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The Many Hats of Margo…Will the REAL Margo Please Stand Up?

By   /   January 26, 2013  /   20 Comments

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hat-rack-550x412In the past Margo has been pretty predictable:  She just hates any person serving the town, whether that is a water board member, town staff, town council, or an appointed planning commissioner (all are appointed).   It’s a game of marbles where the voting citizens are the Ringmasters and they aren’t interested in having Margo join the game.  Instead of just taking her marbles home and moving on, she lost a few along the way and now just spews hate and discontent from her keyboard.
So I understand why she is bitter, but lately I just can’t figure her out. How many times has she written about “Lazy Lombardo’ and how terrible he is? She has trashed his name since he has been serving on the council.  Now she says he has been mentored by The Great Bob Leone, yet she still is supporting Leone?  Is The Great Leone just a crappy mentor?  Or, an effective one…. since The Great Leone was renowned for being lazy and not reading his council packets.
How about all the absolutely horrible things she has written about Sarann Gramm.  Saying she is too old to serve, calls her Granny Gramm… yet Bob Leone is much older than Gramm.  She doesn’t like the younger councilmen because they are “inexperienced”.  She doesn’t like Sarann because she thinks she’s old (forget the decades of public service Sarann brings to the table).  Yet it’s OK that The Great Leone is ancient because she perceives him to be “experienced.”  I will give you the fact that he has plenty of experience, but doing what? Again I ask, what has he done to move this community forward? How did he position the town for the need of a sewer system?  After all, during those 12 years he was told several times that it was coming.  What I remember of The Great Leone was his statement that plants were more important than people, and the fact he was notorious for having not read his town council packet. That to me seems to be what Margo accuses others of doing.
Margo, stop attacking and answer just a few of these important questions about your candidate. I don’t know which one of your many personalities supports him, but the one that does seems to know all about him.  Please tell the readers why you trash Lombardo, yet tout Leone as his mentor.  Tell us why Granny Gramm is too old, yet Leone isn’t.  Tell us what policies The Great Leone put in place while on the council for TWELVE YEARS.  Tell us what he did for us while on the council!!
Margo claims to be a reporter so she should be reporting what policies The Great Leone put in place that have made him deserve another term.  “Experience” is not a policy any reporter worth a salt would be reporting on.  Oh that’s right, you put “opinion” after everything you right to cover your hat.

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  1. @ Timmy. CASE CLOSED. Move along folks. Don’t waste your energy here. Go to http://www.BobLeone.com

    • Government Code Government Code says:

      The link doesn’t seem to answer any of those questions. Some of us undecided in the city would like an answer. Oy thing I get from the link is he’s retired law enforcement…oh and of course the donate button. How can you claim the case is closed with a link that doesn’t provide answers?

      • Tim Humphreville Tim Humphreville says:

        Margo Has self appointed herself as Bobs campaign manager, Yet she will not answer any reasonable questions. She loves to write hit pieces on those who volunteer their time to better this town. Yet she is unable to answer questions about the person she supports. Apparently, Margo believes that even bad experience makes good leadership. Please take the time too meet the other candidates and make a good decision for Yucca Valley

        • Tim Humphreville Tim Humphreville says:

          Based on what I have seen so far, it looks like this is what Bob Leone’s campaign choices are or will be:

          Campaingn Manager: Margo Sturges

          Advertising/PR Specialist: Ed Montgomery

          Economic Advisor: Owner of Rib Company

          Sewer Consultant: Ramon Mendoza

          Margo, anyone having you run their campaign just cannot be all that experienced!

      • Hi Government Code, please scroll down the website for info: http://www.BobLeone.com (Thanks!)

        Pay no attention to Tim’s assumptions & untruths-that is why I say “case closed” to avoid comments on this “dribble.”

        • Government Code Government Code says:

          Thanks for adding all that information today.
          And I’m quite capable of making my mind up as to which “dibble” I’ll find noteworthy. Some of us in town prefer to make our own decisions…not be told who to vote for or what not to read.
          Also, I tend to lean towards the “you can’t go back home” mindset. I seldom find reasons to travel backwards in my life. I reflect only to correct things I can, but try to never take the same path twice. I can’t see much reason to support someone who hasn’t done much since he left office. Why take a step back? So much has changed in our unique city over the years.
          Quite frankly I find most commenters on here a good read —even if I disagree.
          If one were to not want comments guess it wouldn’t be a blog would it?

