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Just a Washed up Politician, or a Liar?

By   /   January 24, 2013  /   9 Comments

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11-04-2012 03.During the last campaign season Bob Leone ran as a candidate for a town council seat in Yucca Valley….and lost.   Now he’s running again for another open seat, but this time I can no longer sit back and let Margo and company tell this community that Bob has the “experience” needed for the job.
FACT:  Bob recently announced to a large crowd that the only reason he ran for the council seat last fall was to oppose Measure U.
FACT:  It is illegal to run as a “Controlled Committee” when the purpose of running is to support or oppose a ballot measure.
1.       He served on the council for so long that he thought the laws shouldn’t apply to him.
2.       He never knew the laws (not really the “experience” I want on the council, but thanks Margo).
3.       He doesn’t remember the laws (again, what good is his “experience” if he can’t remember?).
With all of his “experience” one would think he would know better. Did he just forget? Does he not have integrity?  Come on, with 12 years on the council he should know!  I know he sat through the same ethics classes as I had to, so he knows well and good he broke the law.  As a side note, I have asked the FPPC to take formal action against him for breaking the law by violating the Political Reform Act.  I hate politics without integrity. If it is senility that has caused him to “forget” the rules then, he is not fit to serve.
During his fall campaign he was telling people that the council and staff were all corrupt.  How would one expect to work on a day-to-day basis with these same people?  One of the lies he was telling was that former Mayor Rowe had forged his signature on an endorsement card.  He must have a high opinion of himself to think one would want his endorsement that bad.  Mayor Rowe sent him a letter asking him to stop telling people that she had allegedly forged his endorsement card, since she was still in possession of the actual card he had signed.  He didn’t stop, so I asked Mayor Rowe to accompany me to a meeting to show him this card and put an end to this lie. We showed the card to him, but he still maintained he did not sign it. I told him at that time he had no integrity, at which point he said that he just “didn’t remember” signing the card and his law enforcement background would not “let him lie”.   Then he said that the only way he’d ever believe he had really signed it was for me to send it to a handwriting analysis company to verify his signature.  When I agreed, he started back peddling saying he would just drop the issue and would stop telling people Mayor Rowe was a forger. I took him up on his offer because I hate people who have no integrity.  Here is a copy of the certificate from the analysis company to prove he did, without any doubt, sign her endorsement card (insert link to certificate).  Did he really just forget he signed it?  Did he lie?  Either way, he is not fit to serve.
This past fall I listened to Bob preach that he had served for TWELVE YEARS.  Great, thanks Bob.  Now let me get this straight…after 12 years with him at the helm, what shape is the town in?  Did he do such a great job that he should serve another term?  Do you think that the roads, flood control and other infrastructure are in good shape here?  How about the sewer system?  He was told that we were going to need it soon, but what did he do to position the town for this need?
If you think that we are in great shape with these issues then you should vote for him to serve again. If you think that we need some help, then maybe someone else should get a shot.  We don’t need his type of “experience”, forgetfulness, nor lack of integrity.
Yucca Valley, let’s move forward, not backward.

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  1. Ed Montgomery Ed Montgomery says:

    If anybody is lying that would be yourself and the rest of town counsel and the town manager that tried to force a measure U on the tax payers of this community. Town manager and the town Council that said that they were going to take general fund tax money and do an agreement provided water district and Council voted on a resolution giving money to the high desert water. That so illegal by doing that then you change the vote from 50.1 to 66.6. O
    You and the rest of the sky harbor want to be’s are the biggest liars I’ve ever seen. Along with Jennifer Collins who calls people “cockroaches”

    As long as you people have controlled this town it’s all about sky harbor, and we are sick of it. I’ve been waiting for you to start attacking Bob Leone who happens to be the best town Council in the history of the town Yucca Valley. We the people know how this town is being run and all the shenanigans going on. We’re want our town back and that’s starting with the election of Bob Leone on town Council.

    The town Council wasted over $200,000 in trying to pass measure U. The final
    tally and Jennifer Collins Chairman of the yes on measure U was over $39,000 she wasted in trying to pass measure U. so you have a total of $239,000 that was wasted and $200,000 of that was tax payers money. That shows us we need Bob Leone on town Council. He will not waste taxpayers money the way the town Council and Jennifer Collins did. That shows that Jennifer Collins would run a mock with our tax payers dollars.

    Not only are you lying but you are representing the biggest liars and that’s the town manager along the town Council and Jennifer Collins. All you guys are are a bunch of phony baloney sky harbor want to be’s.

    • Dan OBrien Dan OBrien says:

      Its one of those days when yours truly is hypercritical and I got a feeling incredibly irritating to my posters and readers (I know my morning call friends are not too happy with my piss poor attitude for sure)… My sincere apologies for my nit picking today, but for some reason the little things are bugging the crap out of me…..

