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What is the Religious Makeup of Yucca Valley?

By   /   January 24, 2013  /   2 Comments

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Yucca Valley, Ca.,-This is a follow-up to my post on the Yucca Valley Town Council’s Resolution placed on the January 22, 2013 agenda to codify a policy on invocations.  Story link

The focus of my previous post was the “request and direction” given to the Town Manager, Mark Nuaimi, to place this item on the agenda.  My issue was the lack of transparency and open debate or discussion by our elected leaders in a public forum on this item.  Staff failed to follow the instructions of Town Council, preparing a detailed Resolution written up by the Town Attorney without Council or public input. The Resolution template was closely fashioned using the City of Lancaster’s policy.  At the Town Council meeting,  a member of the public said this Lancaster case was under review and before the 9th Circuit on appeal.  Findings-of-Fact-Conclusions-of-Law-After-Prayer-Case

The recent census of Yucca Valley is 20,700 and of that population only 41.02% identified with a religious denomination.  Of those 41.02%, Catholics had the highest population of 26.35%, Christians came in at 4.33 % and Baptists ranked at  3.94%. Here are others:

Here is the article of the “Religious Distribution” of Yucca Valley:

“41.02% religious distributions exist in Yucca Valley. 0.86% Number of citizens that were identified with a religious denomination were followers of Islam. The followers of Islam are called Muslims and they put their faith in one omnipotent God, who is called Allah. God’s direct word is believed to be in the form of the Holy Scripture named as Koran.

0.14% number of people residing in the above mentioned city were identified as the followers of Judaism. The followers of Judaism are known to be Jews and there ay of life is decided by the religious scrolls named as Tanaka and Talmud, which are said to be the prescribed way of life by God. According to them, there is only One God.

4.33% number of people associated themselves with the religion of Christian Other. These people belong to those forms of Christianity which are outside the typical and conventional Christian Churches. This includes fundamentalist Christians, i.e. people belonging to smaller churches whose views may be denser. Even though Christian believes in One God i.e. the father, the son and the holy spirit, they differ in the details of their belief and the content of their belief differs from one church group to another, which leads to fragmentation of Christian churches.

There were 0.28% Presbyterians where as 0.36% number of Methodists. Both are Christian churches however they have different roots, with the Presbyterian Church being founded in Scotland while the Methodist was formed by the English minister John Wesley. Even though they both share the common beliefs of Sovereignty of God but they differ in their way of showing the same to the world. Theses Churches are more conventional than the others.

The Church formed by German minister, Martin Luther, named as Lutherans, claimed 0.53% number of followers. The charismatic or evangelical beliefs of God, Jesus the Son and the Holy Spirit, belong to Pentecostals. In Yucca Valley, 1.89% number of people were found to be believers of the Holy trinity; the three in one, Pentecostals. Another religious group of Episcopalians had 0.13% numbers of people while there were 3.94% number of Baptists. Baptists have a link with the ritual of Baptism. According to this ritual, be it infants, adolescents or adults, one has to believe in God and His power to save to be baptized. However, there are a variety of sub faiths that exists in different Churches around different areas, under the umbrella of the Baptist Church.

The Latter Day Saints, LDS, which is known as a renowned Church, consists of 2.18% followers. Mormon is the term used for those people who attend the LDS and this Church was founded by Joseph Smith. The conventional Church of the Protestant is followed by 0.00%.

Catholics with a number of 26.35% people belonged to the highest total in the religious distribution classification, in the area of Yucca Valley. The world’s biggest denomination is made up of Catholics and their spiritual Patron is the Pope. This is considered to be the one of the earliest of the churches of Christianity in history.”   Source link

Margo Sturges Author link



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Margo Sturges

Yucca Valley Editor

Note: Margo Sturges has written many articles for Cactus Thorns and is the founder of Citizens4Change.info. Email contact: MargoSturgesYV(at)aol.com "In a time of universal deceit, telling the truth becomes a revolutionary act."- George Orwell


  1. Dan OBrien Dan OBrien says:

    The Latter Day Saints, LDS, which is known as a renowned Church, consists of 2.18% followers. Mormon is the term used for those people who attend the LDS and this Church was founded by Joseph Smith.

    Look I am proud of my Church. Be ye friend or foe no this, Along with my brothers and sisters I will fight for our Churches survival and will defend it against any and all who would want to do us harm. Our Brand of Christianity is officially named – The Church of JESUS CHRIST Later Day Saints. The Primary Holy Scripture we follow is the King James Version of the Holy Bible. The Book of Mormon is another Testimony of JESUS CHRIST in the Americas. We believe we are the Restored Church of Jesus Christ on Earth. I know these things are true.

    Now here is what is wrong with your methodology…. According to you out of the 20,700 people in town only 41.02% are of any religion, that cyphers out as 8,491.14 people. Now out of that 8.491 folks you say only 2.18% are LDS… That works out as a total of 185 People in Yucca Valley are LDS…. I’m calling Bull Feathers I am confident enough to say that LDS membership in Yucca Valley vastly exceeds 185 members.

    I believe that the percentages are based off the 20,700 population and that in our case the 2.18% would work out as 451 members… I believe that still too low but better than double what you are suggesting in your article.

    That out of the way… here is what I have to say about your Town’s Public Prayers for Public Meetings argument.

    I would contend that better than 60% of the folks in town that identify as religious are Catholic…. In the spirit of equality and diversity wouldn’t it be an almost no brainer that 60% of those invocations at Town Council meetings be done by the local Parish Priest of at least by their laity?

    According to your article you folks who attend a local Mega Church, and are a tiny part of make up of the total Christian community yet have a rather surprising huge influence on local politics. From invocation to the passage of resolution and ordinance, it seems that one viewpoint has been given a rather unique advantage.

    What we have in this case is sort of like Syria… A small but powerful Religious sect has complete control of all reins of power. I can see where that would become a real power struggle.

    Of all the problems we have in 29 Palms thank God we do not have to contend with a theocracy.

    • Dan OBrien Dan OBrien says:

      Oh yeah PS…. in the Spirit of Diversity and Social equality…. I want to be there when the council invites the Local Coven to cast a spell on the Council…. Yeah Buddy that should be a show all in its self.

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