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“The citizens of 29 Palms are being duped, pure and simple.”

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Dear Sharon

The citizens of 29 Palms are being duped, pure and simple.

The good folks of 29 need only ask Chief Hartwig to explain the missing money at Havasu Lake and the in-house allegations of misappropriation when considering County Fires record in small desert communities.

County Fire apparently is unwilling or unable to provide a budget, the required annual audit, and any meaningful tracking of our 218 “Special Fire Tax” election generated Tax Dollars. ( allegedly illegally Sent to Hesperia for a command salary)

The FOIA return received from County Fire was an absolute joke and can only be perceived as being deceptive, which of course indicates knowledge and guilt. All items received from County Fire already existed in our Havasu Lake database and we had in fact sent one document to County Fire. Yes, County Fire sent it back in the FOIA return!

We have a performance evaluation upcoming with LAFCO, it will be interesting to see if Chief Hartwig has cooked the books by then. (Forensic Audit) Why deny a FOIA Request then produce the record for LAFCO?

In response to Chief Hartwig’s deceptive bullshit we are going to produce the complete record of events at Fire Station 18 and hammer him with it until he quits. No one at County Fire has denied the allegation of misappropriation of funds from our Special District. This is of course a Mitzelfelt legacy issue.

Something will appear in a mailbox in 29…..

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Posted by Branson. The content of the letter does not reflect the views of Branson. The name of the correspondent is unk (to me.)

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"The ends do not justify the means." If you use illegal mean to accomplish a legal and even desirable result, the good result does not make the bad means you used justifiable.

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