      Though the terms, counsel and council share similar pronunciations, they have distinctly different meanings.

      The term council is a noun only and most commonly means a group of persons brought together to deliberate on a particular issue; or a body of people elected or appointed to serve as administrators, legislators or advisors.

      “Members of the council are appointed for a period of three years.”

      The term counsel can be used as a noun or a verb. The noun denotes a legal advisor or advisors who commonly conduct(s) a case in court (the noun can be used in both the singular and plural forms). The verb means to give advice to someone (for example, a lawyer to a client).

      “A counsel was appointed for the defendant by the court.”

      “The lawyer counseled her client on the matter brought to her attention.”

      • Good point DanO: Council vs. Counsel 101

        1.counselor –
        someone who gives advice about problems, adviser, advisor, consultant – an expert who gives advice; “an adviser helped students select their courses”; “the United States sent military advisors to Guatemala”

        Dutch uncle – a counselor who admonishes frankly and sternly

        2.counselor – someone who has supervisory duties at a summer camp

        supervisor – one who supervises or has charge and direction of

        3.counselor – a lawyer who pleads cases in court
        counselor -counsel, counselor-at-law, pleader, advocate, counsellor
        law, jurisprudence – the collection of rules imposed by authority; “civilization presupposes respect for the law”; “the great problem for jurisprudence to allow freedom while enforcing order” attorney, lawyer – a professional person authorized to practice law; conducts lawsuits or gives legal advice68DFD-counselor.png

        • Linquistics anyone? American English vs British English?

          Anjin Hawke writes:

          “This is where the difference between British, Canadian and American spelling can mix up the average Joe with an added letter or lack thereof.

          For example, my greatest contention has been the misuse of the word counselor. Others believe that counselor and councilor (British parliament) mean the same thing. Wrong.

          Here’s another thing to consider. Counsellor is British. Counselor is American. Canadians use both.

          Humour, colour and honour are British.

          Humor, color and honor are American.

          As you can see, we’re stuck in the middle, so feel free to use whatever word you wish.”

        • Tim Humphreville Tim Humphreville says:

          Margo, here are some definitions that pertain to this article.

          1. lying – the deliberate act of deviating from the truth

          2. senility – mental infirmity as a consequence of old age; sometimes shown by foolish infatuations

          3. forgery – criminal falsification by making or altering an instrument with intent to defraud

    • Tim Humphreville Tim Humphreville says:

      Ed, Please don’t forget to call Mr Leone tonight, as per our conversation today. I am sure he will want to tell you the truth as he is going to have to face this sooner rather than later. Jan 31st for one. I will be stopping by again soon for your apology to me

      • Dan OBrien Dan OBrien says:

        Well Ed and Tim…. either one of you two fellows are always welcome to hang with me…. I know the difference between Encroachment and Enouncement.

  2. Ed Montgomery Ed Montgomery says:

    Tim Humphreville, this is a warning don’t you ever contact me again in person.
    I was standing on the corner of Highway 62 and Highway 247 when I was campaigning for Bob Leone with the signs Bob Leone for town Council, when you came up to me and started arguing with me and asking me why I called you a liar and you told me that I can’t call you a liar, I strongly feel that you were trying to intimidate me by telling me that you’ll be back and you want answers and demanded that I will tell you one more time that I give you an answer why called you a liar.

    I’m taking this as a threat, and I’m telling you right now, don’t you ever contact me in person again, because if you do I will call the Sheriff’s I will file a restraining order against you. Then I will file against you for violating my constitutional rights to campaign without being harassed or threatened by anyone. This does not surprise me because this is how the town of Yucca Valley has conducted themselves for the last 20 years, thinking they can try to bully or push people around, like I told you, I’m not going to be intimidated by you or anybody else. There’s nothing you can say to me that interest me whatsoever because you have the typical attitude that you think you can do anything you want to, but you can’t.

    Yes I did call you a liar and the rest of the town Council along with the town manager absolutely you lied about measure U and you continue to lie about measure U. I’m not going to apologize to you whatsoever because I think you lied right along with the town Council on the town manager and I will not take it back. You also said that you were going to do something about it because I called you a liar. I will tell you one more time read my lips yes sir you are a liar right along with the town Council and the town manager.

  3. Ed Montgomery Ed Montgomery says:

    Dan OBrien, would like to thank you for your help getting the on cactus thorn,
    and helping me with the pictures, and the headlines. I didn’t understand how it all worked but now Margot explained to me so now I understand.

    I do appreciate your comments and what you have to say I do appreciate your offer but I just don’t deal with ignorant people. I don’t have the patience of the time.

    Once again I do appreciate your comments and thank you so much.

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