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Breaking: Tonight TPWD votes to Retain 29 Fire Department

By   /   January 23, 2013  /   9 Comments

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(Update: 10:15 PM. see below )

Our local water district has gotta be the best darn water district in the state.

The Twentynine Palms Water District Board Members voted this evening to retain the TPFD. County fire will not take over the 29 Palms Fire Department. There are still major funding issues that need to be resolved.

The vote was 4-1 to retain the TPFD and not turn it over to County Fire and ; Board Member BO Bourikas voted against. Bourikas was staunchly in favor of County Fire, and he made his arguments in a professional and intelligent manner. Chancy and BO went toe-to-toe (back and fourth) about County Fire. BO for and Chancy against.

I Personally thank BO for his good presentations and questions favoring going with County Fire. All of these guys on the Board deserve T-Shirts with the words: “We are the Best!”

Does that mean that services will not be gutted — putting the entire community, churches, schools, businesses  in imminent danger of great bodily harm (and likely stagnating investment and growth so desparately needed)?  No. There continues to be the possibility that services will be chopped in half.  Much has to be worked out.

After a lengthy discussion tonight during the TPFD meeting the gloves were off. Warne was severely lambasted for his inaccurate power point presentation. The water board engaged in a meaningful discussion of all the options in terms of protecting the community.

Fire Chief Thompson and Board Member Chancy Chambers were the most outspoken concerning City Manager, Richard Warne, and his inaccurate power point presentation not long ago. Chief Thompson literally destroyed Warne’s bogus and contentious presentation with fact after fact.

What agitated Chief Thompson the most about Warne’s power point presentation was Slide #55. The Chief literally punched holes in Warne’s misinformation. One Board member accused Warne of lying on one of the issues.

Board Member Chancey Chamber was the Board member asking the hard questions, and offering facts and solutions. Interestingly, Chancy has a plan to fund the fire department from an additional and legal source within the water district. More on this later.

City Council members Jay Corbin, Dan Mintz, Jim Harrias and CORA HEISER were present at the meeting. None spoke during comments.

Postscript: If case anyone was wondering about Larry Briggs (as I have) , he was at the meeting and said he continues to read Cactus Thorns.





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About the author

Branson Hunter

(This story was posted by Cactus Thorn contributor Branson Hunter)

"The ends do not justify the means." If you use illegal mean to accomplish a legal and even desirable result, the good result does not make the bad means you used justifiable.


  1. This week Mayor Clink, Councilman Mintz and two TPWD Board Members met in a closed meeting. THAT MEETING IS A BIG f—— SECRET. The public is in the dark about what was discussed. This is Richard Warne’s doing (I believe). More reason that this man ought to be given a pink slip.

    While the public frets about whether their families and businesses will be protected, Warne obtains a pledge from the few in that closed, private meet to NOT SAY ANYTHING. The public has a freaking RIGHT to know what was discussed with those few people. WARNE is the City TZAR. Pure and simple, and the CC members are mere subjects who haven’t demonstrated wherewithal to inform the public.

    Further, the city council continue to drag their feet and hid under the covers concerning the future of the fire department. To this day the collective CC has not given any sort of definitive answer of what they are going to do. The CC is causing major problems by riding the fence.

    And all this time we thought the old Soviet Union and KBG did things in secret. WE have our own KBG right here in sand city.

  2. Cora Heiser Cora Heiser says:

    Good story. I didn’t speak because of 4 city council members being present. However, in the beginning I did speak and told the Water Board that I appreciated their hard work, efficiency, and professionalism.
    I am and always will be in favor of providing public safety to the citizens of 29. I will work with any group to facilitate a long term solution to keeping the firemen employed and keeping 2 stations open if we can.

    • Cora, thank you very much for your transparency and good will concerning everything you do. Is it possible you could find out why the informal meeting with 2 councilmen and 2 water district board member is a big SECRET?

      The public has a right to know. They pay all the bills. Please… what is going on behind closed doors with the city and public safety. Please… why is that informal talk a secret. Can you ask Warne?

      Is it the people’s local government, or is it TZAR Warne’s government?

  3. Great “Breaking Story” Branson. Kudos to you. I look forward to reading more of your investigative reporting.

  4. Steve Whitten Steve Whitten says:

    You have to wonder why the Water District would put the 29 Palms Community through this divisive exercise to end up back at square one.

    • Steve Spear Steve Spear says:

      Hi Steve,

      I am working on a story that may help. The tone of the story will be that this is not a water board problem. It is a problem with a citizenry that does not understand what is happening and their not understanding is not their fault.

      This issue is highly complicated and involves double taxation issues of the citizens of 29 Palms.

      We also have an issue with a city manager that is not helping matters any as witnessed by his 137 slide incendiary power point presentation that went unchecked at a council meeting but was totally debunked at a water board meeting.

      Anyways, I am working on the story. May take a few days because this issue is not a simple issue

  5. Steve Whitten Steve Whitten says:

    Hello Steve, the clarity will be much appreciated.

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