          • @ Government Code, I would say 13 balanced budgets during Leone’s time on the dais is a pretty good track record, wouldn’t you? If you have a chance to view the town’s website to review the fiscal crunch presented during the goal setting on January 12th, I think you may want an experienced person who can read a budget and jump right in…I sent documents to another candidate and she was not able to process them or crunch the data.

            Just so you know….Jennifer Collins lives on the same street as Mayor Merl Abel and past Mayor Dawn Rowe. If you want five Councilmen living in the same block in Sky Harbor and worshiping at the same church, she is your candidate. Rowe elected 11/2010, Abel appointed 5/2011 both brilliant-both inexperienced.

            Also, of course it is up to you to comment or not, that was not my point I was trying to make and didn’t explain it too well.

            Bottom line: This story is full of lies and misstatements there is no possibility of a civil discourse with the author who might have been diagnosed as compulsive liar. I wanted to respond only to you but will not be coming back to this post which another reader called “dribble.”

            For the record, I do not hate anyone.

            • Government Code Government Code says:

              Margo…let me begin with..”13 balanced budgets during Leone’s time on the dais is a pretty good track record”..

              Well what time frame was it? Id say it is a lot easier to balance a budget with less bills and more money wouldn’t you? How was he in a pinch? What has he being doing since he left to keep up with the politics..Never see him at any council meetings(not that I attend all). JUST SAYIN

              as for “just so you know….Jennifer Collins lives on the same street as Mayor Merl Abel and past Mayor Dawn Rowe. If you want five Councilmen living in the same block in Sky Harbor and worshiping at the same church, she is your candidate.”

              I don’t really care where anyone lives or worships. Last time I checked you lived in that vicinity (within what a mile or so) and you also worship at “that church”. In a small town I think that’s a bit harder to get away from. For the life of me I cant seem to figure out your beef with your own church. I figure your beef with the council is due to your failure as a planning commissioner as well as losing Ms Herbel on the council so I just read between the lines on most of your complaints with them. As for Mr Abel, I am surprised you dont mention he’s a teacher at our only high school…GAWD only knows what goes on there(pun)…

              “This story is full of lies and misstatements there is no possibility of a civil discourse with the author who might have been diagnosed as compulsive liar”
              Civil= respectful, suave,courteous, polite….none of which you represent when you lower yourself to name calling. I think once before I mentioned you catch more flies with honey than vinegar….

            • No beef,no vinegar, no honey, no problem. Take care.

            • Tim Humphreville Tim Humphreville says:

              Where to start with all this material!!!!! Is it just me or, or is it just like a politician to serve 12 years, yet claim a balanced budget for 13, Ha ha ha, I am sure their going to say its because of the fiscal year ,but that just strikes me as funny. The great thing about this subject is it is easy to fact check. I have, from the town, the spread sheets from the budget from 2000-2008. Bob served from 1996-2008 I am going to give you just the years there was a deficit from 2000-2008. it takes to much staff time to ask for all the years. I did not look at 1996-2000.

              FY00-01 deficit-757,610

              FY01-02 deficit-384,830

              FY02-03 deficit-202,110

              FY03-04 deficit-228,265

              FY07-08 deficit-974,806

              So as you can see, These claims of balanced budgets are not true. The great thing is that anyone that wants to can see these facts for them selves. I am sure that Margo or Bob will try to spin these numbers but simple math will always tell the truth, revenue in expenditures out pretty simple right?

              Bob stood face to face to me and lied to me, I don’t like to be lied to. I don’t like politicians that do not have integrity. Please get informed before you vote March 5th,

            • Tim Humphreville Tim Humphreville says:

              Sorry to have posted this twice. I was on the wrong story the first time.

            • Government Code Government Code says:

              thanks for doing the leg work and getting that information!

