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Where is the Accountability in Yucca Valley?

By   /   January 29, 2013  /   Comments Off

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Yucca Valley, Ca.- These next few post will focus on lack of representation and voting rights lawsuits for districts.  There have been several posts on Cactus Thorns proposing Voting Districts as a way to represent all citizens.  That frustration is also voiced in our local newspaper in Letters to the Editor and comments.

One comment by “RD” to details his frustration to reach or contact one Council member about a concern and writes:

“When you click on the email link to contact the town council from the town’s website you actually get your email sent to the city clerk … which is fine … except you have no way of knowing if the city council ever sees your email. When you use the ASK YUCCA link on the town website you get NOTHING … no response. At least I didn’t. You do get a number to verify your attempt to contact somebody at the town hall. But that’s all you get.


If you attend a council meeting and stand to make your concerns known you are heard but not listened to. The council members are not allowed to address your concerns at the time due to agenda rules and are not assigned to represent any specific district so they have no motivation – no reason – to care about issues in a particular part of town. They can all walk away from the council meeting with no intention of following up on concerns expressed because since they ALL represent EVERYBODY in town … there’s no motivation or responsibility to represent ANYBODY. There’s no accountability.

If the town manager and town council fear fair representation of the citizens of Yucca Valley by way of creating voting districts then we should, at the very least, have informal designation of council members for districts. Each council member voted in at large could draw a district from a hat. Citizens would be free to contact any and all council members but would be able to hold ONE member accountable for responding to concerns.

Since my attempt to get the attention of a city official failed miserably I’ve become much more interested in the politics of the town. It doesn’t look good. I remember seeing an article/post by the Hi Desert Star titled:

“Yucca Valley earns profile as one of state’s strong cities”

I was stunned. It was a PR piece from The CA City Management Foundation with self-serving quotes from the town manager … it was made to look like “news.” I couldn’t believe the local paper would play a part in … well, playing the people like that. It only verified what people in town had been telling me since I move here:

“There’s something very wrong with the politics of these small towns along Highway 62.” 

Source-Hi Desert Star User: RD


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