candidates live on the same block as the current four sitting councilmen and have not attended any council meetings or contributed their comments about town business. While they are nice persons, they do not bring any experience, knowledge or education to the table. I will compare the candidate’s willingness to serve on the council in a follow-up story.

There are four existing Council members living in the Sky Harbor neighborhood, two living on the same street. Where is the diversity?

Among other attributes, Bob Leone would bring diversity to the dais because he lives at the west end of town and worships elsewhere.  Key word: Diversity.

The voting districts would remove all the present members of the council because due to their residency, they all would be in District Yucca2 in the map provided in this post.  Under this scenario, they would all have to run against each other, and the other two candidates, to compete for one seat.

Let’s take a closer look at Voting Districts for Yucca Valley:

Based on the recent population numbers of 20,700 for the Town of Yucca Valley from the recent census, the Voting District map could be divided into five sections. Remember, all four of our current Town Council members live in Yucca2, which includes the Sky Harbor residential neighborhood where they live.

According to a recent economic study, the average income for Sky Harbor Yucca2 district is $58,000.00 per year, compared to $24,000-$25,000 for the rest of Yucca Valley.

Most of this rural town is low-income and as predicted by the previous town manager, Andy Takata, the recent census confirmed a lower average income. According to the District map provided, Yucca5 district includes Paradise Valley with the lowest income.

Is it a crime to live in Sky Harbor Yucca2 District? No, but where is the representation for the entire town when ALL the Town Council members live in the same District? With memberships in the same service clubs, socializing and worshiping in the same circles, this council is completely out of touch with the average citizen and creates situations for Brown Act violations.

With Voting Districts the needs of all citizens and businesses would be addressed if they had representation. One citizen could be elected as Mayor and the citizens would elect one council member from each district. Last August 2012, Bob Leone confirmed to me in a telephone conversation he would run for Mayor-at-large if Yucca Valley had voting districts.

This map has an accuracy factor of 0.002% and was drawn up by a cartographer who worked on the San Bernardino County redistricting using Yucca Valley’s new census information.

For all the reasons listed above, and there are more, I am urging our citizens to vote for Bob Leone…… Experience and Diversity.

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About the author

Margo Sturges

Yucca Valley Editor

Note: Margo Sturges has written many articles for Cactus Thorns and is the founder of Citizens4Change.info. Email contact: MargoSturgesYV(at)aol.com "In a time of universal deceit, telling the truth becomes a revolutionary act."- George Orwell


  1. Ed Montgomery Ed Montgomery says:

    Margo, you are absolutely correct. Enough with sky Harbor, every single town Council candidate or town Council member are sky Harbor residents enough is enough. The only candidate for town Council who does not live in sky Harbor is Bob Leone. Until the voters stop the sky Harbor want to be,s they will continue to run amok until the voters say enough is enough. Which is going to happen real soon! Let the voice of the people finally be heard and let the word go out that Bob Leone is the only true candidate with the knowledge and experience to be on the town Council. Let’s take back our town from these special interest groups and let the truth be known for a change. We the people are taking back our town whether anybody likes it or not!

  2. Government Code Government Code says:

    why is it so hard to get an answer to the position of Bob Leone and the sewer system???
    OK SO HES QUALIFIED BIG DEAL…Im sick of hearing about how hes qualified due to his past seat on the council.That doesnt cut it with what we face today. Im sick of hearing the complaints of Sky Harbor residency. Most of us “others” could care less.
    Guess there is no answer so there is no reason for my vote.

    • Government Code- Not to be disrespectful, but I thought you lived in 29P. If so, that would explain why you have not heard Bob Leone speak on the sewer crisis and the need to pass a SPECIFIC tax designated for the sewer. Leone stated his position on the ballot measure, on cable tv, at the Chamber Council Forums, at the Democratic Party forum,at the Republican party forum,at the Aztec Mobile home park, at the Country Club Mobile Home Estates,over 2,000 flyers handed out,at a luncheon fund-raiser at a local residence with Congressional Candidate Gregg Imus and almost every Wednesday at a local open air market for 2 or 3 months, maybe more. (not sure of exact time frame-I was not his campaign manager.)