            • Tim Humphreville Tim Humphreville says:

              Government code, Note that Margo still will not answer questions that have been asked, What policies did Bob put in place to position the town for the impending need for the sewer? He also ran telling the voters that he would fix the roads, By the way I think every Politician has done the same when it comes to the roads, Only this council has actually tried. Mr. Leone voted in favor of spending the money to hire the lobbyist (Cook voted No) and seeking the power because the council then acknowledged that there were inadequate revenues coming to the Town to keep up with the maintenance requirements of the road network and there were insufficient funds for park development and maintenance. Note, then when the council tried to put revenue in place he ran a campaign against it. So where are we now? The Town was given the ability to go to the voters for a sales tax in 2000. That tool was never exercised. So the roads got worse and worse and no new parks were brought into the system. Mr Leone wanted to get re-elected, Not do what was right for the future of Yucca valley!!
              For 12 years, Mr. Leone sat on the Town Council and allowed the Hi-Desert Water District to take over the sewer responsibility for the Town. This put HDWD and their political ideology in the driver’s seat for the future of the Town. Mr. Leone did nothing to merge the water district and the Town, effectively giving control over water issues to possible “no-growth” interests from outside the Town.

              This is not leadership,Bob gave of his time, Thank You, The future requires forward thinking, and immediate action, He has had his chance at both. It is my opinion that he failed. A new perspective will be welcome for the future of Yucca Valley.

        • Steve Whitten Steve Whitten says:

          Found two websites. One strictly a campaign donation site, the other,d the one that you have sent us to has a donation button and states everything that you have already posted.

          For those of us somewhat new to Yucca, we would like more meat on the bone. Something more than a website with his past laurels.

          • Tim Humphreville Tim Humphreville says:

            Steve,and Government code, On Thursday night,Jan-31 at six in the Yucca room, There will be a foram, You can submit questions to the Chamber for that event. Hope you will submit some questions.


            • Government Code Government Code says:

              Oops! Meant a thumbs up for the advice …one day I will learn to stop using my phone on this site lol…I jut wanted to own the accidental thumbs down! My apologies :)

  2. Terry Elam Terry Elam says:

    I’m was embarrassed just to read this. I couldn’t imagine writing such dribble.

  3. Steve Spear Steve Spear says:

    Hi Tim,

    Just a thought from the sideline here.

    Has anyone in Yucca fleshed out the idea of simply not complying with the State unfunded mandate to build a sewer system?

    One course of action would be to simply dis-incorporate and force the Sate to build the sewer system on their dime since they are the ones that are requiring it without providing any funding whatsoever.

    Once the State builds what it wants you to build on their own dime then the citizens then apply back to LAFCO to re-incorporate.

    These unfunded mandates have to stop and it seems that Yucca is in a unique position to call the bluff of the State.

    Heck, even our new congressman Paul Cook opposed this particular unfunded mandate, would make Yucca a “Ghost Town”, maybe he can really do something now since he is a congressman.

    • Tim Humphreville Tim Humphreville says:

      Steve,That idea has certianly been talked about, however, the state would not just simply come in and build the system. They start with fines to the property owners whom have a septic system, You can imagine what that would do to property values here, Then they would probably hire a company themselves at some point, and assess us on our property taxes. I don’t have to tell you their decision on whom would build that system might not be in the best interest for this community. I believe that phase one is very much needed to protect our ground water. Phase two and three are in my opinion definitely a unwarranted burden on this community. septic use in desert areas are benefited by evaporation, That with half acre properties and up, should not impact our water supply. I have spoken to Jose from the CRWCB and with some testing we may be able to at the very least put those phases off for the foreseeable future. When it comes to Paul Cook I have begged him to help this community with this problem ,And frankly he was not interested, Which is one of the reasons I did not support him in his run for congress. Steve, I have been making the point repeatedly that past council members, and water board members, were warned repeatedly that this was coming. Bob Leone was one of those people. He chose to ignore the warnings, One could argue that getting re-elected was much easier, when you did not try to put a policy in place at that time,to collect the money, so now it has become the emergency that we have now. It is this communities sewage, therefore our responsibility to take care of it. I just don’t think that people that live in other cities, that have built their system, should have to pay for ours.

      • Steve Spear Steve Spear says:

        Thanks Tim,

        Would not Prop 218 apply to the State also? How can the State just impose assessments?

        That would be like the State saying Joshua Tree needed a sewer system and they were going to build it on the backs of the citizens by an assessment. Something does not sound right there Tim.

        I would call the issue and dis-incorporate.

        Again these unfunded mandates must stop. Good luck!

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