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The Party’s over

By   /   January 27, 2013  /   4 Comments

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Turn out the lights, the party’s over.

It is about time those who identify themselves as conservatives and republicans in the same breath take the time to re-evaluate both of those affirmations.  First as a conservative , what are your fiscal values?  Do you believe we can spend our way out of a deficit?  Is it morally responsible to burden future generations with our debt? What are your social values? Are you OK with abortion?  Do you think government should provide charity in your place?  Should certain businesses or industries be given preferential treatment by government?  If you answered yes to any of these questions you may not be a conservative, but you could still be a republican.  You could claim to be a fiscal hawk like Paul Ryan, who voted in favor of TARP, the auto bail-out, a confiscatory tax on CEO bonuses, debt ceiling increases(2012,2013) and was famously quoted during the debate on TARP saying,” this bill offends my principles, but I’m gonna vote for this bill in order to preserve my principles.” WHA ? Was he channelling Nancy Pelosi? Or how about that “Darling of the Tea Party” Mitch McConnell? Voted yes for NDAA- the bill that includes language to indefinitely detain Americans without a hearing or trial and against the amendment to it, that would have prevented the unlawful detainments, weakened the Senates ability to filibuster, and so many more that I’m just going to link to a site so you can see for yourself what kind of “conservative” he is. http://votesmart.org/candidate/key-votes/53298/mitch-mcconnell#.UQYItI4f9S9  And lest I leave out our dear spineless, sobbing Speaker of the House, or how about the quivering mass of gelatinous pseudo-conservatism that is Chris Christie.  And the list goes on, we can see this same type of behavior from elected officials who claim the mantle of conservative republican right here in our own backyard, look at the fiscal mess the Town of Yucca Valley is in from GOP leadership, the same leadership that also proposed a TAX INCREASE initiative.  We also have Col. Cook, or should that be U.S. Representative Col. Cook(Ret.), who endorsed several democrats running in the last election, took money from a sovereign Indian nation(read; casino) and a liberal multi billionaire and refused to publicly identify himself as a republican while campaigning. The GOP can no longer claim to be the party of conservatism but henceforth shall be known as the Stupid Party.

Now that brings me to the other side of this same coin, the political mono-party system, the Democratic Party, or the Evil Party.  I used to think that most liberals were just mis-informed, maybe not so smart, took a little too much LSD in college or haven’t been able to put down the pipe.  But now, with all the available information just a left click away, I see them in a different light.  There is no excuse to be mis-informed or un-educated in social or political matters, history is a harsh taskmaster.  The actions of the left are deliberate, they don’t even try to feign tolerance and acceptance any more, if you disagree with them you are targeted as a racist or extremist, a bitter clinger, standing in the way of progress, undeserving of the same rights they enjoy.  The Orwellian double-speak is only paled by the outright lies.  You cannot force altruism on the free will of people. Giving government permission to steal from the productive in society and redistribute the plunder to those with out, is neither charitable, nor moral. It is, an act of cowardice by those who approve of such theft, and delegate the crime to the government, acting under color of law.  Enacting legislation that creates an imbalanced business climate, subsidies, tax breaks, regulation, cronyism is a tactic used by both parties.  Legislating by executive fiat is not exclusive to the Evil Party either.  It is time to drop the party name.  It is time to seek out individuals who do not march in lockstep with either party, because they have both become one party.  It is not left vs. right. It is the individual vs. the collective.  The party is over, unless you are in favor of Evil or Stupid, but if you are in favor of the individual, now is the time to organize, in 18 months we will have a lame duck president and congress, we will need our replacements chosen before then, character matters not a D or R behind someones name.

We in America do not have government by the majority. We have government by the majority who participate.    -Thomas Jefferson

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About the author

Richard Deaver

Morongo Basin Tea Party Patriots, God,Freedom,Family Loving American,Warrior for Truth & Liberty


  1. Dan OBrien Dan OBrien says:

    Those that sit on the sidelines of todays politics sit on the sidelines of their own future.

    • Terry Elam Terry Elam says:

      …and don’t we all. We cast a vote, file a complaint and think we’ve done our part.
      To run a hotdog cart, first you need a cart, then some way to cook them, then you need some hot dogs. It all takes investment.

  2. Mark Clemons Mark Clemons says:

    • Richard Deaver Richard Deaver says:

      Working for: Young Americans for Liberty, Americans for Prosperity, American Majority,Gregg Imus for Congress, Rabbi Nachum Shifren for US Senate, oh yeah, and Ron Paul for President.

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