      Just to clarify….Leon supports a 1/2 cent sales tax dedicated specifically to finance the sewer to help lower the costs for the citizens. That has always been his position and that was his statement given out just recently to the “clip board brigade.”

      Thank you for your comment.



      • Government Code Government Code says:

        Like I tell my kids Margo, the first part of that sentence was the problem…”I thought”.

        • Agreed. “I thought”..my bad. It IS poor English…let me re-phrase:

          Given the past comments of a male or female using the “blog handle” of Government Code, I was given the impression that he, or she, lived in Twentynine Palms, which may have been confirmed by the comments asking for Bob Leone’s position regarding the sewer crisis, which were made very public during this last campaign held in the Town of Yucca Valley. I used my deductive reasoning to determine the various possibilities since he, or she, remains anonymous adding the mysterious component to my thought process. Additionally, there is the confusion, only in my mind, of another mysterious anonymous poster using the handle of “Government Code Search,” which I have not heard from in a long time.

          There….better now?

          Thank you for your comment.



  3. Government Code Government Code says:

    wait a minute…if I read this correctly the golf course area is district 3 and the income your going off is 24-25000? Hmm something sounds like its been left out. DID you purposefully mean to mislead readers to group the golf course into that “rest of yucca valley” bracket?

    • Hi Government Code, My post did not specifically address Yucca3 and if you live in Yucca Valley, you would know the Country Club Estates homes would never be considered in the low income bracket….but man-o-man, look around the rest of that voting district.

      Two attorneys evaluating this “tentative voting district map” advised to keep the north and south side of the commercial corridor united as one district. The cartographer has never been to Yucca Valley and drew up the map based only on the census.

      I sense a bit of hostility on your part stating that I would purposely mislead the readers “to group the golf course into that ‘rest of Yucca Valley’ bracket.”

      I agree my reference to the economic study was broad and was not explained in detail. I try to keep on point and keep the word count right around 300 words, but there is no ulterior motive and no misleading.

      When you are in town, please be sure to request a copy of this economic study from the Hi-Desert Water District which was translated into a map as an overlay to the sewer phasing project. You can fill out a Request for Public Information form. The Public Records Act provides ten days for the agency to provide you the information or to notify you if there are unusual circumstances that would require more than ten days.

      Again, thank you for your comment on my post.



  4. Ed Montgomery Ed Montgomery says:

    Government Code, I’m very glad that you’re sick of hearing the complaints of sky Harbor residency that gives me more reason to talk about it. You also say that his experience doesn’t count you so full of baloney. Why do you think Jennifer Collins is a great candidate who likes to call people “cockroaches” she has no experience in anything. All she represents special interest groups that’s all. You have a town Council that lived down the street from each other, yes that is a big concern of the residents of this community.

    Whether you like it or not, big changes are coming around the corner, we the people are taking back our community, You’re just part of the problem that has been going on for the last 20 years.

    Sounds to me like you put your head in the sand and you refused to listen and could care less about the rest the people of the town, but this is very typical of the attitude of the town of Yucca Valley, the town Council and the town manager, we’ve had enough of their shenanigans. You people will lie or do anything to get what you want even by making up things that are absolutely not true. The only thing I can say about you, you’re so full of baloney and the rest the town Council and the town Yucca Valley.

  5. Government Code Government Code says:

    Are you stupid?
    You sure seem to follow Margo’s footsteps with presuming you know a lot about me or my actions.
    Trust me, I’m no where near the problem with this town. Don’t know who the “you people” is you refer to but pretty sure I’ve never been in the “you people” group. I think it’s funny that the 2 of you think you speak for the entire rest of the town…most of “us” don’t acknowledge either of you.
    Big changes have been coming around the corner for the past 20 years….sorta my point in going forward not backward.
    All I get out of Bob Leone’s campaign is 2 self appointed nut cases that actually make me want to run far and fast in the other direction.

    I kinda feel hungry now….maybe a good old fried baloney sand which.

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