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Come on lets stop the games and find some solutions

By   /   January 24, 2013  /   2 Comments

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corbinletterAt the 29 Palms City Council Special Meeting January 14, 2013, the City Council voted to wait for more information before making a decision regarding the 29 Palms Fire Department. While it was apparent that the City Manager had a strange compulsion to beat the heck out of  both the Water District and the Fire Department, the City Council made a prudent decision to wait on further information from the Water Dept, Fire Department, and public.

No one disputes the fact that every one is entitled to their own opinion, however our elected officials are held to a higher standard. The Code of Ethics dictates that Council members deliberate in public, so the public can be a part of the deliberative process. Council members are expected to listen with an open mind free of personal bias or gain before reaching a decision.

Council Member Corbin, based on this letter, appears to have made up his mind and in fact may be sabotaging any chance that the city has of healing old wounds. This letter, does nothing to bring people together and it appears that at least one of our representatives is more interested in pointing fingers than finding a solution.


Jay Corbin Letter

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  1. It remains that without the Lear 422 Station any two alarm fire — e.g., schools, the Staters Brothers Shopping Center, strip malls, etc. — may be left without firefighters or a second engine to respond. Under the doctrine of Murphy’s Law “Whatever can happen will happen.”

    It’s a chilling fact, children in Twentynine Palms cannot be protected. This is wholly acceptable with Councilman Corbin?

  2. Steve_In_29 Steve_In_29 says:

    Why is it that a person that supposedly cares enough about his community to run for elected office would care so little about this issue that he won’t bother to get the FACTS of the situation before sending such an insulting and erroneous letter?

    Or does Jay Corbin actually have the facts and is simply lying in this case to promote some other agenda?

    Because it can only be one or the other. He either doesn’t care enough to get the facts or he is lying about what the facts are. Neither of which bodes well for reelection but do say a great deal about his character.

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